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Our Featured Pet

We're the 6 pack! Greetings from: Tye(m), Peso(f), Cash(m), Kody(f), Rope(m) and Dally(m)! We're a cute bunch alright, but we can be adopted by your loving family in singles! It took our foster mom about a week to catch all of us! We were holding up a bunch of traffic in a busy intersection! She took us to the vet and he says we're about 8 weeks old. We all had something called our 1st puppy shots so we won't get sick. Plus, we'll get to go riding again to see the vet for more shots and healthy 'stuff' as we get older. We've gained some weight and now we know that most humans are kind and will love us. Playing is our very favorite thing and those things called toys - they're AWESOME! We LOVE other dogs; kitties still are kinda scary though! Our mom is a little blonde spaniel mix. Just call Animal Friends Shelter at 979-865-2525 and leave a message with the shelter ladies! You can make an appointment to come over and play with us! Did we mention playing is our favorite thing????


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