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All the dogs are fully vetted which includes: vaccines, deworming, heartworm test and heartworm treatment of all positive dogs, spay/neuter, microchip, dentals and anything else that they might need prior to making them ready for adoption. Most dogs take months to get them healthy enough for a new home.

The first step to adopting is to fill out an adoption application online via Boston Terrier Rescues website:

DO NOT under any circumstances try to contact anyone at BTR via email or phone. Email reh_pinscher@yahoo.com with inquiries and I will reply as time allows.
The adoption fee for an adult is $300, $400 for puppies and less for seniors or dogs that require special circumstances. The adoption fee doesn't even remotely cover vet expenses while in rescue let alone other basic expenses such as food, toys, beds, boarding etc. Any donations are used 100% for the dogs.

Who We Are

Specializing in Miniature Pinschers since 2002.

Rescue and rehab Houston area purebred Miniature Pinschers, regardless of age, behavioral or medical condition. Almost all of our dogs come exclusively from BARC in lieu of being euthanized. Dogs are RARELY taken in from private individuals. Having a baby, moving, work demands, divorce etc are POOR excuses for abandoning a dog.

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