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All of our ferrets are "featured pets" as all of our ferrets are "special" and deserve love and a "forever home."


Raisins has 15 ferrets available for adoption. We are now accepting applications for potential adoptions. Please email us or call 901.335.6536 and schedule a time to visit our shelter and all of the wonderful fuzzies who need "forever homes." To all of our brave men and women of the Armed Services! Raisins is absolutely committed to serving our bravest citizens by offering free room, board, and love (and medical care when needed) for their ferrets during training and deployment overseas. We have many military families available to take care of your beloved pets while your away and they will be happily returned to you upon your heroic return to the States. Just contact us via email or phone, anytime.

Who We Are

Raisins is a small, in-home ferret shelter that was established in August of 2002, the day following the death of our beloved first ferret, Precious. We started this shelter in her honor. She too was a rescued, throw-away ferret who left us too soon. We are proud that Raisins has taken in nearly 275 ferrets in the nearly 12 years of operation. Not all ferrets have been adopted - some due to illness, advanced age, or behavior problems remain here as "lifers." And we remember the precious little ones who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and now dance with the other sweet souls who passed before them. Their earthly bodies are buried in our Memorial Garden. Raisins is a ferret rescue as well as a ferret sanctuary. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot take in any ferrets into the shelter. There is just no room and not enough adoptions. It is with deepest sadness that we must -- for the first time in our thirteen year history -- close our doors to ferrets needing a safe place. All ferrets lucky enough to enter our safe sanctuary, receive clean cages and bedding, proper food and water, treats, toys, playtime every day, the very best of vet care, and love every day. Medical treatment is never denied no matter the illness. We are a ferret advice and information resource as well as a referral service to ferret-wise veterinarians in the tri-state area. We are not veterinarians and do not offer medical advice. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect an illness or medical condition in your ferret.

Adopting a friend

All adoptions are by contract which will be enforced. All adoptions are to adults or to families - no adoptions to children under the age of 16. And, the parent(s) must come to the interview and sign the adoption contract to qualify. Qualified persons will have either positive experience of ferret ownership or possess a working knowlege of ferrets and ferret care. Raisins encourages new ferret parents but ferrets are exotics and require extra special care and maintenance in order to be great pets and thrive in the home - anything less is doomed to fail and possibly end with the injury, illness, or death of a ferret. Adoptions are $65.00 per ferret and pairs for $100.00 with exceptions listed in the bios. All ferrets will have been examined by our veterinarian, received all vaccinations, and medically cleared and certified healthy at the time of adoption. All bonded ferrets must be adopted together - NO EXCEPTIONS! Raisins will not ship ferrets as this is unnecessary. There are ferret rescues and shelters all over the United States all with ferrets needing homes. If you are out of the tri-state area, please find a shelter closer to your home. You can find many of these wonderful ferret rescues here on Petfinder or on the ferret boards such as AFA (American Ferret Association). Ferrets (as in Ferrets the magazine on-line) also offers a listing of ferret shelters in the US.

Come Visit Us!

Adoptions are scheduled by appointment only on Saturday and Sunday. Please contact us for more details and for scheduling and shelter location and directions, if necessary. ************************************************** PLEASE NOTE!!!! This is a small, in-home rescue and shelter with only ONE person caring for the ferrets, returning calls, returning email inquiries, and with a full-time job to pay for the ferret shelter. Returning calls and emails may take up to 3 days depending on the urgencies of the day!!! **************************************************
Raisins From Heaven Ferret Rescue & Sanctuary (contact us for address of shelter)
Phone: 901-335-6536

Email: raisinsheaven@aol.com
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