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This is Cuddles a 9 year old terrier mix and is the sweetest boy. He just came into Pom Prints Rescue. He was put in a drop box at a shelter over night.

His left ear is infected and has the starting of cauliflower ear. He has sever cauliflower ear in his right, it is also infected and has a Neoplasia in his right ear canal, which may be benign, pre-malignant or malignant. He will need surgery to have Neoplasm (tumor) removed. He was given Posatex optic suspension to treat the infection.

Pom Prints Rescue will need to raise money for Cuddles’ treatment, his first vet visit totaled $116.00. His ear medicine alone was $51.00, $27.00 for the ear swab, $21.00 for the ear cleaning solution and $17.00 for his ear cleaning. He will go back on Sat Oct 19th for a follow up.

Our goal for his treatment and surgery to remove the tumor is $1000 . Please consider making a donation by clicking the link below. No amount is to small, thank you.


Adopting A Friend

We are not open to the public. To adopt one of Pom Prints Rescue's dogs you must first fill out the adoption application. Just go to our site www.pomprints.com, copy and paste the application into a email. Fill it out, do not leave unanswered quetions, and e-mail it back to me at pomprintsrecue@yahoo.com.

You must have a vet reference and agree to a home visit to adopt from Pom Prints Rescue. After your references are checked you will be contacted to do a meet and greet with the dog you are interested in. All dogs will come with a copy of their vet records.

We accept cash or credit/debit card. NO CHECKS.


Who We Are

About Pom Prints Rescue

Pom Prints Rescue is ran by my husband and I with the help of our teenage children. We are a not to profit dog rescue for Pomeranians and toy breed dogs.

We are a small rescue located in Oakdale, PA .

We are not open to the public, we do this out of our home. We are not a business, we do not profit from any donations that are made. You can e-mail me at pomprintsrescue@yahoo.com to set up an appointment to meet the dog you are interested in.

Pom Prints rescue dogs/puppies from shelters, puppy mills, strays, pregnant dogs, mother dogs and pups, owner surrenders and breeder surrenders.

We provide vet care, rehabilitation and socialization for our rescues. We conduct follow ups by phone, e-mail and home visits to make sure our rescues are being cared for.

We can provide phone numbers and letter of reference from humane officers, other rescues and veterinarians we have worked with.

Our goal at Pom Prints is to find loving forever homes for our rescues.

Please check our We Need A Home page at www.pomprints.com if your are interested in adopting a rescued Pom or other rescued toy breed dog.

Thank you

Lori and Bob Zeneski

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