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2nd Chance Rottie & Small Animal Rescue

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Who We Are

We started out a Breed specific Rescue several years ago, however due to others needing our assistance and pregnant momma's being put to sleep due to the risks of puppies being born in shelters, we have now expanded to most other breeds. If you need to place an animal here with us please call and speak to one of the Volunteers at the facility. We are an all VOLUNTEER not for profit animal rescue group, We run strictly on donations and all donations go directly into our fund to continue taking care of all the needs of the rescues here , and the rescues to come. We work with some of our local and metro-plex Shelters to help them keep there euthenazia rates as low as possible.. We are also here for the general public, so that the number of animals being dumped rather than released to shelters also stays as low as possible.We are a no-kill rescue facility and we do not euthenize for space. ( WE WILL NOT PULL ANIMALS THAT ARE AGGRESSIVE.)

Adopting a friend

PLEASE KNOW that adopting a Rescue requires as much as a 10 year commitment on your part, as a pet owner Make sure that your home is puppy proofed and ready for the new Canine family member .Make sure his outside area is ready for him as well ,mend fence problems before your pet finds it and escapes .Be able to be financially responsible for your pet and ask about Pet Insurance for Emergencies that may arise down the road. We do have this information if you are interested.. Some of our babies here do need a lil time to adjust to the changes of new homes. This can take some animals up to 10 days to learn there places and settle in, especially if they are a second or third family pet. Proper introduction of your new rescue, and the pet you already have can make the adjustment much easier on you and your new family member. We can help with tips on this subject if you need them.

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We take appts from 10:00am to 8:00pm .We do adoptions by appointments only This is also to insure the animal you want to see is still here. If you try to call before hours you can leave a message, we will return it as soon as we return..
2nd Chance Rescue
682=229=9064 or 817=909=0466
Texas based
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