Our Adoptable Pet List

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Our Featured Pet is Raven!

Meet our smiley faced Raven! Raven is a 5 year old Lab/Shepherd mix. Don't let the age fool you! Raven is an energetic dog who will help you keep that New Year's resolution to be more active. She treats everyone she meets as her new best friend- human and dog alike. She loves to go for walks and is curious about all new things. She ignores all the barking dogs and distractions, always on the look out for head scratches and smiling faces. Raven loves to have her head scratched, even when she eats. She will share her toys and play race games with her doggy pals. She is a quiet lady, offering a brief "Woof" to alert you that someone is here. Raven is curious about cats, but once they have left the room she forgets they were even there. Slow introduction of small animals would be best. With routine and plenty of outside time available, Raven will always choose to do her business outside. In an emergency she may have an accident. Raven is eager to learn and will sit very pretty for a treat. Her outlook on life can be summed up in one word- joyful. If you were looking to bring some happiness, joy, and companionship into your home- look no further! Contact Salfid Rescue today to meet her.

Who We Are

We save highly adoptable dogs from overpopulated high-kill shelters in the south. Volunteers then foster the dogs in there home until they are placed in their forever homes. We welcome people who are interested in fostering and have a passion for dogs. The more fosters we have, the more dogs we can save. Who We Are Salfid Rescue is a small group dedicated to saving wonderful dogs who otherwise would be euthanized due to lack of space in the shelter system. Our foster dogs are fully vetted and carefully evaluated prior to coming into rescue. Most of our dogs and puppies come from The Humane Society of Campbell County, VA & Humane Society of Amherst County VA. We have been working with this shelter for years and have established a wonderful relationship with them. The employees and volunteers there work exceptionally hard at saving the animals that come in on a daily basis.

Kuranda Dog Beds
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