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Dogfellas is a non-profit, 501c3 pending, big dog rescue. Our big boss is "GoodFellas'" Paul Sorvino. Our slogan is "No Fence? No Dog!" Our specialty breeds are GSDs and husky mixes. Most of them come from death row dog pounds or puppy mills. We had an awesome time at Awareness Day and greatly look forward to attending the Second Puppy Mill Awareness Day on September 17, 2005. Our webpage, is up and running.

Who We Are

Dogfellas is named after Paul Sorvino's hit movie, "Goodfellas." Paul is the "Executive Producer" of our Dogfellas group and his daughter, Amanda Sorvino is the "Director." We also have Carol Schilling who is the Foster Care & Wildlife Rescue Director and Beth Casselman, the official Printer for Dogfellas and also the Small Dog Rescue Contact.

Adopting a friend

You MUST first fill out an application before applying for a DogFellas dog. Our application is available via our website. We do not communicate via E-mail until we have approved your application, so there will be no E-Mail correspondence until that point. We do not adopt dogs to people who cannot provide us with excellent vet references. The same rules apply for everyone -- and that means, "NO DOGHOUSES & CHAINS, NO CABLE TIE-UPS, AND NO KENNELS!" DogFellas only adopts our “wiseguys” out to people who will provide an "indoor dog" lifestyle for their adopted canine. We also will make sure that every DogFellas dog will be safe in his own yard while out at play. If you are not willing to fence part of your property before applying and/or adoption, or already have a fenced area, you will NOT get a dog from us. Having been in the dog rescue business for many years, we have seen what happens when owners allow their dogs to free roam the neighborhood. Dogs can be run over and road paved by the friendly garbage truck, can be stolen or sodomized by abusers, or could be stolen by medical facilities and backyard breeders. If they are not stolen, they drive the neighborhood crazy and the dogcatcher is constantly picking up the dog. Nobody likes a neighbor who always has "that dog" in the driveway or digging up and messing in their yard. A dog placed in a home with no fencing solutions is an open invitation for a community disaster. This is why we have our "NO FENCE? NO DOG!" policy. And remember, we're not in this business to be nice -- We're “wiseguys” and we look out for the animals! Today is the day of the dog in America -- we will stand up for their rights, until we see a national change in people-dog relations.

Come Visit Us!

We are a rescue and not a shelter and we come to visit you, not the other way around. We are not in competition with other rescues and animal shelters. On the contrary, we support them. If you don't find what you're looking for at DogFellas, please go visit your local shelter or consult another rescue. Good Luck in your search for a rescue dog. And remember, to apply for a DogFellas dog, you must get onto the site and fill out our online application.


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