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Carolina Coonhound Rescue is in URGENT need of foster homes!  We currently have 8 dogs in rescue that need a foster home and more that need to come in daily.  We prefer that our foster homes be in or near Charleston SC.

Carolina Coonhound Rescue pays for all expences of it's foster animals and just asks that a foster home commit for at least 6 months.  often times our dogs do not come with any training so patient dedicated families are best.  We are in need of foster homes for all ages from puppies to seniors and even occasionally pregnant females.  Please email us for an appliaction if you think you have what it takes to be a foster home. 

Adopting A Friend

Adoption Process:

Adoption Application, Meet and Greet with the family, Home Check, Adoption Fees, Adoption Contract

We do not have a shelter facility so you must email us with intent to adopt and make arrangements to meet a potential dog.  Please note that we work full time Monday-Friday at our personal jobs and are not always ready to meet at the drop of a dime.  Often times we must make weekend arrangements to meet.

Who We Are

Carolina Coonhound Rescue is a one woman operation with a HUGE support base of great people who love hounds.  We are a relatively new rescue in the area who opened it's doors in June of 2010 and since that time we have managed to save over 40 dogs.  Carolina Coonhound Rescue is dedicated to finding loveing forever homes for hounds in need.  We rely heavily on the goodwill of the community to help us with funding and to offer their time as volunteers and foster homes.

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Carolina Coonhound Rescue does not have a physical shelter facility.  We do have events scheduled all over the Charleston SC area though!  If you would like to make arrangements to come out to one of our events just send us an email for info on what's coming up! 

If you would like to adopt please send us an email and we can make arrangements for you to meet that dog :)

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