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Becoming a foster parent for a homeless animal isn't as difficult as you might think and it can be so very rewarding. Having an available foster home for a dog or cat that is out of time in a shelter literally makes the difference between life and death. We pay for the vetting you provide a safe haven for them. We have the need for foster homes in all DFW areas. If you think you could provide even a short term foster for a dog or cat that needs help, please go to the fostering tab . You can choose your new foster dog or cat - small, large, old, young - they all deserve a chance at a forever home. Foster families give them that chance!

We look forward to helping the community find more happy homes for all the homeless animals in our rural shelters

About Shelter2Rescue

Shelter2Rescue Coalition is a foster-based animal welfare organization dedicated to saving death row animals in rural Texas shelters. We are completely foster-based and we do not have a building or shelter. We do our best to facilitate the safe placement of at-risk dogs and cats with our national coalition partners, but we also have an adoption program for those that don't make it into other rescues. Please click on our Adoptable Pet List to see if one of our special dogs could be your next cherished family member! If you find a pet that you are interested in, we will set up an appointment with the foster family.

Adopting a friend

If you have found your new best friend, please fill out the application below. We have a three step process for adoption that includes an application, home visits/reference checks and final adoption contract. Most of the sweet dogs you see on our pages were saved from euthanasia just in the nick of time and we want to do everything in our power to assure that they never have to worry about finding themselves in that predicament again. We really work hard to ensure there is a good match between adopter and adoptee and we are here after the adoption to help in any way that we can.

Adoption Application

Please complete the application below and click on the Submit button. We try to respond as quickly as possible, but we are an all-volunteer organization and sometimes it takes 24 hours. Thank you.
Pets name:
Adopters name:
Zip code:
Telephone Number: Cell/Home
Occupation(yours or in household):
Employers name and phone number:
Hours worked each week:
How long at current job:
Names of adults, names of children (ages of children)
Do you have any other pets? If so list name, type,sex and age, Spayed/Neutered?
Have you ever owned any other pets other than the ones listed above? If so what happened to them?
List current vet or one you would use:(name,address,phone)
Please provide two references,(include name,number,email)so we can contact them:
Do you rent or own your home?Please provide contact for verification if renting:
In what kind of dwelling do you currently reside?
Do you have a fenced yard?size/height?
Do you plan to move soon?
Will adopted pet live primarily inside or outside?
Where will your dog spend time when you are not at home?
Approximately how many hours will the animal be left alone?
Ownership history: Never had pets
Had some growing up
Had pets all my life
I am adopting a pet for the purpose of Gift for someone
Family pet
Have you ever adopted or applied to adopt from a shelter or rescue group before?If yes please provide contact info
Have you ever been declined for an adoption?
Have you ever given up an animal to a rescue group or shelter?
Have you ever attended obedience classes?Would you if recommended?
List what method of training you would use?
If adopting a dog what form of discipline will you use if your dog chews on household items?
If adopting a dog, how will he/she get exercise?
What is your general veterinary philosophy (check only one) Within budget constraints
Spare no expense
Will give pet away
Will you keep your pet on heartworm prevention?
List any circumstances that would force you to give up your dog or cat
For any reason you can NOT keep your adopted pet, it MUST be returned to Shelter2rescue coalition within 48hrs of the occurrence. Do you agree? Yes
For any reason your adopted pet becomes ill, is lost, stolen or dies, you must notify shelter2rescue coalition within 24hrs of the occurence. Do you agree? Yes

Although the majority of animals adopted from Shelter2Rescue Coalition are altered, there are some circumstances in which alteration is not possible. If the animal is NOT altered prior to adoption, as the adopter, you have the responsibility to have the animal altered as soon as possible. The cost of the alteration is included in your adoption fee

If you choose to use your own veterinarian, you will be responsible for the cost. or if the animal is neglected, abused, not properly and safely confined and/or supervised, confined via chaining, or not kept up to date on routine veterinary care, then that animal can be reclaimed by Shelter2Rescue immediately and without question. Do you agree? Yes
Shelter2Rescue representatives have the right to follow up on the animal being adopted at any time whether in person, via phone, email or postal mail, and have the right to call the veterinarian that is listed in this application and discuss the care of the adopted animal. Do you agree? Yes
The adopter hereby agrees to hold harmless Shelter2Rescue Coalition, or any of its representatives, against any and all claims,damages, costs, expenses, or other items pertaining to the animal they are adopting, or anything resulting from, or caused by, the adopted animal. I hereby agree? Yes
Shelter2rescue Coalition is an all-volunteer organization and all adoption fees go directly to help the animals. If a refund is requested, you must do so within 14 days from the date of adoption. All refunds are at the sole discretion of Shelter2Rescue Coalition adoption agent. We reserve the right not to refund Yes
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