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Welcome to our Petfinder home page.
Please view our adoptable pets and learn about their personalities by clicking on the "adoptable pets" link below . Our ADOPTION DAY for Dogs is: WEDNESDAY from 10am to 4pm, and for Cats is: FRIDAY from 11am to 3pm. While cats can be adopted on Wednesdays or Fridays, dogs can only be adopted on Wednesdays because we have to transport them from boarding for you to see. If you are looking for a specific cat or kitten please call Christy at 360-500-9043, and I will help you find the perfect new family member through our local rescue groups. I can also help you locate Barn cats and Outdoor cats for your home as there are many great mousers out there in need of a home. All we ask is that you take care of them and feed them regularly so that they will stay. We have many cats and kittens and need your help to place them so we can place the next pet. We have so many deserving pets and not enough homes for them. If you can find it in your heart to help a deserving pet, or make room for one more, please call or come in. I am at PAWS every Saturday from 1-3 and will help you locate the right cat for your family!

ALL ADOPTIONS INCLUDE SPAY OR NEUTER, VACCINES, FLEA TREATMENT AND WORMING FOR EVERY CAT, KITTEN, PUPPY OR DOG!!! PLEASE COME IN TODAY AND SEE WHO'S BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!!!! We have Senior cats who have been waiting for someone to love them although they may only have another 5-15 years left. Adult cats are the hardest to place, and deserve the same loving home as the kittens. With the high unemployment and foreclosure rates, we are having so many cats surrendered because their owners can no longer care for them. The only way to decrease euthanasia is to get these pets into a home, and spay or neuter everything we can. Please help us help our community, and do your part to have your pets fixed.

ALL ADOPTIONS INCLUDE SPAY OR NEUTER, WORMING, ADVANTAGE, ALL RCCP AND COMBO FLV VACCINATIONS FOR CATS OR INITIAL SERIES OF DOG IMMUNIZATIONS. You Can make an appointment to see a cat or kitten or try to come in Tues through Sat from 12 to 4, if our adoption days will not fit into your schedule. We will try to accommodate you because we want these pets to only go to good homes, where they will be loved and provided for. If your dog or cat needs their yearly vaccinations, go and buy them at your local feed store, and we will administer them for you, for a donation of your choosing.

Please contact PAWS for help with Spay and Neuter Resources, we have our own program for cats in a low income home which includes vaccinations. We also have a program for dogs. If we can't help you we can refer you to other rescues in our area that might be able to. This includes resources for feral or stray cats, If you are bringing kittens to our shelter, please bring the mom too Or make arrangements with us to have her fixed. We have resources to help have animals fixed for a low cost, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR HELP BEFORE SURRENDERING YOUR BELOVED FRIEND. Please have your animals fixed as this single action saves lives! With the economy we are receiving more cats and dogs surrendered by their owners than ever, so please consider adopting with us. We know that this is a very difficult choice and have owners that are just sick because of having to make this decision. Your donations help us care for these pets. Not everyone can adopt, but anyone can donate!

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There are many ways that you can help the animals at our rescue:

We accept aluminum cans, clean newspapers, any pet food, collars, halters, leashes, Lysol disinfectant spray and Lysol wipes, paper towels, Flea shampoo for puppies and kittens, Flea shampoo for adult cats and dogs, Advantage or Frontline flea treatments, combs, brushes, treats and toys for kittens and puppies and the adults too. We need surgical gloves or rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, and lots of Clorox disinfectant wipes. We can always use more volunteers for cleaning, and loving our animals. In addition, we need foster homes if you would like to help. This program requires special approval, and would need for you to be available to bring cats in on their adoption days on Wednesdays 10-4 and Fridays 11-3; and dogs would only need to come in on Wednesdays from 10-4. Of course, we can always use monetary donations too, from pennies to anything you care to give. Our animals at the shelter and low cost spay and neuter program can really use your help! If you have adopted an animal from PAWS, please remember to return on your spay or neuter date and for any vaccinations scheduled for your pet.
If you go to PAWS after viewing pets on Petfinder, please be sure to tell us. We are trying to determine if Petfinder is increasing our adoptions.
Please call us or email us with any questions, we would really like to see you give one of our very deserving animals a forever home!

"Saving one pet won't change the world, but surely, the world will change for that one pet "