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Receiving: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Adoptions: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Do I look familiar? I should. I was spokes dog on August 24th. What I said then still applies. We are good dogs just homeless and waiting for someone to adopt us. I am still the white German shepherd on the upper left with a grey back. I am still lively, friendly and a bit silly trying to get attention. My greetings are not as lively because it is mostly the shelter staff not someone who will adopt me. Will you please come adopt me or one of the others. The little man on the top right is a lively, friendly Dachshund mix who is eager for attention. The little fellow in the middle right is a wiry terrier mix pup. He is outgoing, friendly and ready to go home with someone. The fellow on the bottom right is also a terrier mix but an adult named Lucky. He is full of life, friendly and wants attention. The young lady on the bottom left is Madonna in a rare still pose. She is energetic, playful and friendly. She is also eager for attention as are we all. There are two boxer mix pups, two shepherd mix pups, a chihuahua mix pup, three lab mix pups, a very shy lab mix pup and a lab/shepherd mix pup. There are several young lab mixes, a young German shepherd mix, a young husky mix and a young chihuahua mix. There several adult chihuahua mixes, another adult German shepherd mix, several lab mixes, a terrier mix and a couple of Staffordshire terrier mixes. There is a red heeler named Trip, a mostly white blue heeler named Bella and a Staffordshire terrier mix named Katie who is spayed and current on shots so can be adopted for only $7.50. There are even some cats and kittens. We can not promise that we will be here because we are very eager for new homes.

Adoption Fees

Adult Dog Adoption Fee $15.00 Adult Cat Adoption Fee $7.50
Puppy Adoption Fee $7.00 Kitten Adoption Fee $5.00
Dog/Puppy Spay $60.00 Cat/Kitten Spay $35.00
Dog/Puppy Neuter $40.00 Cat/Kitten Neuter $20.00
Rabies shot required on all animals over 3 months $8.00 with adoption or reclaim only
Total Price Adult Male Dog (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $63.00
Total Price Adult Female Dog (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $83.00
Total Price Puppy Male (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $55.00
Total Price Puppy Female (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $75.00
Total Price Adult Male Cat (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $35.50
Total Price Adult Female Cat (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $50.50
Total Price Male Kitten (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $33.00
Total Price Female Kitten (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $48.00

All adopted animals are required to be sterilized and receive a rabies shot by Texas State Law.

Greenville Animal Control Shelter
5800 Joe Ramsey Blvd.
Greenville, TX 75402
Phone: 903-457-2990

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