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PAWS New England is a non-profit all breed dog rescue group. PAWS rescues unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs from high kill shelters and works to educate the public about the need to spay and neuter pets to prevent overpopulation.

In addition to our pets here in New England foster homes, we also provide much-needed adoption help to a sister-shelter in Tennessee and foster homes in Missouri. Please consider adopting a pet from the Tipton County Animal Shelter, or our Tennessee sanctuary, Tipton Treasures, below. Contact us, and we can help arrange transport to New England.

Please Donate- Hearts for Heartworm!

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Due to the nationwide shortage of Immiticide, PAWS currently has 32 dogs in our rescue that are undergoing or awaiting heartworm treatment. The cost to treat all of these animals will be upwards of $10,000. We are reaching out to you in hopes that you will consider making a donation towards this massive expense by visiting We know that we can accomplish this daunting task by asking a lot of people for small amounts of money and getting very creative with our fundraising. Please help us reach our goal. You can follow our progress by watching the fundraising thermometer that we will be updating daily on this page! Thank you for your support!

fundraising ideas
Fundraising Ideas


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Please Donate to Malnourished Pup!


Please consider donating to PAWS New England. Your donation will help us continue to assist dogs like Campbell, Vinny, Scooter, and Blue. We have had so many special needs cases this year, that we are almost out of our funds for the remainder of the year. Without donations, PAWS will not be able to help any more dogs this year :( Anything you can give would help!

PAWS New England is a 501c3 non-profit group. All donations are tax-deductable- if you need a receipt, please email Traci Wood at Thank you for your generosity!

If you would like to try and raise money at your church, work, or school, please download this poster.


Below are a few of the special needs dogs that PAWS has worked with this year. The stories are countless so we only chose a few of the examples of what miracles can happen when these dogs are given another chance..


It took us nearly two months to get both Faith and Wilson. Both dogs were involved in a known cruelty case where a local judge kept giving these dogs back to their owner. PAWS rallied the local rescue community and sent a petition to the judge and we were granted guardianship of Faith and Wilson. Faith's medical conditions were terrible- she had numerous scars and lacerations from suspected dog fighting. Faith was severly malnourished and dehydrated and seemed to have lost the will to live. Both she and Wilson were heavy heartworm positive.

It is hard for me to tell the rest of this story without bursting into tears as Faith passed away yesterday afternoon from very unexpected heartworm complications. The only comfort we can find is that she died next to her best buddy in the whole world, Wilson. The picture below captures the bond shared between these two dogs. We hope Faith knows how hard this group fought to bring her to safety and then get her healthy once she got there. PAWS will continue Faith's fight for her best friend Wilson and for other dogs suffering who can not cry out for help. In honor of Faith, we will give them a second chance...

To learn more about the dogs that PAWS gave a "Second Chance" to, please visit:


Who We Are

PAWS is comprised of a small group of volunteers from New England and Tennessee trying to reduce the euthanization rate (previously 90%) at the Tipton County Animal Control shelter in Brighton, Tennessee. This shelter is forced to euthanize thousands of animals each year due to irresponsible pet owners that do not spay/ neuter their dogs in the area. Millions of dogs in America are euthanized each year due to lack of space and lack of funding to try and find them better homes. Our mission is to save as many animals as possible, removing them from the shelter, having their veterinary needs met prior to traveling and then finding them loving homes throughout New England. We do this only with the assistance of many people volunteering their time by going to the shelter, transporting the dogs to the vet, fostering dogs who need special care, and arranging for their new and happy homes in this area. Most importantly, we cannot do any of this without those people willing to open their homes and hearts to these lovely creatures.

Adopting a friend

All of our dogs have an adoption fee of $375-$400. This includes a $250-$275 donation to the animal hospital that provided their care and their $125 transportation fee. All of our dogs arrive altered are up to date on shots, and receive medication and treatment for any problems that present in the animal hospital. Families that adopt rescue dogs are entitled to one free month of pet insurance! PAWS requires all adopters to complete an application and provide either a vet reference or two personal references. All adopters will be required to sign an adoption contract and a rider stating their dog will be taken to a vet of their choice within 72 hours for a fecal exam. Our plan is to being microchipping our animals within the next few months.

Come Visit Us!

All of our dogs are located either in foster homes in New England or in our partner animal hospital in Memphis, TN. Please email our volunteers to ask about the specific pet that you are interested in. Dogs in Memphis can be transported to New England with our transport partners. All of the dogs listed on petfinder are located in foster homes around New England, but to see a complete listing of our dogs, please visit out 1800SaveaPet site:
SaveAPet Website

Email: Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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