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Who We Are

E-mail questions, comments, or suggestions to:davidbrown@fairfieldsc.com

Adopting a friend

To transfer application to new email: Left click and highlight application. Then right click and hit copy, then go to new email and right click on it and hit paste. Then fill out application and email it back to us
City_________________________ State______ Zip__________________
E-Mail Address________________________________________________
HomePhone__________________CellPhone____________________Work Phone___________________
Type Of Residence: (a) House (b) Apartment (c ) Condo (d) Mobile
If Rental, are pets allowed? Y/N Are there any restrictions? Y/N
Number of pets allowed?______ Is there any pet deposit required? Y/N If yes, how much? ___________
Apartment Complex or Landlord’s Name ________________________________________________________
Current Housing Location ________________ Within City Limits? Y/N Outside City Limits Y/N
Type of street (a) Very busy (b) Slight traffic (c ) Country, off main road (d) Residential Neighborhood (e) Mobile Home Park
Where will the pet live? (a) Inside Only (b) Mostly Inside (c ) Outside Only (d) Mostly outside Facilities for pet (a) Fenced yard - if so, what type of fencing?____________________ How high is it?______________ (b) Fenced run/ pen? Size of pen__________ (c ) Runner (d) Leash walk (d) Tethered Chain (f) Other____________
Will you allow your pet to run loose unsupervised? Y/N
Hours per day pet will be left alone ________
Where will your pet be when left alone? _________________________________________________________________________
Are you willing to obedience train your pet? Y/N
Age group of applicant (a) 18 & under (b) 19– 29 (c ) 30 - 60 (d) over 60
Are you (a) Employed (b) Retired (c ) Student (d) Homemaker (e) Unemployed
Employer _____________________________________________________________________________________
Number Of people in family ______ If children are in the home list ages ____________________________________ D
o you currently have pets? Y/N How Many? ________ If so, please list Type/ Breed__________________________ ______________________________________
Are they spayed or neutered? Y/N
If you currently do not have a pet, have you ever had one and if so what happened to them? ______________________________________________________________________________________________
How long ago? __________ Type/Breed_____________________________________________________________
Please list current or past veterinarians and phone# _______________________________________________________________
Why do you want a pet?__________________________________________________________________________
Do you consider you pet as part of the family? Y/N
Are you aware that a pet is a large responsibility? Y/N
Can you afford to pay veterinary bills if you pet should become sick or injured? Y/N
Is anyone in the home allergic to animals? ________________________________________________________________________________

Come Visit Us!

Our new adoption center is located across the street from the Fairfield County Recreation Center on US Highway 321 Business behind the Midlands Tech Trade School

Fairfield County Animal Adoption Center
1768 US Highway 321 Business
Winnsboro, SC 29180
Phone: 803-815-0805

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Email: sheltermom46@gmail.com
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