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Founded in 1995, FFGW is about transforming the fortunes of unwanted kittens & cats. We heal them, care for them in our homes as members of the family, find forever adoptove homes & if an adoption fails, we begin again. We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 54-1749459). Our kitties receive the same high-standard routine and specialty veterinary care as our own feline family members; no healthy cat or kitten is ever euthanized in our care.


All of our cats live in private homes of volunteers. The number of cats we can help is limited only by the number of foster openings we have. Consider volunteering with us! Visit www.ffgw.org and click on FOSTERING! Our e-mail foster@ffgw.org.


We have many fabulous cats available for adoption - please see our listings! Don't miss wonderful Delilah, who needs a home ASAP or our precious Shadow, a talkative girl who will make you her whole world!

Got barn? We are always seeking places for healthy neutered/spayed kitties who aren't fully socialized to humans and need safe homes. Please contact us if you are in need a cat for your barn or stable!

The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc.
PO Box 3071
Merrifield, VA 22116
Phone: 703-920-8665
Email: info@ffgw.org

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