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I don't have one specific featured pet. They are all special and all need homes equally. So they are all my featured pets


Please spay and neuter all pets! Even if they are purebred! If they are not show quality, or shown, do not leave them intact! 5-9 million animals are killed each year due to lack of homes.

Who We Are

I am a single person helping animals. I do as many as I can afford to care for properly until they are adopted. I do not make a cent off any animal I adopt out. I actually loose money, but it is worth it if the animal finds a great, forever, home. I usually adopt out a dog a month. I dont tend to go over 15 a year. Cats I have not been so lucky on. You can find a cat on the street for free, no owner surrenders for cats! If you need help fixing an animal please email. We have no funding from anyone.I do have a soft spot for bully breeds. I do have some people, close friends and family, who will take in a dog or cat as a foster. If anyone else wants to be a foster home let me know. Even if you have towels, dishes, any supplies I can use them all. Crates and dogs beds and toys are the things I go through and need most. Some animals on the site are not mine, but are posted for individuals looking for homes for pets. Thanks for reading..

Adopting a friend

I like to do home checks, and I have an adoption contract. Fees are usually $100-$150 for dogs and $25 for cats. They can be higher or lower depending on what vetting is needed by me and what has already been done. Animals come up to date on shots, spayed/neutered( puppies now being done at 12 weeks), mircochipped (dogs right now only, cats will be done shortly), and disease tested(cats). They also get training and socializtion while here. *** Please note, adoption fees are nonrefundable! You cannot get your money back if you cant keep a pet. You cannot trade the animal for another one. If I dont think the animal you are interested in is the best fit for you and your family I will try to find your best fit. Lets face it. I know the dogs, their personalities, their likes, dislikes, etc. If I suggest that I do not think an animal would be your match, chances are Im right, so please do not try to change my opinion.

Come Visit Us!

Please email to visit any pets you may be interested in. I get to emails alot faster, so when you email please leave your name, pet you are interested in, if you have current pets or children, and phone number where you can be reached. Thanks! inhomerescue@
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