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Save the Strays Animal Rescue is a home / foster care-based, all-volunteer, 501c3 nonprofit and public charity dedicated to rescuing and finding new homes for abandoned and unwanted dogs. We place our dogs both through direct adoption and through cooperative efforts with other no-kill rescues and shelters. All donations to our organization are fully tax-deductible and are used solely to pay for the costs of rescuing, caring for and rehoming our dogs.

If you would like to help, you can donate right now by clicking on the DONATE button above. Or send a check, payable to Save the Strays, to 1670-9 Springdale Drive, #143, Camden, SC 29020.

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

Pet stores charge hundreds of dollars for ‘pure bred’ dogs. But, did you know that the majority of them come from puppy mills? And, as the ASPCA notes in its ongoing educational campaign, lax USDA licensing standards allow commercial breeding facilities to legally keep dogs in cages only 6 inches longer than the dog itself. Many dogs spend their entire lives in such cages, stacked on top of each other so that urine and feces fall on the animals below. They're not bathed, groomed, handled or ever let out to feel grass under their feet, existing only to breed until their bodies are too worn out to produce any more pups. So the true cost of that puppy in the window includes, not just money, but unbearable loneliness, pain and suffering, as well. Visit the ASPCA's photo gallery of licensed breeding facilities and see the truth for yourself.

We're Now on Facebook

We now have a Facebook page where we post current news, events and messages, as well as ‘happy tails’ photos and pictures sent by adopters. Be sure to ‘like’ us, visit often to see what's new and upload your photos!

What if Your Pets Outlive You?

Thousands of pets are surrendered to shelters each day because their owners have died or become disabled. While no one likes to think about their own mortality, it's critical to take steps to protect our loved ones - including four-footed family members - before the worst happens. Second Chance 4 Pets offers booklets, forms and other resources to help pet owners work through issues like identifying caregivers, developing care instructions and taking legal steps to ensure long-term care for your pets. For more, visit the Second Chance 4 Pets website.

Low Cost Spays and Neuters

You want to do the right thing and have your pet spayed or neutered. But sometimes the cost is uncomfortably high. If you're looking for a break on this must-have surgery, visit the Friends of Animals website and look for the spay/neuter certificate program graphic on the right side of the page. Then type in your zip code to find participating veterinarians.


Save the Strays is a no-kill rescue. In addition to dogs that are readily adoptable, we care for a number of older dogs, dogs with medical conditions and shy or undersocialized dogs with limited prospects for adoption. Some of these dogs are with us for a long time, and some remain here for life. Our sponsors are vital to our ability to provide this long-term care. By virtually ‘adopting’ a dog and sending a monthly donation to pay for its food and other necessities, they become our partners in rescue. Posting their names, along with their sponsored dog's picture, is one way we say thanks for their commitment.


Wayne Hooks
Nichols, SC

Mike Heitz
Charlotte, NC

Stephany Mushonga
Monroe, NC

Carolyn Healy
Pickerington, OH

Sarah Senters
Raeford, NC

Jenean Blackmon
Florence, SC

Amy Newnam & Jorge Franco
Collingswood, NJ

Carl & Doris Hensel
York, PA

Sabine Heitz
Charlotte, NC

Anna Marie Wolf
Anthem, AZ

Susan Servant
Ann Arbor, MI

Denning Love
Monroe, NC

Lea Davis
Florence, SC

I Need a Sponsor!

Kristen Lyttleton
West Columbia, SC

David Eckerman
Ann Arbor, MI

Tracy Kuerti
Columbia, SC

Sherry Love
Monroe, NC

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPONSOR ONE OF OUR DOGS? For a monthly donation of just $20, you, too, can become our partner in rescue. That's just 66 cents a day - less than the cost of a daily newspaper or a cup of coffee. Set up a monthly Paypal donation by clicking the button below, or send a check each month, payable to Save the Strays. We have dogs waiting for your help. Please sign up today!


Help Save Dogs From

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Save the Strays Animal Rescue is a verified shelter of the community and supports its awareness program


If your dog digs out of your yard, you'll love Dig Defence. With 8-inch tines made from 4-gauge galvanized steel, Dig Defence provides an effective barrier against the most determined diggers. No more messy wire, painful shock collars or cement pads. Just drive the Dig Defence panels into the ground and relax; your dog will stay safe and secure. Click on the graphic above for more information.



More than 1,300 well known merchants, including pet supply retailers, participate in the iGive shopping portal. Click on the graphic above to create an account designating Save the Strays as your charity, and we'll receive $5 when you make your first purchase, plus a portion of your purchases every time you shop through the iGive portal. (The percentage donated to us varies by store.) You can also download the iGive button, which automatically credits your purchases with participating merchants, so you'll never miss an opportunity to help us earn a donation. Sign up and shop today!


Although Christmas comes but once a year, our dogs need things all year long. After you sign up to support us on, click through the iGive portal to and get us something we really need from our Amazon Wish List. (That way, your purchase will generate a donation for us, as well!) Click on the Wish List photo above to see what we need.

Clean up at home and help Save the Strays clean up, too! Our rescue participates in Bissell's Partners for Pets program, which helps us raise funds through purchases made at Bissell's website. It's easy. Just enter the code ADOPT at checkout, then select Save the Strays. Bissell donates $1 for each purchase under $40; $5 for purchases totaling $40 to $99.99, and $10 for purchases of $100 or more. The ADOPT coupon code can be combined with other offers on Bissell's website, giving our supporters the opportunity to get the best deals on great cleaning products while making a valuable contribution to our organization. Learn more at Bissell's Partners for Pets page.

Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds
Kuranda Dog Beds

Buy your dog a comfy Kuranda bed using the link above, and Kuranda will donate 10% of your purchase to Save the Strays. We use these beds in our rescue, and our dogs love them. They're easy to clean and virtually chew-proof, too. This is a great way to treat your pet and raise funds for us.


Donate a Thundershirt!

Thundershirt is a wrap-around garment designed to calm dogs experiencing anxiety, fear or overexcitement. It exerts gentle, constant pressure on the body, which signals the central nervous system to relax. Save the Strays has a number of thunder-phobic dogs and could use small, medium and large Thundershirts. If you would like to order one for us, click on the graphic above and save 10 dollars off the regular price. Right now, we could use XXS, XS and medium shirts.

Donate to this organization through Drs. Foster and Smith
Drs. Foster and Smith: Dog Supplies - Cat Supplies - Pet Blog

Want to give us something we can really use? How about a gift certificate to Drs. Foster and Smith? That way, we can get exactly what we need when we need it! Just click on the graphic above to get started.

1670-9 Springdale Drive, #143
Camden, SC 29020

Note: this address is for mail only. We are a home / foster care-based rescue, so we do not have a shelter or office at this or any other location.