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   The Barn Cat Buddies program was created to save feral or skittish cats from a life of hunger on the streets or being destroyed in local shelters. Along the way we also found a need to assist those friendly cats and kittens needing homes.    So our work has expanded to not only assisting our famous Rodent Control Technicians in finding new homes where they keep stables and farms pest free with their natural non-toxic methods. We are also assisting house cats in finding their new forever homes.  Barn Cat Buddies are sterilized and rabies vaccinated prior to moving to their new barn homes. Our foster cats and kittens are always combo tested.  We have two separate adoption applications that can be found on site: www.barncatbuddies.org.  Because we do not have a physical location our emphasis is on networking the animals we cannot house with the emphasis on spay neuter and working with other rescue organizations in an effort to reduce pain and suffering of companion felines.   We are a 501C 3 organization and any donations to our organization is tax deductible. 

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