Happy Endings Animal Rescue

Happy Endings Animal Rescue

Nashville - (Davidson County) - Madison - Tennessee


also known as H.E.A.R.

Specializing in hard to place Dogs, Elderly Dogs who's Owners have passed away and Pit Bulls

The Largest Privately Run Non-Profiit Animal Rescue in Nashville, TN Since 1997

We Do Not Receive any Government Grants or Corporate Sponsorships

We Survive through Sponsors and Supporters from the Community

Hundreds of Lives Saved As We Enter Our 16th Year

A Member of Petfinder.com since January 2004

Dedication, Love and Compassion 24/7

A 92% Success Rate on Adoptions

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". . . Saving just one pet won't change the world. . . but, surely, the world will change for that one pet . . . "

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Adoption Qualifications Are Listed Near the Bottom of This Web Page

For Questions Contact: Cody Gosselin - Founder & Director at:

Email: happyendingsar@gmail.com
This is our NEW email address.


This email address is only for inquiries on adoptions and making donations.
NOT for contacting us to except a dog you have found or no longer want.
This Rescue turns down over a dozen requests a week. We just don't have the
funds or resources to take any more in, so all we can do is adopt out to reduce our numbers.

We Are Only Adopting Out - NOT Taking In

We are also sorry to say, that we don't have any connections
as to who may have space.

Since we aren't taking any new animals in at this Facility.
Emailing us will only delay your quest in trying to find a new home for your dog or cat.
We have to delete all requests to surrender any animals at this time.

Due to a sever drop in donations we have to reduce our numbers on what we can care for.
Until Donations pick-up we are no longer excepting any more animals at this facility.

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To Make a Donation or Becoming a Monthly Sponsor is listed about 1/2 way down this Website

 photo MonthlyFundRaiser-August201325000-200_zps57e3f754.png
Look for this Fund Raiser Logo.


We Can Only Keep Helping, As Long As You Keep Giving.

To view a larger viewing screen simply click the YouTube Logo on any video which will redirect you to the YouTube website.


Max was dropped off at our front door from an owner who no longer could care for him.
He is a great dog with a very friendly personality and sociable with people and other animals.

 photo Max11-350_zps261218b3.png

If your interested in adopting Max, please read over our adoption qualifications listed at the bottom of this site.

We are also looking for a foster home to care for Max but you must live within a few miles of this Rescue zip 37115.


 photo Pinkygetsadopted-November232013-550-croped_zps09e4b0cc.png

H.E.A.R. is happy to announce the adoption of "Pinky" (on the left) getting adopted and will even have her own big sister to play with.
As you can see by the photo she is excited about leaving to her new forever home. I really like this family that adopted Pinky
becasue they are all very close and excellent suport in case Pinky's new mom has to work late or running behind. Pinky will either
be taken to a doggy day care or the young Ladies Mom and Dad will step up and baby sit until she gets back. I am totally secure
that Pinky will be cared for and loved the rest of her life.


 photo RubyGetsAdopted450_zpsec7a74fa.png

Nita (the lady you see hugging Ruby) had an English Pointer a few Months ago that had passed
away due to cancer. Her life seemed empty without her best friend by her side. Nita wasn't sure
if she wanted to adopt again because of the heart ache she went through with her last dog.
She looked around but didn't see any dog that hit her fancy. Then she did a dog search on Petfinder.com
and Ruby popped up which looked almost identical to her last dog. She contacted me at the Rescue and
we made arrangements to meet. When she met Ruby, Ruby grabbed her heart and never let go.

It was love at first sight, they both took to each other and became instant best friends. Nita now has a best
buddy again. Ruby will never replace her last dog who was with her many years, but Ruby will find another
spot in Nita's heart and be loved and cared for the rest of her life. I am so happy they found each other.

Another happy ending from Happy Endings Animal Rescue


 photo Roxiefacialshot-400_zps7cd98f03.jpg
Click her picture to see her profile.

Great Family Pet & Loves Kids

If your looking for a pet to add to your family, look no further than Roxie.. She is lovable, friendly,
loves kids, gets along with cats, great personality, always wants to give love and get love. Roxie is a
find for loveable family pets. Roxie is only about a 1 1/2 years old and out of that puppy stage.
I guess you could call her a coon hound or just a mutt. She reminds me of the dog I grew up with
when I was a child that we called Sandy. Mutt's are the best dogs in the world.
Roxie is ready and excited to find her new forever home.

She is a great house size dog at about 35-40 lbs (considered a medium) and loves to hang out with the family
and watch TV or watch you work on the computer. She will lay by your feet and wait for that pat on the head.

If your interested in adopting Roxie for your family pet, please scroll down to the bottom of our website
and check out our adoption qualifications. Were pretty much looking for local families who own their own
home and have a secure fenced in back yard. Roxie has already been spayed so she's ready to go.


Being in an Animal Rescue
doesn't have to mean being in a cage 24/7


Life isn't too bad for the dogs at H.E.A.R.

This Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is only able to survive through your Donations.
We give them a home, until their forever home is found.

We are Registered with the State of Tennessee & IRS
To Receive Charitable Donations - EIN# 26-1252953
Happy Endings Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is part of a group of Animal Rescues under the same
name across the United States that is Registered out of Solvang, CA under a Blanket Non-Profit Status.
This Rescue receives 100% of your donation to help care for the animals by providing food, water & shelter.

Official PayPal Seal

Over the Years, we have Received Donations from all across
America, Canada, Europe and even Australia.


 photo MonthlyFundRaiser-April2014_zps0565b4da.png

Donations for April 2014 = $137.00

On Location Casting $19.00 / On Location Casting $10.00

Kelly Fenesan $10.00 / Deborah Vail $10.00

C.L. Steele $25.00 / C.L. Steele $19.00

Stephen Willis $25.00 / Melinda Arnett $19.00

A Special Note on the Donations we receive.

The funds you see listed above is what this Rescue operates on. We don' receive any Grants,
City, State or Federal Funds to care for these Animals. This Rescue solely operates from the
generosity of the People you see listed above each Month. Please become one of our supporters
with what ever you can give each Month so these dogs have a home for as long as they need it or
until their new forever home is found. H.E.A.R. has been in operation since 1997 in Nashville, TN.

It costs a minimum of $1,000 to run this Rescue each Month


You can also become a Monthly Sponsor for Just $19.00 a Month.

Your $19.00 a Month provides food, boarding and care for One Dog a Month.

You can even select the dog you want to Sponsor and we will post your name on their Profile
as their Sponsor and you will get updates when that dog gets adopted and a picture of their new family.

When the dog you Sponsor gets adopted you will have the option to select another dog to Sponsor
or stop your Sponsorship altogether. We hope you don't but you can stop at any time.

Just $19.00 a Month


Our Goal is $1,000 a Month in Sponsors


Melinda Arnett $19.00 - Sponsoring "DOLLY"

C.L. Steele $19.00 - Sponsoring "HONEY"

We are looking for 50 Sponsors to Donate $19.00 a Month to care for a dog at H.E.A.R.


Kelly Fenesan $10.00 / Deborah Vail $10.00

Stephen Willis $25.00 / Renee Koch $10.00


If you would rather become a Shelter Sponsor we have that also

When you become a Shelter Sponsor your Monthly Donation goes to Daily Operation Expenses such as
Paying the Mortgage on the Rescue, covering repairs, building new projects, emergency pet care,
Spaying or Neutering of the animals in our care and covering any costs that may come up.

You can become a Shelter Sponsor for as little as $10.00 a Month.

You can cancel at any time by pressing this button

No Salesman will contact you - Your just helping because you want too.

Help us FEED the Dogs at H.E.A.R.


We need 50 Bags of Dog Food a Month

Click the Donate Button above and we will go and get it for you.

Or you can contact or go to your local Walmart and purchase any amount of dog food you like and let
the salesperson know that H.E.A.R. will pick it up at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Madison, TN

Then contact us that you purchased some dog food for us and we will go and pick it up for you.

 photo DogFoodBowl8-500c_zps880eb43c.png


We prefer it to run, but will take almost anything and provide you with a Tax Receipt for your Records


Just contact us with what you have and we can make arrangements to come and get it or you can deliver it here.



If you have something you think we could use, email us and let us know what you have.
If we could use it, we can make arrangements to come and get it or you can bring it too the Rescue.


1. Finish the water harvesting system.

2. Put Roof Sealer on the Roof of the Rescue to seal up all the roof leaks.

3. Build a Lounge Deck on the East wall for the dogs 4'x12'

4. Build a walk way deck that goes around the rear kennels.

5. Finish Buddy's Pool for our senior dogs to exercise in.

6. Repair Fencing pickets around the perimeter fencing of the Rescue

7. Dress up the front of the Rescue with Landscaping.

8. Pressure Wash all the wood fencing and seal it around the Rescue.

9. Paint the Main Building and repair some of the siding at the Rescue.

Our Goal is to get H.E.A.R. back to it's welcoming appearance and bring
Volunteers back to the Rescue to help care for the animals.

By You Donating to this Rescue, your not only helping to care for the animals
but your also helping us get this Rescue to get back on it's feet again helping
the homeless animals of Nashville and providing a safe place for their recovery.



When a dog reaches their retirement years, chances of finding a new forever home drop considerably.
With that said H.E.A.R. has started a program to find homes for our senior dogs by seeking senior citizens
who are looking for a companion to keep them company. Some of our senior dogs are great couch potatoes
and some are still very active who love to go for walks. If you know of someone who could benefit from adopting
a senior dog, please let us know about your situation. I know we have the perfect dog for you. We have also
reduced our normal adoption fee from $100.00 to just $50.00 on any senior dog and promise to take back that
dog for any reason at any time should plans change with the adoptive family or person who adopts a senior dog.

We currently have 17 Senior Dogs ready for adoption - we don't have any tiny lap dogs at this time.
The dogs we currently have are medium to large to x-large in size and will require a fenced back yard.





Buck was Rescued off the Streets of Nashville. He was left alone and abandoned from a former family who lost their home.
Buck was on the Streets for about 3 months from what neighbors told me. As you can see he wasn't in the best of shape.
He had lost most of his hair from mange and was infested with fleas and internal worms. Nobody would touch him or help him.
The Pound was called numerous times to come out and catch him,but he would always hide when they showed up. People
would throw rocks and sticks at him to scare him off. When I found him he was very cautious when I came up to him and over time,
he came closer and closer to me until I was able to put a leash on him. Once I leashed him it's like he just totally gave up and
looked up at me with sadness in his eyes as though he was saying "Save Me"...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I grabbed Buck and put him in our Rescue Van and headed back to the Rescue. The first thing I did was feed him with canned food,
fresh water to drink and gave him a little one on one attention. He ate and ate and filled himself up. I set up his dog house and
put some cedar chips in his new home. He walked right in and did about 2 circles and laid down, looked over at me and went to sleep.
Buck knew he was safe.

The next day I went to see him and assess his skin and hair loss issues and thought the best thing for him was to put
him on medication to clear up his skin and flush his system of worms. He needed time to heal. Over the weeks he
became more healthier and started to play again. I noticed his skin clearing up and hair was starting to grow back.
It took about 3 months of treatment,but eventually his skin totally cleared up and all his hair grew back.

Buck was a happy dog again...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Buck was fortunate he got a chance to come to H.E.A.R. and recuperate his heath issues and just be a dog and make new friends.
If the Pound would of caught him and since he was an abandoned dog with no home the Pound would of just put him to sleep.
This is a sad reality, but fortunate for Buck he did get a chance to come to H.E.A.R. and now he is back to normal.
He still has some issues and will need a little more time to come around from the abuse he must of gone through.
He only started to truly trust me after a few weeks. If your interested in Adopting Buck. He Looks about 10-12 years old,
he has not been neutered and only gets along with dogs that are smaller than him. He is very protective of his yard
from other male dogs. So if you would like to offer Buck a home where he will be loved the rest of his life. Let us know what
sort of forever home you have to offer him. We do require you to be a home owner with a secure fenced in back yard.
He is a Newfoundland / Chow Mix Dog with a beautiful black shinny coat and loves to be petted. He weighs about 60 lbs.
He is NOT potty trained and has pretty much lived his whole life outside. He does have a lot of love to give the right person.
I would only consider him going to a single dog home or a home with a dog who weighs no more than 35 pounds.
This way Buck can be King of the yard and will be a great family dog in time.

Check out our Adoption Qualifications listed below and let us know if you would like to Adopt Buck.


Buck has a Happy Ending and this is what H.E.A.R. does best.

We Rescue the Ones other Shelters or Rescues didn't want to.

That why it's so Important that you give what you can to save Dogs like Buck.

They deserve a Forever Home, Love and a Family just like any other Dog.

Give, so we can help more Dogs like Buck



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If your interested in adopting any of our dogs, please send us an email telling us about yourself,
what your looking for in a pet, vet references, previous and current pets, family members,
the address of your property, pictures of your property, back yard area and fencing surrounding
your property. You must be a home owner, sorry NO renters, condos, townhouses or mobile homes
in parks. All back yards need to be large enough for the dog your interested in adopting so they can get
enough exercise. Electrical fencing does NOT meet our qualifications for a fence. No Exceptions...
A home check will be required before approving any adoption.

Once we receive and look over your email and do a Google earth search on your property we will then
send you our application. You must live within 20 miles of Madison, TN 37115 we will then contact
you to set up a time to bring the dog by your home to see if the dog likes your new home and you like the dog.

If all goes well then you simply pay the adoption fee and we offer a 90 day return policy on any adoption.
If for any reason your not happy with the dog, simply return them within those 90 days for a full refund.
Any other expenses you may have spent are not covered under this return policy.

After 90 days, we will still take back any H.E.A.R. dog for as long as they live.

We don't do out of area or out of State adoptions.

Our adoption fee is $100.00

All Dogs labeled as a Senior are 50% off normal adoption fee.


Madison, TN 37115

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For Questions Contact: Cody Gosselin - Founder & Director at:

Email: cody47@bellsouth.net

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