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We are advocates for catahoulas, catahoula mixes and other needy shelter animals in East TN.

WE HAVE NO PHYSICAL FACILITY! I cannot stress this enough. We are not a shelter per se, but a group of people who take in these needy animals one at a time and help foster them and find them homes. We cannot take in any pets without first having foster homes for them, so our greatest need is for foster homes. Please help us if you are able. We have many pets going to rescues who only need a week or maybe as long as a month to be fostered and then move onto their rescues. This week or month in their lives makes the difference in them being able to come out of the shelters and be saved. Otherwise, many animals will be euthanized because we have nowhere for them to go while they wait to get to their rescues. We need help to make this happen! Please e-mail me if you are willing to help in any way with their care or with fostering or donations to keep them boarded and safe.

We do not take in owner surrenders, but may be able to courtesy list them if they are spayed and neutered and up to date on their shots!

PLEASE DONATE TODAY !!!!!!Paypal donations can be made by clicking the donation button below. You do not have to have an PayPal account to donate this way. All you need is any debit or credit card. When you click the button and you do not have a PayPal account just select the option for Do Not Have A PayPal account and enter your information.

We have to pay for spay/neuter on all pets, make sure their shots are up to date, cover expenses like heartworm treatments and unforeseen medical bills, food, toys, collars, leashes, igloos, food and beds. It is very expensive to run a rescue, so any donations will be used for the animals. We do not have any paid members in this rescue, we all volunteer our time and our efforts are personally funded unless you help us!

Please check out our wonderful pets for adoption. I will be glad to send your our contract and foster agreement for any pet. !We do a vet and reference check, prior to any animal being placed. Please e-mail me if you are interested in fostering or adopting any of our pets.

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****Help Us In Other Ways!****
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Catahoulas: they were bred to hunt wild boar and are very tenacious and energetic. They bond strongly with their human, are great herding, hunting and protecting dogs. They make great flyball, agility and dock dogs. They are so intelligent, they know more than most humans, so they will try to be the alpha and make you take the hind part, so you have to provide very strong leadership with them. We stress that you read about this breed before adopting. THEY ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE!!!!!! Catahoula puppies adoption fee is $350, adult dogs is $275. Some hard to place dogs will be less! The dogs are spayed/neutered, have all shots. please send me an email if you see one you want to adopt. I will be glad to give you up to date info on that dog.
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We Now Accept Purina Weight Circles! Our mailing address can be found below!
We now accept donated aluminum, Please email us at for for pick up of aluminum!

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