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LONG TRAIL CANINE RESCUE (LTCR) is a non-profit dog rescue organization registered and licensed in the state of Vermont.

We support our community in ways that will help keep families and pets together for a lifetime.

Now you can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LongTrailDogs and on Twitter @LongTrailDogsVT . 

Adopting A Friend

Anyone interested in adopting one of our rescue dogs must complete our Adoption Application and go through an approval process. The application process is simply intended to provide the best possible outcome for both the rescue dog and the new family.  Our goal is to work with potential adopters to make the right match between dog and family to ensure that the relationship is successful and lasts a lifetime. 


LTCR provides ongoing support and guidance to all adoptive homes throughout the lifetime of their new family member.


There is an adoption fee for our rescue dogs. Adoption fees help us meet the expenses we incur to rescue and rehabilitate dogs, including such things as medical care, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, transport fees and supplies.    


Questions?  E-mail: adopt@longtraildogs.org

Who We Are

LTCR is a group of volunteers who are devoted to supporting overcrowded shelters by helping to minimize the need to euthanize adoptable dogs.  Due to the severity of pet overpopulation and the irresponsibility of pet owners, some shelters experience extreme overcrowding and are forced to euthanize adoptable pets simply because there isn't enough homes to adopt them all and they need to make room for more incoming dogs. 


Through the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of unwanted and/or abandoned dogs into permanent, suitable homes throughout the Northeast, LTCR offers a new chance for a positive ending.   


All dogs that we rescue are placed temporarily in foster homes (typically throughout Vermont and New Hampshire) while we work to match them with a lifelong family.  In foster care, these dogs are finally able to live in a stable environment, receive necessary medical care, vaccinations, much needed love and attention (many for the first time ever), and are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  While dogs are in foster care, LTCR covers the cost for all necessary medical care and provides support and guidance to our foster families on training, behavior modification, and pet care as needed.



We can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes for.  If you are interested in providing a temporary, safe haven for a rescue dog, please visit our website www.longtraildogs.org to learn more about fostering and complete our questionnaire.  Fostering is a great way to support animal rescue and can be a rewarding experience, especially knowing you are giving deserving dogs a second chance and truly saving lives!

Questions? E-mail: foster@longtraildogs.org


The success of our program ultimately depends on the work of dedicated volunteers.  We welcome new volunteers to assist with a variety of activities including fundraising events, fostering, recruiting, collecting donations, and helping to promote our cause at adoption and other rescue events.  LTCR does not receive any state or local funding to operate.  We rely on adoption fees, fundraising activities, and generous donations from the community to keep our program viable.  We are always in need of donations to help care for our dogs.  All donations, whether monetary or supplies, go directly towards the care of our dogs.   

Please visit our website www.longtraildogs.org to learn more about how you can help. 

Questions?  E-mail: volunteer@longtraildogs.org

Come Visit Us

LTCR does not have a physical shelter.  All of our adoptable dogs are in foster homes and can be visited by appointment after the adoption application has been completed and approved, or potential adopters can meet dogs at our scheduled adoption or rescue events.


Visit our website www.longtraildogs.org to learn more about us and our upcoming events. You can also follow us on Facebook

 www.facebook.com/LongTrailDogs and Twitter @LongTrailDogsVT .


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