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Thank you for considering adopting a rescue companion!  We look forward to helping you on your journey to finding the perfect friend for you and your family.  We strive to ensure that each pet is a good match on a variety of lifestyle, energy, temperament, and personality levels.

Our adoptable pets have lived lives of homelessness, neglect, abuse, and in extreme cases, even torture.  In order to visit with one of our adoptable pets, you must first be approved for adoption.  To start the ball rolling, please contact us for an adoption application today!  You must first be approved for adoption before you can visit with one of our adoptable pets.

Adoption fees: 

$125 ADULT  DOGS, 



$200 UNSTERILIZED PUPPIES UNDER 4 MONTHS WITH $50 RETURNED UPON PROOF OF SPAY/NEUTER SURGERY*(required).   Chapter 828 of the State of Texas Health and Safety Code which specifies that all animals adopted from humane organizations be spayed/neutered.


Who We Are

The street dogs in Sunnyside, Brookhaven, South Union, South Park, and the Third Ward are in desperate need of help.  They live in deplorable conditions, fend for themselves on the streets fighting for food, water, shelter, and life.  They dodge cars, bad weather, bad humans, and disease.  And through it all they still crave attention and love.  They deserve a chance at life, a chance they were never given in the first place... Rescue is the only chance they have of getting a shot at life.  South Side Street Dogs works tirelessly for the street dogs of this area.

Come Visit Us

We do not have a facility.  Our adoptable pets live in volunteers' foster homes, and some even in boarding facilities due to lack of fosters.  If you see a companion you feel would would fit in with you and your family, please contact us for an adoption application.  You can not visit with one of our dogs until you are approved for adoption.

Additionally, if you feel you would like to open your home to an animal in need as a foster, please contact us for a foster application.  Fosters are an invaluable resource in the work that we do rescuing these homeless dogs from the streets.  It is a very rewarding way for dog lovers to give back to the community!

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