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    Application is available under the adopting a friend section of page..Also on facebook page under the tab named notes.

    About Missions of Mercy:

    Missions Of Mercy rescues animals about to be eut...hanized in shelters as well as those who were abandoned or removed from situations of abuse and neglect. Giving them a second chance at life, Missions of Mercy is a foster-based rescue program that works with the animals they save – preparing and matching them with new forever families.
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    Missions of Mercy Rescue

    576 Narrow Drive Hanover, Pa 17331


    Adoption Application

    Thank you for your interest in one of our homeless companion animals! We could not continue to save dogs from high-kill shelters without our wonderful adopters. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions with this application form.

    You will need to print out this form, fill it out, and either scan and email back to us at missionsofmercyrescue@yahoo.com or mail it to us at the address listed above. Also, please notify your veterinarian's office that we will be calling for a reference, as some vets require permission to speak with us.

    Our Rescues have received all necessary vaccinations and are current includes, distemper, parvo, rabies, bordatella. They are spay or neutered (age appropriate). Our rescues are also tested for Heart worms and Lyme's disease.(ages 1 and over) They have all been treated for any possible intestinal parasites and are currently on a flea, tick and Heart worm preventative. Adoption fee is 300.00 … Fees may be reduced for any rescue estimated over the age of 5 years old.

    Which animal are you applying for? Today’s Date

    First Name Last Name

    Co-Applicant First Name Co-Applicant Last Name


    City State Zip Code

    Email Address

    Home Phone Cell Phone

    Work Phone

    Please list your employer's name, and type of work you do. If you do not work outside the home, please explain how you will support this pet:

    May we contact your employer to verify your employment?

    Please tell us your age group- i.e. 18-29,30-40, 40-49, 50-59, etc:

    Do any children live in your home or visit frequently? If so, please list names and ages.


    Please list all persons that reside in your home and the relationship to you.


    In what type of home do you reside? IE, single family, condo, apartment, duplex etc.

    Do you rent or own? If you rent, YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR LANDLORD'S CONTACT INFORMATION for verification of permission to adopt? If you own, we may ask for verification.

    Do you have a yard? Is it fenced? If so, what type of fencing? chain link, electronic, privacy? How high is the fence? IE 4 ft, 6 ft etc.

    Are you willing to install or upgrade your fence if needed?

    If you do not have a fence, explain how you will handle bathroom time and exercise?

    Who will be the primary caretaker?

    Approximately how many hours a day and days per week will this pet be left alone?

    When left alone, where will this pet be kept:?

    How will you exercise if applying for a dog? IE, on lead, off lead, free run, fenced yard, dog park?

    Where will the pet spend the majority of his/her time when you are home?

    Where will this pet sleep at night?

    What are your thoughts about pets on furniture?

    Do you have pets at this time? If so, please list each pet, name, age, breed and indicate if they are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, on heartworm preventative?


    Please describe your relationship with your pets. Please be detailed if possible.


    Would you ever give away an animal? If yes, under what circumstances and where would it go?


    Have you ever given away an animal? If yes, what were the circumstances and where did it go?


    Are there other animals that visit your home frequently that are not your own? If so, please identify each animal:


    Please list your veterinarian or vet hospital, phone number and name under which the pets'files are registered:


    If you do not have a current veterinarian, please identify the veterinarian or hospital that you will be taking this pet to for shots, and other medical care:


    Are you prepared to handle an emergency medical situation?

    Are you willing, able, and prepared to provide the full cost of the care for this dog, including routine medical care, food, toys, grooming, training?

    What would you do if the pet needed medical care that you could not afford? (No right or wrong answer here, but it's something you need to think about):

    Please list any pets you have had in the past and what has become of them:


    Have you and your family discussed the responsibility, cost, time and effort that a new pet will require?

    Do you or any member of the household suffer from allergies and or asthma:?

    Do you foresee yourself adopting additional pets and if so what kind? What is the maximum number of pets you intend to have at one time?:

    What would become of your pet/pets if you found out you had to move, especially out of state?


    Have you ever bred a dog/cat or other pet? If so, please give details.


    What traits are you looking for in your new pet? IE, playful, protective, etc.


    Do you travel on business and or vacation? If so, who will care for this pet when you are away?

    In what circumstances or what behaviors might cause you to give this pet back to our rescue? (Please note - it is part of the contract that if you cannot keep this pet for ANY reason you MUST return the pet to us after verification of completed training couse.


    What types of behavior would you find difficult to live with?


    Would you consider a pet with a handicap, short term health issues, long term health issues, or a senior pet?

    What other requirements are you looking for in a new pet? IE: good with dogs/cats, toddlers, housetrained, crate trained, etc:


    Is the pet you wish to adopt intended as a gift?

    Are you willing to give this pet enough time (some take 30 days or more) to adapt to its new environment and family members? . Yes No

    An adoption fee is charged by us to offset the cost of this rescued animal’s care while with our rescue. Is payment of this adoption fee acceptable to you? . Yes No


    We may require a home visit prior to any adoption. Is this acceptable to you? . Yes . No

    If you have anything to add, please use this space.


    Does the county, town or municipality in which you live have any breed restrictions? If so, please explain.

    If you are applying for a puppy or untrained dog, are you prepared to housetrain and what house training method will you use?

    What will you do when the puppy has "accidents"(because they will)?


    Are you prepared to enroll your new pet in obedience training? if so, where? It is advisable for all adopters to enroll in a dog training course with their new dog in order to help form that special bond and let the dog know you are the alpha leader.

    Will you crate train?

    Please list three personal (non family) references and include day and evening phone numbers for each reference.




    Applicant: I acknowledge that all of the above information is true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any omission of information requested, or any false or misleading information may result in rejection of my application and / or may be considered justification for the removal of my adopted pet if discovered at a later date.

    Applicant Signature__________________________________Date____________________________

    Co-applicant: I acknowledge that all of the above information is true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any omission of information requested, or any false or misleading information may result in rejection of my application and / or may be considered justification for the removal of my adopted pet if discovered at a later date. Would you like to make a small donation to help us vet and care for a rescue? If so place amount here ( )

    Co-Applicant Signature_________________________________Date____________________________





    Who We Are

    Missions Of Mercy is a Rescue is a Safe Haven for animals pulled from high kill shelters, hoarding situations. Animals who are suffering from  abuse and neglect and abandonment..  Giving them a second chance at life.   We are a foster based rescue our rescues are loved and cared for 24/7 until they start a new life in their forever homes. All rescues are up to date on vaccines and spay or neutered.. . They have a health certificate and are ready for their new homes.

     Please  do NOT request an application if you do not have a history of consistent vetting on current or previous pets.

    missionsofmercyrescue@yahoo.com for an adoption application or with any questions. You may also got to Adopting a friend where the application is in text format.


    Please visit our facebook page for incoming rescues, updated photos and videos that are updated daily. www.facebook.com/missionsofmercyrescue you may also request via facebook messenger.



    Come Visit Us


    Email us to set up an appt. to visit one of our rescues Thank you for looking at our rescues and even considering to give them a 2nd chance at a life they so deserve.

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