Brazos Feral Cat Allies

Promoting TNR (trap-neuter-return) to manage the feral cat population in Bryan-College Station, Texas

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BCS Spay Day.
This group offers spays/neuters for feral cats and cats in low-income homes. Applications can be picked up at the Brazos Animal Shelter. Visit!sign-up 
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Brazos Feral Cat Allies (BFCA)

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What is a Feral Cat?
What We Do
Helping Hands
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BFCA will be at PetSmart on Saturday, December 21, from 11 to 4! Come visit with our many adoptable cats and kittens! To arrange to meet cats on other days, call 979-690-9530 and leave a message, or email us at Thanks!

Our Featured Pets

Meet Leia!

Little Miss Leia is a princess indeed! She's exuberant and very much people oriented. Like all kittens, she loves to run around like crazy and play with all her toys. She likes to play with her brother Luke, and she enjoys hanging out with the adult cats in her foster home. When she's ready to wind down, she curls up in her foster mom's lap and takes a long, long nap.

Meet Kiki!
If you like your cats sweet with a side of spunk, then you need to meet Kiki! Kiki is great company, very loving, likes to be pet, and is still fairly active, but every so often her "torti-tude" acts up and she has to have things HER way. But that's okay.... she's so awesome, you probably would have given in anyway, even without the fuss. :) If you are looking for a companion who is sure to keep you entertained and give you a few (but not too many!) crazy cat stories, make sure you meet Kiki!




What is a Feral Cat?

Feral cats are nondomesticated (not tame) cats that are born and live outdoors. Unlike domesticated cats, they are too wild to be petted or picked up. They live together in groups called colonies. 

Because these cats have not been spayed or neutered, the females produce litters of kittens throughout the reproductive season, and the males continually fight over territory and mates.

Feral cat colonies can be found anywhere, including high-traffic areas within a community. Sometimes the cats attract the attention of concerned cat lovers. These volunteer caretakers look after the colonies, becoming familiar with the number and condition of the cats and providing food and water.

What We Do

Brazos Feral Cat Allies (BFCA) promotes the trap-neuter-return approach to manage the feral cat population in the Brazos Valley. BFCA assists colony caretakers with humane trapping of feral cats, having them spayed or neutered, and returning healthy cats to their colonies. This curtails the colony's growth.

In addition, all cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV (Feline AIDS), vaccinated for rabies, and microchipped before being released.

On request, BFCA members will speak to community groups interested in learning about feral cats.  

Helping Hands

Along with dedicated private practice veterinarians, advanced veterinary students at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine play a key role in BFCA's trap-neuter-return program. Students from the Community Practice and Feline Medicine programs help by performing presurgical blood draws, virus testing, physical examinations, microchipping, and vaccinations. Students in the General Surgery program perform the spay and castration surgeries.

These activities give students hands-on clinical experience as well as insights into feral cat management.  

Kitten Adoptions

When kittens eight weeks old or younger are trapped, they live in BFCA foster homes until caring, permanent homes can found. These kittens adjust rapidly to living with humans and make wonderful pets. The kittens receive medical care including testing for infectious diseases, treatment for parasites, vaccinations and sterilization. 

Our goal is to create happy endings by matching kittens with just the right homes. A prospective adopter must fill out an application form and is carefully screened to ensure that both the kitten's and the adopter's best interests are served. Adopters must agree to provide a safe, indoor-only home.

BFCA members hold adoption days at Petsmart in College Station most Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Adoption donation is $95 for kittens and $75 for adult cats.

You Can Help...

There's more than one way to help these cats.

  • If you are feeding feral cats in your area, you can help us monitor colonies and assist in our spay-neuter efforts to prevent future births.
  • We need loving foster homes for our kittens while we find them permanent homes.
  • Last but not least, we gratefully accept donations of cash, cat food, and veterinary supplies or services.
BFCA Supporters

    • AFCAT (Aggie Feral Cat Alliance of Texas)
    • Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
    • PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.
    • PETsMART Charities
    • National Humane Education Society
    • ASPCA Partners in Caring
    • Nestle Purina
    • Pfizer Animal Health
    • Schering-Plough Animal Health Corp.
    • AVID Microchips
    • Brazos Animal Shelter spay/neuter outreach
    • The Iams Company
    • The Summerlee Foundation
    • Bob Beals and J.P. Beato 
Special Thanks
    • Kingdom Animal Hospital
    • College Hills Veterinary Clinic
    • Lovan Care Animal Hospital
    • PetSmart--College Station
    • PETCO--College Station
Additional Links
  • Humane Society Press: Community Approaches to Feral Cats by Margaret R. Slater
    AFCAT: Aggie Feral Cat Alliance of Texas
  • Alley Cat Allies

Brazos Feral Cat Allies
P.O. Box 10738
College Station, TX 77842
Phone: (979) 690-9530