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School is out now, and Greene County is suffering from a massive influx of dogs being turned into Animal Control, because our Animal Control takes owner surrenders.

These surrendered dogs are euthanized without any hold time if the Animal Control Facility is full.  

Animal Control doesn't have many kennels, and they don't put strange dogs together, so if there is not space available people that wonderful family pet you signed a death warrant on is euthanized without any wait period.

This weekend, they took in 10 (ten) owner surrenders, and they have all been euthanized by today.

Is this so you can go on vacation?  Won't board your dog, or get a pet sitter because that costs money, so you abandon that Christmas pet to Animal Control to be euthanized on taxpayer dollars.

Adopting A Friend

We have several adult dogs who would love to have a home and become your best friend.

Please give them a chance.

Also please help us with our cat listings.  

Who We Are

GreenePets Foster Network, Inc. formed in 2003.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal rescue, serving the upper East Tennessee area.

In 2008, CrittersWork Service Dog Partners, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit to train carefully selected dogs in rescue for service to the disabled community.

Donations will receive a tax deduction for the value of the animals.


Come Visit Us

Our training center is located at:

All Creatures Country Club

345 Kitchen Branch Rd

Greeneville, TN 37743  


Contact GreenePets Foster Network, Inc.


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