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Hope is a beautiful red Pomeranian who suffered unimaginable neglect, before being abandoned by her breeder in Missouri. She is a puppy mill refugee.

Her lower jaw has almost completely rotted off, you can see her nasal cavity from the roof of her mouth, as that too has been almost rotted away completely. She had a large infection in both her nasal cavity and her mouth, and she has no teeth. She has cataracts in both eyes, and an ailing heart. It is doubtful that this beautiful girl has ever seen the inside of a veterinarians office.

Amazingly through all of this she wags her tail and offers kisses when someone comes to say hello. She is a wonderful dog, who has suffered unimaginable neglect, being used to pump out puppies, and then left to die once she could no longer "earn her keep" .... She is now safe, and starting on the road to recovery.

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We are continuing our rescue missions to Mo every 6 weeks as funds permit. We need your help we are in desperate need of financial donations to make these rescue happen. There are always hundreds of dogs waiting for their chance at a life. We have placement available for all of them with various rescue groups, if we are able to raise the money to transport them. We can save all these dogs with your help. PLEASE PLEASE help us save them.

Who We Are

Wasatch Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, dedicated to rescuing and placing homeless and abandoned animals in safe and responsible homes. We are committed to educating the public on the virtues and necessity of spaying and neutering their animal companions. By maintaining our vision we can decrease the number of euthanized animals yearly. We are committed to saving lives and remaining loyal to our cause of rescuing animals. We rescue from local animl shelters as well as traveling to the mid -west. the home of puppymills and rescue as many mill refugees as we get the opertunity to.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in any of our lovable animals. Please Check our web page WWW. Wasatchanimalrescue.org or email us at warescue@live.com . We hope one of our animals will make a wonderful addition to your family. Our shelter is located in SLC. Please be aware we are open by appointment only. Once we have an approved adoption application we are happy to schedule a volunteer to meet you at the shelter so you can meet the pet you are interested in. We are an all volunteer staff, we will try our hardest to accommodate your schedule.

Wasatch Animal Rescue
Email: warescue@live.com
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