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Featured Pet: LARUE

My foster mom says I am a very special soul. I DO have a sense of humor; which is huge since I’ve strived very hard to keep that. I have very good house manners! My car manners are fine too; I like to go places but don’t like when I have to get left behind for anything. I really like to meet new people and always have a kind word for them. But it wasn't always like this... Not too long ago I was sad and lonely. Hunger pains hurt my thin, wormy belly. I guarded my friend’s body at the side of the road, watching cars whiz by, no one caring that I was hurt and afraid. Someone stopped for me and gently took me from my friend and brought me where I could be safe so I wouldn’t end up like my friend did. I didn’t understand then that my job for him was done, that I had done all I could do for him. Now I am strong. The worms are gone, my blood is healthier, and my stomach is full. I have a warm bed and another human who brings me food and speaks to me kindly. She has a soft touch too. Now I can hear the melody of kindness, feel what it is like to be healthy and loved. Someone did this for me because they stopped one day at the side of the road as I guarded my friend’s body, as others drove by. In that moment someone loved me enough to stop and save my life. My name now is Larue. It is French for “dweller by the road”. I stand tall and proud on sturdy legs. I look at people’s faces now, searching not for the humans who used to keep me, but for the love that will be there when I find my forever home.

Don't Forget About Them

Please check out the animals at your local pound(s) and/or shelters. Many of these animals are in danger of being destroyed if they don't find foster or forever homes.

How You Can Help

We are always in need of essential items to take care of our rescued animals. If you would like to help, but can't afford to adopt or make a monetary donation, you can still give us a helping hand by donating the following items:

About Us

We are dedicated to saving as many homeless, neglected and abused animals as possible. All of the animals we take into our foster homes are given medical attention as required. They are current with their shots, heartworm preventive and flea/tick treatments. Each animal is spayed or neutered as soon as she/he is old and/or healthy enough for the surgery. Our dogs and cats are kept in a home environment, use a dog door and live with other dogs and cats in groups that get along together. Our special rescues, lizards, birds other little fuzzy creatures also live in our home. We also have rescued horses and pot belly pigs; although not part of our rescue, we have Texas Longhorns that the other kids think are here for their entertainment. We strive to match pets and people so that everyone is happy. The animals here are part of our family; we hope that one of them might become a part of yours. We maintain a list of people looking for a particular type of pet to join their family and provide a listing service for anyone needing to find a new home for any animal.

Adopting A Friend

To adopt a new friend from us, you need to make an appointment to meet the animal(s) of interest. We require that you complete an application for adoption prior to this visit. This helps us determine who might be a good match for your environment and that you meet our adoption requirements. We look at each application based on the needs and requirements of the animal in question.

We have a few strict requirements:
Our adoption fees vary from animal to animal. We use 100% of the adoption fees to offset our rescue expenses. We also appreciate and use 100% all other gifts to take care of our rescued animals.

Once your application for adoption has been approved, we will make an appointment to bring your new friend to your home. We ask that all members of your family be present for this meeting. We continue to stay in touch with you to be sure that you, your family and new friend are all doing well and are happy together. You are always welcome to contact us also. If, at any time, you cannot keep an animal you adopt from us, we require that you return the animal to us or that we agree to any new home prior to the animal going to that new home.

New homes are required to pass our application process but no fees are charged.

Come Visit Us

Please feel free to call or e-mail us for an appointment to visit. We'll be happy to give you directions based on your point of departure.

Hillcrest Animal Rescue
Tel: (469) 363-6433
E-Mail: contact@hillcrestanimalrescue.org


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