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The Laurens County Humane Society is pleased to offer low-cost spay and neuter for cats and dogs. The Society has made arrangements for Animal Allies to provide this service to reduce the number of unwanted and uncared for animals in our county.

An Animal Allies van will be at the Clinton Animal Hospital in Clinton at 6:45 on designated days (see web page at ) to pick up pets to be spayed or neutered and transport them to Spartanburg where a team of expert veterinarians will perform the procedures. The van will return with the animals to Clinton at 5:00 PM the same day.

All animals must have rabies and other required vaccinations. If they have not had required shots, Animal Allies will administer these for $15. The cost of the spay/neutering per animal is as follows: male dog, $55; female dog, $60; dog over 75 lbs, $80; male cat, $30; female cat, $45; feral cat, $40 (this charge includes shots and ear tipping for feral cats only). There is no extra fee for an animal that is in heat or pregnant.

Appointments are necessary and may be made by calling LCHS at 984-6484. Speaking clearly, leave you name and a daytime (weekday)telephone number where you can be reached during office hours, give the number or cats and dogs you wish to have spayed or neutered. Animal Allies will call you back to make the appointment and complete the paperwork. DO NOT CALL CLINTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL about this service as they are not involved with the specifics of the program.

If people with limited income (i.e. on Medicaid, with EBT card, on Social Security Disability, or dependent on Social Security for retirement income) need help in paying the fee to Animal Allies, please call the Humane Society to inquire about assistance. One will need to provide proof of limited income to be eligible.

For further information about this new service offered by the joint efforts of the Laurens County Humane Society and Animal Allies, please call 984-6484


Laurens County Humane Society, is a shelterless, humane organization located in Laurens, South Carolina, and serving Laurens County. Our primary functions are to promote pet owner responsibility and to treat the causes of animal suffering through population control and education.

We have found that too many animals create an oversupply of pets with not enough good homes available. By this we mean responsible owners who give their pets quality care and love. Responsible owners do not allow their pets to contribute to the horrendous overpopulation epidemic, but have their pets spayed or neutered.

We are not a traditional humane organization; indeed we are among the growing number of societies that realize that the overall reduction in the animal population will benefit the pet population in general. Therefore, the Laurens County Humane Society offers to the people and pets of our community the following programs and services:

1. A Spay/Neuter subsidy program designed to help people pay for the cost of having their pets altered. Due to current funding limitations, this service will be limited to individuals who can verify need for financial assistance.
2. An answering service "Hot Line" designed to aid the public in resolving their animal-related questions and problems. Volunteers answer approximately 150 calls monthly.
3. An opportunity to become members of our organization and become a part of the solution through volunteer work and /or financial help.


If you are interested in adopting any of the pets we have listed, please send an email requesting an adoption application.

Laurens County Humane Society


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