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NO DOG, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES will be adopted out to be an OUTSIDE DOGS.

All dogs are to be part of the family and treated as such.

If you are looking for a guard dog, a protection dog, or just a dog to keep in your yard, then please reconsider the responsibilities of owning a dog.

GaDaH saves German Shepherd Dogs from many cities throughout Texas, concentrating more on San Antonio and surrounding areas.



Who We Are

Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue” is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit organization. 

I have worked with puppies, and adult dogs, but my main passion and love is for the German Shepherd Dog, and so decided to follow my passion and become a German Shepherd Dog rescue.

All dogs live inside my home, along with my own 6 German Shepherds, all of which were also rescue dogs.
Every effort is made to make sure that any dog we place is thoroughly evaluated for its temperament, health, physical soundness and overall adopt-ability. If we or our vet suspects hip, joint of bone problems we ALWAYS have radio-graphs done and if surgery is needed then they have their surgery. However, not all disease or illness show symptoms and some dogs have very high pain thresholds so cannot guarantee perfect health.

We care about our dogs and our adopters and we do our very best to make sure that the dog is right for the adopter and in good condition

It is so easy in this voluntary work to want to help all animals and take on more than can be handled, and I have occasionally fallen into that trap, but by sticking to saving from kill shelters this frees up space so strays can be placed and hopefully adopted from there.

All rescue dogs and puppies are socialized with my pack and other rescue pack dogs. This enables them to learn "dog behavior" so they are familiar with other dogs body language which is very important. All too often dogs are seen charging at other dogs in dog parks, wanting to be playful, but showing aggressive body language, which often leads to fights, all because they had not been socialized.


Come Visit Us

The adoption process includes, but is not limited to:

  • An in-depth application - Complete online below
  • A letter of reference from a current or former vet - on their letter headed paper
  • Two written references from people who know you and your family well - (not from family members)
  • A meet and greet, preferably with the potential dog at your home (Not possible for families, not local to San Antonio, TX).
  • Adoption donation is REQUIRED to be PAID, by CASH, CHECK or Money Order (made payable to Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue) at the time the dog is left under your care.

PLEASE NOTE that we take each application and assess it on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS. No application will be refused because certain criteria cannot be met, until it has been discussed and possible work around solutions found. Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue, does not want to refuse families for minor issues, who would otherwise make PERFECT homes for our precious GSDs If you have a question in regards to our application, please email.
NO GaDaH dog/puppy will be adopted out to be kept as an OUTSIDE Dog.
ALL GaDaH animals MUST BE treated as part of the family, and live INSIDE the family home! 

Potential adopters are encouraged to meet potential dogs/puppies as often as they like, and no rush decisions made. 

If after the above, both parties would like to go forward with an adoption and the application has been approved, then the dog can be adopted. If during the FIRST WEEK the dog is not working out, the dog can be returned and the adoption donation will be
returned, however $50 of the donation is kept to cover, fuel and administration costs, the balance will be given upon the dog/pup being returned in good health.

Once the First Week has passed, the adoption donation is NON REFUNDABLE, however, we will ALWAYS take our dogs back into rescue should any problems arise.


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