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Receiving: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Adoptions: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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I am the Staffordshire terrier mix on the upper left and I have a lot to say. First do not believe the bad press Staffordshire terriers, pitbulls and the like get. It is like saying all dogs are tan. I am white with brown patches. I am a male pup and full of energy. I am also friendly and very eager to find someone to love. Second there are a lot of us here and we all want homes. The little lady on the top right is an adult Dachshund mix. She is lively, friendly and wants attention. The sweet girl in the middle right is a Catahoula Leopard dog mix pup. She is alert, outgoing and friendly. The soulful fellow on the bottom right is a Rottweiler mix pup. He is energetic, playful and friendly. He is also not shy about letting you know he wants attention. The big fellow on the lower left is an adult German shepherd mix. He is full of life, friendly and wants attention. Third our time here is limited by space so please hurry. If not one of us pictured there are four other adult German shepherd mixes, six adult chihuahua mixes, a couple of adult Staffordshire terrier mixes, an adult Australian shepherd mix, an adult Rottweiler/lab mix and a miniature Pinscher mix. There is a young red heeler mix, a couple of young lab mixes, four more Catahoula leopard dog mix pups, another Staffordshire terrier mix pup and a lab mix pup named Ginger. There is a lively little terrier mix named Daisy that has been here over a month, a chihuahua mix pup named Snookie that has been her three weeks and a terrier/beagle mix named Buster that has been here three weeks. Fourth if you do not not like dogs (unbelievable) there are some cats and kittens available. Fifth in case you got lost by all I had to say WE ALL WANT AND NEED HOMES. PLEASE COME AND ADOPT US. The adoption fee includes a rabies shot and spaying or neutering. We can not promise that we will be here because we are very eager for new homes.

Adoption Fees

Adult Dog Adoption Fee $15.00 Adult Cat Adoption Fee $7.50
Puppy Adoption Fee $7.00 Kitten Adoption Fee $5.00
Dog/Puppy Spay $60.00 Cat/Kitten Spay $35.00
Dog/Puppy Neuter $40.00 Cat/Kitten Neuter $20.00
Rabies shot required on all animals over 3 months $8.00 with adoption or reclaim only
Total Price Adult Male Dog (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $63.00
Total Price Adult Female Dog (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $83.00
Total Price Puppy Male (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $55.00
Total Price Puppy Female (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $75.00
Total Price Adult Male Cat (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $35.50
Total Price Adult Female Cat (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $50.50
Total Price Male Kitten (includes neuter, rabies and adoption fee) $33.00
Total Price Female Kitten (includes spay, rabies and adoption fee) $48.00

All adopted animals are required to be sterilized and receive a rabies shot by Texas State Law.

Greenville Animal Control Shelter
5800 Joe Ramsey Blvd.
Greenville, TX 75402
Phone: 903-457-2990

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