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Our Adoptable Pet List

We may do an out of state adoption, but we will not ship any of our pets in rescue. You will need to make arrangements to come here to pick the pet up.


The shelter is always in need of help with or vet fund. There are several ferrets in house with adrenal tumors and almost all the older ferret that come in are in need of dental cleaning.


2014 Shelter Update And News

The shelter will only be taking in ferrets or mink from here on out. Due to the the failing economy the shelter can no longer afford the up keep of all the other types of pet we were taking in. We recommend if you have something other then a ferret or mink you need to rehome that you call the Humane Society or Animal Control in your area to see if they can help you.

Lost & Found Pets

No Lost or Found Pets In At This Time.

Rescue Notice

Our main concern here is that our ferrets and mink have food, water, clean cages and playtime with humans. We are all working double shifts or taking on a 2nd & 3rd jobs to pay the medical bills and buy supplies to give the pets in rescue a better life. If you call and don't get an answer or you don't get a return e-mail right away. It's because we are busy and will get back to you as soon as we have sometime. We are sorry for any inconvenient this may cause any of you. Please leave a message and we'll call you back ASAP! (The best way to contact us is to send a text message to one of the numbers below). If you have an emergency please state that in your message so we can answer those calls first. If you have a sick or injured animal you will need to take it to your nearest vet we do not have the funds to pay your vet bills we are barely paying or own.

Who We Are

We're Utah's only 501(c)3, non-profit, no-kill exotic critter sanctuary. We're the only sanctuary in the state that has on staff experts that have over 41 years specializing in the care and transport of exotic critters. We deal mainly with the stress and depression that is life threading to exotic pets when moved from one home to another. We also are the only sanctuary in the state that will never split up bond pairs or cage-mates that are surrendered into the sanctuary together. Also any items that are turned in with any animal will stay with that pet and go with them to their new home. We will not sell any animals items separately from that pet like other shelters do. We are celebrating our 44 anniversary this year. How the years fly when you're having so much fun loving on all the critters that have passed through our doors. We opened our doors as a reptile sanctuary on 1-01-70 then added the birds and later the ferrets and it just kept building from there. Due to the high cost of fuel and our trucks are gas hogs we are no longer able to offer free pick up of surrendered pets and we will as of 01/01/2012 be charge a surrendering fee to help off set the cost of their check up and vaccines. All ferrets/mink are housed in a home environment at the sanctuary. We find this warm, loving home style environment make the pets in our care less stressful. It gives us the ability to get to know the pet's true personality so we can match pets perfectly to its forever home. We are a 24-7 emergency rescue and care clinic for sick, injured, abused, healthy, abandon, homeless, lost and found ferrets or mink. Any temperament or in any condition call us we're willing to help. If you have a medical emergency you will need to take the pet to a Veterinary Hospital in your area ASAP. Do not wait to try and get a hold of us if the animal is sick get it to a vet.


You may find a critter or bird show up in your yard, garage or basement. Wildlife is better off left alone, they belong in the wild and need to stay there. Don't for yours or the critters safety take wildlife out of its environment. All wildlife will bite and they can endanger your health. We do understand animals get injured or offsprings get separated from mommy and need to be rehabbed before released. There are special trained people that do just that if you find an offspring in need call us and we'll get you in contact with one of these people. It's illegal and inhumane to keep any wildlife as a pet. When it grows up and becomes sexually mature it will become aggressive. You're not going to know how to handle it and guess what you have a wild biting animal on your hands. No one will want it and at this age it's to old to rehab and release in 99% of these cases the animal ends up euthanasia. Due to some animal rights group that have set fur farms animals loose, some of you may find mink on your property or around rivers and lakes. Farm mink don't fear humans and may approach a human wanting food. Some people think mink are ferrets they do look kinda alike. Beware mink do bite and so do some ferrets. If you do happen to catch a mink call us we will make sure it well be save. If you take a mink anywhere else it'll be euthanasia. We are also the only shelter in Utah licensed to give mink lifetime sanctuary if needed. Be very careful all though these animals are use to being around humans and seem tame they are not and you can receive a nasty bite.

Wish List & Donations Needed

Mostly we are in need of old towels, bed sheet, pillow case or shams, fabric. If you would like to donate and get a tax write off that would help us out big time. Any good quality cat or kitten food, any brand ferret food, wood pellet or other kinds of litter, hammocks all sizes. old baby blankets, flannel sheets & pillow cases, old pillow shams, bath towels, pet beds. Water bottles, food & water bowls all sizes. Cages, pet carriers, kennels, crates, exercise pens, any size from the smallest to the giant. Food, litters, bedding, litter pans. If you have any pet supplies you no longer have use for. Would you please consider donating it to the sanctuary. If we can't use it we'll find another rescue in need to give it to. We also have a need for paper towels, napkins, shop towels, laundry & dish soap, bleach, dryer sheets, money donations to order vaccines we need for the ferrets in our care. Or Gift Cards to Petco, Petsmart, Wal-mart, DI, Savers, KVVET.com or Ferret.com. We're a 501(c)3 charitable organization, any donations made to this sanctuary is tax deductible. Every item and all funds donated go directly towards the care of the homeless ferrets and mink in the sanctuary. Thank you for your generosity!

Pet's Special Notice

The Utah Critter Sanctuary Ferret & Mink Rescue Shelter Inc. is Utah's only true 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill exotic pet rescue. Serving the people of Utah & surrounding states since Jan. 1, 1970. We have some of the best experts in the country on staff to care for and place your pet in our care into the best forever homes available. We work overly hard to find just the right home to place your pet so he/she can live out his life being pampered & loved. We will never take your pet to the local adoption event to sell to who ever walks in the door. This may work well for other rescues but we find your pet that is in our care deserve more then that. All adopting parties will be required to prove to the sanctuary's staff they know the care & handling of the pet they are adopting. They will be drilled and asks questions on the pet's care & need to spend time at the sanctuary caring for & getting to know your pet before taking it home. New parents are also required to set up a working relationship with an exotic vet so your pet will always receive any care it may need in the future. We do several home visits before & after the adoptions & well always do check ups on your pet throughout its life time. We want to make sure your pet will always receive the top of the line love and attention he/she deserves. If we fine for what ever reason your pet is not getting the best care ever in his/her new home the sanctuary will re-clam your pet to be replaced. You are welcome to call the sanctuary anytime for an up-date on how your pet is doing. While your pet is in our care they will receive the top of the line medical care, food, only bottle water here, love & attention. They will be housed in a warm loving, supervised, home environment to run & play and get into everything, just plane down right fun. The sanctuary's staff knows what they are doing, can handle any emergency, & are dedicated to the love & care of all pets turned over to us. We are still the only rescue around that will never split up bonded pets no matter how large of a group they come in. Also we will never sell any pets cage or supplies separate from the pet any thing that comes in with your pet will go with them to their new home.

Adopting Or Surrending A Friend

.All animals receive a complete check up, spay/neuter, descended, vaccinated, tested & treated for any internal & external parasites, complete blood work, fasting glucose blood testing, full body ultrasound screening & any surgeries, dental or other medical care needed. All ferrets will be ADV tested & only negative ferrets will be placed on the adoptable list. Every animal go through a 90 day or longer quarantine before they go out for adoption. We warranty all of our pets are 100% healthy at the time they are adopted to you. We will not split up cage mates or bonded pairs that come in. Any mates and pairs will be adopted together. Whenever you want to surrendered a pet to us we'll need the pet's name, what food you feed them, and if they have had any vaccines in the last 12 months. Also, if you have any history about your pets likes and dislikes or any medical needs please let us know this as well. This way we can get your pet the best veterinary treatment and home possible. If you adopt one of our pets and find for what ever reason you are unable to keep it at anytime, bring the pet back to the sanctuary with it's paper work and 100% of your adoption fee will be refunded back to you. There is no EXPIRATION date on refunds. Wildlife are not adopted out they're rehabbed and released back into the wild or sent to a reserves that specialize in their species.

Wanting To Adopt!

All adoptions are done by appointments only. We will consider an out of state adoptions to the right homes. Only we will not ship any of our pets you will need to make arrangements to come and pick up your new pet. Before you consider an adoption ask yourself: -Can you provide this pet with a forever home? -Have you done your research of what you need to provide this pet a proper home? -Can you afford the price of high quality food, vet care & vaccines the pet will need through out its life? -Are you willing to make this pet a family member to live in your home not in your yard or garage? -If you answered YES to all 4 questions, e-mail the sanctuary for an adoption application. We do reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone if we feel it's not in the best interest of you or the pet. If you are interested in adopting one of our pets on this site. E-mail us at (UtahCritterSanctuary@yahoo.com) for an adoption application, or you are welcome to e-mail us anytime for more info on the pet.t.

Wanting To Surrender A Critter

If you are in need of surrendering a critter e-mail the sanctuary at we'll get back to you ASAP! You also can text only please for we are not allowed call at work 435-230-8304, or 435-820-2566 we will call you soon as we are off.

The Sanctuary's Hours & Days

Mon-Fri 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Closed Sat & Sun. Everything at the shelter is done by appointment only you will need an appointment to view, adopt or to drop a pet off.
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