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<|>UPPER RESPIRATORY VIRUS HITTING SCHOOLS. If/when this virus hits your school kids (enterovirus EV-D38) please be sure to keep your kids isolated and away from your ferrets. Ferrets catch human respiratory infections, bacterial and viral, if exposed to a human with a URI. Best is to not the sick person around the ferret and those who take care of it, please wash your hands and don't breath in the face of the ferret.!

CANINE DISTEMPER ALERT: THERE IS A NEW STRAIN OF C. DISTEMPER MAKING IT ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR FERRET CURRENT WITH THE C. DISTEMPER INNOCULAITONS. Ferrets arrive from professional breeder with the 1st c. distemper shot and need two more at 11 and 13 weeks. Pet stores DO NOT get these, so regardless of the age at which you purchase a kit, 2 more shots are needed within a 3 week window. After that, a once yearly booster only is needed. (If you adopt from someone else, unless they have vet papers documenting all the shots, assume that 2 are needed. People will tell you their ferret is current, but unless they can provide proof, that usually is not true). Even if you do not take your ferret outside, you can bring into your home the c. distemper virus on your clothes and shoes; all it takes is a dog traveling through your yard shedding the virus. So, please be vigilant in getting your ferret inoculated: C. DISTEMPER IS 100% FATAL IN FERRETS, WITH NO CURE!



F.A.C.T. has been active for 19+ years. Experience dictates that it is time to address an issue that has been bad since the beginning, but in recent years has reached an unimaginable epidemic degree: NASTY CAGES

In fostering and facilitating adoptions, F.A.C.T. volunteers constantly see ferrets arrive in cages that can only be described as "haz-mat environments" .... poop encrusted, urine saturated, nasty piled-high litter pans (if there is even a litter pan, sometimes it's just nasty poop/urine soaked shavings in the bottom of a cage and shavings of any type are a huge NO for they are toxic to a ferret, regardless of what you see or hear in a pet store), bedding too filthy to even handle, disgusting fly covered food bowls and moldy scummy water bottles. The winner is roaches crawling out of the cage. No exaggeration, it takes our vols hours to clean these cages sufficiently to make them suitable and safe, occasionally with no alternative than simply tossing the cage in the trash. These cleaning hours don't include getting the ferret groomed ... bathed, ears cleaned, toe nails clipped, and usually flea-treated.

PEOPLE ... what makes you think a ferret wants to live in such nastiness? Ferrets are fastidious, tidy critters ... but they can't clean a cage, wash food bowls and water bottles, launder bedding, or change litter!!! You may not mind living in squalor, but your ferret wants and deserves better.

Daily - it takes 5-minutes to clean the litter pan, tidy the cage, and check food/water supply .... 5-minutes PEOPLE! Weekly - wash the food bowl and water bottle; Monthly - launder the bedding and wash the litter pan and clip toe nails/clean ears; Every 4-6 weeks - bath your ferret. If you are too sorry to provide a clean, healthy environment for a ferret, then you don't deserve to own such sweet, charming pets.


F.A.C.T. is a non-profit Education, Adoption, and Rescue organization founded in 1991 and located in upper East Tennessee. F.A.C.T., with the help of volunteers and foster homes, has been able to handle over 100 ferret adoptions each year. If you would like a free ferret information packet, want information on how to adopt one of our ferrets, or wish to make a donation to F.A.C.T., please contact us at the e-mail or phone number below.

Note that F.A.C.T. networks with volunteers, shelters and other rescue organization throughout Tennessee, for approximately a several hundred mile radius. However, F.A.C.T. DOES NOT ship ferrets to locations out of our working areas.

Note also that F.A.C.T. is not a shelter per se, i.e., not a building at a specific location, but instead a series of foster homes. Consequently, since we are all private residences, phone calls are not accepted; please use email addresses below.

Note also that once the information packet and adoption application have been sent, potential adopters have 7 days to return the application; if the application has not been returned within that time frame, your inquiry will be deleted.

Email: geigerme@aol.com

Email: pfwhitaker@aol.com
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