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Who We Are

Mazie's Mission desires to be like no other sanctuary in the world! The founder, Erin Shults, DVM, has a passion for rescues and believes all animals deserve to live without pain or fear. Mazie's Mission is actively fund-raising to build a 'Animal Compound' that can include all animals in need. On the 75-100 acres that The Mission wishes to purchase, there are plans to build a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital solely for animals in a rescue situation. Dr. Shults will be able to offer lower cost veterinary care for shelter animals all around the DFW metroplex and drastically decrease the euthanasia rate to allow rescue organization save more animals. Dr. Shults aids prosecutors in abuse and animal cruelty cases. She currently collects forensic evidence in neglect, hoarding, and cruelty cases for Collin County. Stricter laws are being passed that punish animal abusers and there is a need for people to collect the evidence to demand those sentences.. Through eliminating puppy mills, encouraging spay/neuter, and promoting public education, the United States can end needless euthanasia!

Adopting a friend

You can find our adoption application on Mazie's Mission website ( ) and send it to We do not adopt by a first come-first served basis! Every adoption requires a home visit. The adoption fee is $175 and includes spay/neuter, vaccinations appropriate for the animal's age, a microchip, any testing needed (heartworm test, feline Leukemia/FIV test, fecal test), and treatment for any medical conditions present before adoption. Each time an animal from Mazie's Mission is adopted, the proceeds help us to reach our dream of a 'No-Kill Nation'

Come Visit Us!

Mazie's Mission is currently a foster-only network and does not yet have a facility. We hold regular adoption events almost every week. Please check Mazie's Mission website ( ) for current schedule, and full contact information.
Mazie's Mission
P.O. Box 2651
Frisco, TX 75035

Mazie's Mission website ( )

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