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In an effort to find lifelong, loving homes for our cats, we are reducing the adoption fees for all of our cats, from kittens to adults. To the right homes. We will, however, continue to screen adoptees so that our cats will be treated with care and compassion. To find out more about the specifics of the reduced fee or free adoption, please contact the main facility by calling (360) 733-1648.

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Who We Are

Creatures Comfort is a no-kill animal shelter with the primary mission of saving and improving the lives of the feral cat community. Our principals of intervention, rehabilitation, adoption, prevention, and education guide us in our endeavor.

What is a Feral?

Technically, feral cats are born and raised without human contact. Their instincts are highly developed for survival, so they are extremely fearful of people. Some cats that were previously owned revert to feral behavior, but may be resocialized with loving confinement. Such cats may meow at you if they are hungry or frightened.

Feral cats breed frequently, adding to an already overwhelming pet overpopulation problem. Without intervention, their lives are filled with danger, disease, hunger, fear, temperature extremes, and usually end in a slow, painful death. Humane population control of feral cats is a crucial step in preventing suffering and proliferation.

Where do Feral Cats come From?

Many people erroneously believe that cats can fend for themselves. Cat owners often abandon their cats when they move or simply no longer want the responsibility of pet ownership. Such cats survive only if they find food, shelter, and avoid dangers such as injury from cars, dogs, other cats, or abusive humans. They are rarely spayed or neutered, and their offspring are raised without human contact. Within a few years, one or two cats can produce a colony of twenty or more.

The Five Principles

Intervention: It is our mission to intervene when appropriate to remove cats from living the hard life of a wild unloved animal.

Rehabilitation: No cat chooses to be born to a life of being unloved. Young kittens taken from the wild are often easily rehabilitated and become trusting, loving, people friendly pets. Cats that grow up in the wild may be a little more timid or shy, but given the love of a new home and a family with patience, adoptions are highly successful.

Adoption: It is always our goal to find loving adoptive homes for the cats in our care, even if it means maintaining them as foster children until a loving home is found. No matter how long that may take.

Prevention: Spay/Neuter is not just necessary it is critical in controlling unwanted cat population and to reduce disease and senseless death.

Education: Educating people is our unending assignment. Helping people understand the plight of the feral cat and how they can play an important role in working towards a time when every cat has a safe home and loving family.

Come and Visit Us!

Creatures Comfort is supported through our compassionate and caring volunteers. Most facilities are private residences. For public viewing we are now showing at ACE Hardware in downtown Ferndale, 5715 4th Avenue. For more information on the cats and kittens we have available, please call Lois at (360)733-1648.

Volunteers keep us going. Please phone us if you would like to volunteer. There are many ways to be of help, and we would love to have you!

Creatures Comfort
Phone: (360)733-1648

. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Adoption Policy Creature's Comfort has a firm no-declawing policy that extends to all of our cats, which is non-negotiable. To find out more about the effects of de-clawing, please visit for more information.

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