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SUPPLIES NEEDED: We are in need of 10' x 10' x 6' dog kennels (or 6' X 10' fence panels like the ones in this photo).
If anyone in the Lehigh Valley or Pocono areas has any they no longer need, we can put them to good use!

Mobile vet clinics

How much does it cost to have a pet? ASPCA breakdown of estimated annual cost by type of pet.

Rehoming Your Dog: Can't keep your current dog for some reason? We are currently full but may be able to help you connect with another rescue.
Please submit our Temperament Questionnaire and we'll be in touch. This will provide us with detailed information about your dog.

Local Dog Trainer: Jill Wright at K-9's In Training

Low Cost Spay/Neuter (Allentown) No Nonsense Neutering & (Poconos): EPAA

Live in the Lehigh Valley area and looking for a groomer that can come to your home? Try Linda's Dog Grooming ~ 610-967-3160
Please DO NOT call Linda about any of the dogs on our site. She is not part of our rescue and doesn't know anything about our dogs.
If you have a question, please email us. We will respond to all email inquiries.

Please join our mailing list to receive announcements about new dogs needing homes or shelters in need of donations and rescue help.

Northampton County
Nazareth Boro Dog Park on Black Rock Road. Black Rock Road is at the lower (east) end of the
Greenwood Cemetary on West High Street. Call the Borough Office at 610-759-0202 with any questions.
25 Illick's Mill Road Dog Park

Monroe County
Hamilton Jackson Pocono Park and Open Space Commission
Friends of HJP Let's Build A Dog Park Yard Sale

OUTRAGEOUS! Another reason why we DO NOT support HSUS: read the article here.

Pit Bulls - Best Friends Forever by The Unexpected Pit Bull
Stereotypes and prejudices against Pit Bulls or any other dogs don't take into account individual personalities and experiences those dogs have had. Many Pit Bulls live with children and are their best friends. This video was made with photographs submitted by families around the world who wanted to show how loving and wonderful their Pit Bull dogs are. We wanted to combat the negative press against them and protest against breed specific laws that hurt innocent families.
The Unexpected Pit Bull
theunexpectedpitbull.com - facebook.com/theunexpectedpitbull

Who We Are

Happy Dog Rescue is a small rescue offering personalized service to our adopters as well as 11 years experience fostering/adopting dogs. We will do our best to match you with a dog that is compatible with your family's lifestyle. Our goal is to find the best match for both dog and adoptive family. We do not do adoptions on a first come/first served basis, but rather based on the needs and desires of the dog (first) and adoptive family (second). If you do not share this philosophy, please do not apply to adopt from us.

Volunteers needed: Volunteers needed for crossposting. If you are online frequently, you can help save the lives of dogs in kill shelters! Click this link for more info.

What Rescue Is...and What Rescue Is Not

Thinking of adopting or asking us to rehome your dog? Please read this blog first: What Rescue Is and What Rescue Is Not by Rottweiler Rescue of NY. While we don't agree with all of it (especially the part about breeding), it's about 90% on target with our philosophies.

Rehoming Dogs: What we can and can't work with

We cannot take dogs with any aggression issues whatsoever nor will we work with dominant dogs. We have pets and a family of our own, so any dogs we foster must be completely dog-friendly. In order to accept a dog into our foster program it must be: spayed/neutered, heartworm/lyme tested (test results negative or treatment complete), up to date on these vaccines: rabies, distemper combo (commonly referred to as DHLPP or DA2PPV or a variation thereof), and lyme vaccine. We receive no funding or donations and do our rescue work out of our own pocket, so any dogs surrendered by the public to our rescue must be fully vetted and vetting paperwork must be provided upon intake. If you are surrendering your dog from a state outside of PA, a Health Certificate For Interstate Transport must be obtained from your vet prior to relinquishing the dog to our care. Dogs surrendered to our care live in our home with our family until a new forever home can be found.

Lifetime Dog Licensing in PA

PA Residents: Did you know that if your dog is microchipped or tattooed, you can pay a one-time fee to license your dog for life? Yup, and it's a pretty sweet deal too, especially if the dog is spayed or neutered. You can still do it annually if you so choose (but who wants the annual hassle?). There's even a discount for seniors/disabled citizens on top of the discount for spayed/neutered dogs.

Northampton County residents: For more information, stop by the county courthouse or call (610) 559-3102.
Lifetime, transfer, duplicate and free licenses available ONLY at the County Treasurers Office:
Northampton County Courthouse - Revenue Office - 2nd Floor - 669 Washington Street, Easton

Residents of other counties: Please contact your local county treasurer for more information.

You need to take your dog to the vet and get 2 forms completed:
Permanent ID form
Lifetime License Application

Once you and your vet have completed these forms, take or mail them to your county office along with payment. Google "pa dog license monroe county" with your county name...i.e., Monroe County, Northampton County, Lehigh County) to find the location of your local county office.

Adopting a New Family Member

Our adoption procedure:

1. If you find a dog on our site you're interested in adopting, read the dog's description for further instructions. Some dogs listed may still be with their current families. Others may be in foster care with Happy Dog Rescue. The procedure for adoption will vary based on where the dog is currently residing.

2. If the dog is in foster care with Happy Dog Rescue, please submit our adoption application. We will be in touch via email within 24 hours of reviewing your form to provide you with further instructions.

3. The rest of the adoption process includes a phone interview, home visit, vet check, having your family (human/canine/feline) meet the dog to see if everyone gets along, and may also include personal references.

All dogs adopted through Happy Dog Rescue will be vetted prior to adoption (including rabies, distember combo, heartworm test if old enough, spay/neuter, deworming and flea/tick preventative). Vetting records are provided as part of the adoption contract. All dogs adopted through HDR must be seen by your vet within two weeks from the date of adoption for a wellness check and a fecal test. We also strongly recommend a Lyme test at your post-adoption vet visit.

What type of dog is right for your family? Click here to find out. HDR mostly gets mixed breed dogs, but you can use this questionnaire to give you some idea of breeds that may be more appropriate for your family. Then you can look at the dogs on our site to see if they have traits similar to the breeds recommended for your family.

Come Visit Us!

We are not a shelter. All dogs are fostered in a private home environment and all meetings are by appointment only. Appointments are only made after adopters have been screened, so the first step is for you to submit an application. But before you submit an application, please check to make sure you live within our adoption area.

Disaster Preparedness/Response

Prepare a disaster plan.

If you have family fleeing the gulf coast ahead of a hurricane, ask them to register here.

PETS Act: Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act. Background info on the PETS act.

Resources for Canine Behavioral Issues

Having problems with your dog? Unwanted/unacceptable behaviors and you don't know what to do about it? Here are some of the resources we use to help our foster dogs.

Recommended Trainer: K-9's In Training located in Phillipsburg NJ. Two of our own dogs have taken Jill's class and graduated and over the years several of our unsocialized foster dogs have attended her classes as well. We are very happy with Jill's training methods (all positive motivation based) and are now comfortable recommending her to our adopters. Her group classes are small and the price is reasonable too! If you sign up for a class, please let her know you saw her on our website. Thanks!

Tracy Vroom of Cranio Connection: Tracy has helped us rehabilitate shy dogs and dogs with fear issues. She is a true Dog Whisperer and very soothing for us humans too! (Update fall 2008: We've found out that Tracy has relocated out of state. She's still available for phone/email consultations though.)

Tellington Touch: This is something that Tracy introduced us to several years ago. It was easy to learn and we are amazed at the results. At the very least, we recommend you get the book and video. Even better...attend a formal training session. The TTouch website has a practitioner directory so you can search for a trained practitioner in your area if you decide you need professional help for your dog.

On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals: A short book but a real eye opener. Helps the novice to better understand their dog's body language. We highly recommend this book. Also, visit the author's website.

Fearful Dogs: Help for You and Your Dog

Hey, Old School Dominance Theory: School’s Out!

E-book: A Guide To Living & Working With A Fearful Dog

Talk to the pros at Best Friends. Contact their Animal Help Department via email or phone (435-644-3965 ext 4000) with your questions.

Please DO NOT ever consider taking your dog or cat to a shelter. Work with a professional to correct unwanted behaviors, reach out to a rescue for assistance with rehoming, see if your vet will help you rehome your pet if for some reason you cannot keep it, but NEVER take your dog or cat to a shelter. If you do, they will be sad, scared, probably get sick and very likely be killed if not adopted quickly. Best Friends estimates that each year in shelters in this country, approximately 5 million dogs are killed. We don't know the stats on cats, but we do know that there are far more dog rescues than cat rescues assisting shelters. We also know that cats breed far more often than dogs, so their population is likely much larger. Given these statistics, what do you think the odds are your dog or cat will make it out of a shelter alive?

Resources for Lost/Found Pets

There are pre-emptive things you can do that will greatly increase the chance of your pet being returned to you...but you must do this BEFORE they get lost. Go to Wal-Mart, Petco, or Petsmart and look for the ID Tag engraving machines. For around $4-8 you can immediately purchase an engraved tag. Put your home and cell phone numbers on it and put it on your pet's collar. NEVER let your pet out of the house without this tag attached. Also, take your pet to the vet and get it microchipped, then send in the registration paperwork so your chip will be added to their online database. Once it's registered, you can go to their website and add photos of your pet. Store the microchip info and a photograph in a safe place in case you ever need to use it. IF YOU MOVE, remember to update the contact info in their website and also get a new engraved ID tag with your new phone number(s).

A newer product line is coming out which can give you the ability to track your pet with GPS collars. We've never used any of these products, so please do your own research. If they work well, this may be the best/easiest way to find your missing pet if their collar is still attached.

Help, my pet is missing!

Things to do right away:

Call the local shelters in your county and surrounding counties and give them your contact info and a description of your pet. Get their email address and email them a photo.

Call the local radio/TV stations and do the same thing. Ask them to put out a plea to the community.

Make flyers and bring them to your local postmaster. Ask them to hand them out to the mail carriers to take with them on their route. Include your phone number so carriers can call you if they spot your pet.

Call all local veterinary offices and drop off flyers to each of them.

Post flyers in the vicinity of where your pet was last seen.

Post an alert/photo of your pet on your local Craigslist and Freecycle groups. Be very careful with CraigsList...lots of scammers on there. When posting to CraigsList or Freecycle, don't post your address, but do include the intersection closest to where the pet was last seen.

FindToto.com, a lost/found/stolen pet alert phone calling system/website. You place a listing for a fee and they will call hundreds to thousands of your neighbors (depending on what package you choose), plus place an ad with photo of your pet on their site.

Report your pet lost on ZachAlert.

Go to Petfinder and search for rescues/shelters in/near your zip code. Contact ALL of them and ask them to put up a courtesy/lost pet listing with photograph on their website. Ask them to contact other rescues/shelters they work with and pass the message on.

Check out the info on the Best Friends website. Right now this link is being used for Katrina disaster victims.
Also, visit the Petfinder Classifieds page.
Make a flyer of your missing pet for free at the Best Friends website.
Animal Emergency Response Network: Disaster victims, please check out this site for help with finding your pets: disaster information.

Resource for Injured Wildlife

Found a sick or injured wild animal? Locate a wildlife rehabilitator


Links to low cost spay/neuter programs nationwide.

Dog Health & Nutrition Info

Consumer complaints about Purina dog food making their dogs sick.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Dog Food Manufacturers

FDA Suspends Temporary Emergency Permit of Pet Food Maker - June 12, 2009: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today it was suspending the temporary Emergency Permit issued to Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Co., Inc.

EPA Consumer Alert: Increased Scrutiny of Flea and Tick Control Products for Pets. Their site has been updated.

$1,200 Vet Bill Around the Corner! Planning for your pet's health care.

Have a dog with liver problems? Here's a chat group where you can talk to people who have dogs with these problems. Here's their website with some success stories from the members.

Over the years, we've done some research on the dog food industry, especially since the massive recalls in 2008 followed by a class action lawsuit. Below are a series of links we found useful. Please educate yourself about exactly what's going into the food you feed your dog.

Subscribe to email alerts on pet food recalls from the National Pet Foundation.

Canine Care - TONS of info on this site.
Right side of page: recall info, sign up for alerts

The Dog Food Project: How does your dog food brand compare?

FDA Alerts (they are usually weeks behind Canine Care, but it's good to sign up for both)

Google search: what's in commercial dog food

Google search: home cooking for dogs

Google search: dog food class action suit

Google search: dog food rendering plant

Yahoo discussion group: people who cook for their dogs

The Honest Kitchen - my preferred food choice
Read the Education page
Dog food guide: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Lil Yella Dog Local Lehigh Valley distributor for The Honest Kitchen and other brands, home delivery. She's knowledgeable about feeding a raw diet as well. I've bought The Honest Kitchen and also raw foods from her. Disclaimer: I get nothing for listing her on my site. I'm not affiliated with her business and get no discounts for referrals.


News & Information

DogFriendly.com: DogFriendly.com® publishes world-wide pet travel guides for dogs of ALL sizes & breeds.

Ban gas chambers for euthanasia in PA!
PLEASE help chained dogs in PA!

Would you like a tax deduction for pet expenses?
HAPPY news for pet owners!
Please write your representative in support of this bill!

EPA and FDA Acting to Increase Public Awareness of Dangers of Cheap Flea Control Products

So you want to buy a purebred dog from a breeder? Before you consider doing that, check out this BBC Documentary: Pedigree Dogs Exposed. Link to video.

How low will HSUS go to get your donation this holiday season? I can't stand liars. Yet another reason why I support Best Friends instead.

Action Alert: Help Stop Use of Pets for Research
Background info from Animal Law Coalition: Class B dealers are basically those who buy, sell and transport animals. Some have been accused of taking pets which are stolen or obtained from "random sources", keeping them in horrific conditions and then selling them for medical research. For example, unscrupulous Class B dealers often answer ads in the newspaper that offer animals "free to a good home". They will steal pets off the streets. Laboratories will pay $250-$350 per animal.

Afraid of bully-breed dogs? Read about Stubby, the military dog and war hero.

Perils of Pesticides on your pets. Are flea and tick treatments really safe for dogs and cats?

Video: Neuter That Boy

Article from SmartMoney.com: Ten Things Your Veterinarian Won't Tell You

Fifteen Legs: Check out this article about a documentary! And the producer's website.

It's official! The first Vicktory dog has been adopted!

Nearly 300 Dogs Seized From Kennel In Lehigh County

Toxic China Pet Jerky Still Making US Pets Sick From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Secondhand Smoke: Silent Killer Hurts Pets, Too

Increased Scrutiny of Flea and Tick Control Products for Pets. EPA article on the investigation.

Most aggressive dog breeds? Click here...you may be quite surprised!

Peanut recalls affecting dog products! PetSmart recall. Recall alerts. To sign up for FDA alerts via email, click here.

Book: Then Along Came Barney: The Story of a Dog Who Changed My Mind About Pitbulls.
Synopsis: Imagine what it's like when the pet you know as sweet is reviled and greatly feared by some. Picture taking your dog for a walk and people practically running in the other direction. Imagine finding out that because this dog is a member of your household you aren't welcome in a number of communities across the country. All this and more become the experiences of the author after she adopts a very ill, pit bull. A 30-something college instructor and freelance journalist with a penchant for rescuing animals, the author initially fears the pit bull might be dangerous. But this dogs turns out to be a funny, smart and, yes, sweet animal, leading the author to question the validity of the negative pit bull stereotypes. An eye-opening journey follows. Using humor along with investigative research-including interviews with experts and pit bull lovers-the author discusses pit bulls in general, her experiences with Barney the pit bull mix, and life with multiple dogs.

Why "free to good home" is a bad idea.

Top Ten Pet Poisons of 2008...according to the ASPCA's Poison Control Center.

AVMA opposes ear cropping and tail docking. It's about time!

School newsletter: A Dog Can Teach a Character Ed Lesson.

Are you afraid of pit bulls? Please watch this video. Shelter workers talk about the breed...from the heart.

The Truth About the Pet Trade: The 575 Project - Why Are We Still Breeding and Buying Pets?

Website for pibble lovers: The Unexpected Pit Bull

A Vick-tory dog steps closer to home! One of Michael Vick's former victims passes his Canine Good Citizen test with a PERFECT score!

Pitbull is a goodwill ambassador...and comforts a man who is battling cancer.

Pitbull takes bullets to protect family from gun-toting intruder.

Lehigh County kennel (puppy mill) hearing is postponed.

Pilots-N-Paws: Pilots donating their flights to get dogs to safety.

Article: Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker

A pitbull goes to school.

Top 10 Drugs that Poison our Pets

THANK YOU to anyone who is involved in rescue in any way! To anyone who has never been involved in rescue, this may give you some insight as to why we all do what we do. We didn't create this slide show, but it certainly resonates with our feelings!

Check out The Bully Beat

Hidden in Darkness: ‘Trunking’ is Dog Fighting’s Ugly Secret

PLEASE READ THIS BOOK! Redemption is the story of animal sheltering in the United States, a movement that was born of compassion and then lost its way. It is the story of the “No Kill” movement, which says we can and must stop the killing. It is about heroes and villains, betrayal and redemption. And it is about a social movement as noble and just as those that have come before. But most of all, it is a story about believing in the community and trusting in the power of compassion.

DO NOT buy puppies from "breeders" over the internet! Here's why.

Dog Fighting PSA by the Animal Rescue Association of America

PACashCrop.com: Food for thought about puppy mills.

Article: PETA and Euthanasia: "Since 1998 PETA has killed more than 17,000 animals, nearly 85 percent of all those it has rescued."

No-Kill Advocacy Center

Best Friends Network: The Truth About the Pet Trade

Pitbull videos

3nd Annual "I Pitty, The Fool" Photo Contest: Pit Bull Rescue Central

Pitbull Information/Pitbull Myths: The Real Pitbull, Pitbull Facts vs Legend

HSUS lanches hotline for reporting dog fighting in Georgia. Read article here.

2008: "Finally" Says Fido, "A Car Insurance Company that Gets It". Dogs and cats everywhere jump for joy as Progressive introduces Pet Injury Coverage, included at no extra charge for customers with Collision coverage. Click here to read their press release.

Help Pass Pennsylvania Anti-Tethering Bill! Read more here.

Book: How to Afford Veterinary Care Without Mortgaging the Kids. We haven't read it yet. If anyone out there has, we'd like your opinion!

We've been looking for better food products for our dogs and will be trying out The Honest Kitchen dog food. They have some very interesting info on their website. Their products are processed in a human grade food processing plant and they have 600 distributors nationwide, so you don't need to order online. UPDATE 4/11: Our dogs have been on this food for about a week and they all LOVE it, including our two picky eaters! We did not experience any problems with upset stomachs/diarrhea with the switch over. It smells very good when rehydrated and reminds us of the consistency of a vegetable dip. We're not kidding...we have two dogs of our own who usually sniffed at "kibble" type dog food and didn't eat it too willingly (sometimes skipped meals). Now these two are eating the whole bowl when we feed them in the morning and evening and are also begging for a third meal at lunch! Since the food is dehydrated it doesn't weigh very much when you purchase it. But a 10 lb bag rehydrates to 43 lbs of dog food. When rehydrated, it's comparable in price to the higher quality "kibble" type foods on the market. PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell this product and do not make any money off of your purchases. We are not on commission and do not have a professional relationship with the distributor. No one has asked us to advertise this product. We are just writing about our own personal experiences with it. Everyone is advised to do their own research when choosing a safer alternative for your pets.

Article: Food Even a Dog Shouldn't Eat - Killing Our Pets with Every Meal

Read the article above, then visit the Canine Care website for information about making your own dog food. You can also join this Yahoo discussion group.

Article: Why this vet feeds people food to her dogs.

Cracking Down on Pet Owners Albuquerque and a growing number of cities are passing tough new measures aimed at ending euthanasia in animal shelters. Owners are even being forced to clean up after their dog in their own backyard. Read the full story here.

Study shows that pets in the home can help PREVENT allergies! Read full text of article here.

If my dog has black on his tongue, is he a chow mix? The truth about those those black tongues.

Food for thought.

Why a fence? Read this article.

The Shelter Manager's Lament ~ A posting written by a shelter manager from their perspective. A MUST read!

PLEASE LOOK! This is undercover video taken at an Amish puppy mill. Here's a link to the news article that goes along with the video. CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH...DO NOT BUY PET STORE PUPPIES! This is where they come from...filthy and disease ridden puppy mills.

Black Dogs: Did you know that black dogs are the least likely to get adopted from a shelter? Especially if they are large black dogs? In our experience, black dogs are the ones that shelters are most often begging rescues to take before they have to be put down for overcrowding. It seems that blondes have more fun even in a dog's world. Please consider adopting a black dog from a rescue or shelter near you. You will TRULY be saving a life! We did! We adopted our black & white dog, Ratchet, in the fall of 2005. Interestingly enough, we noticed people behaving differently toward Ratchet than they did to our 2 prior dogs (since passed away due to old age). Our other dogs were a Yellow Labrador and a Dalmatian. When we walked these two in the neighborhood, people used to stop and comment on their good looks and ask to pet them. When we walk Ratchet, most people don't even take a second look. Yet Ratchet is very sweet and submissive. This guy wouldn't hurt a fly, yet his color seems to scare people away. Such a shame. They don't know what they're missing! UPDATE: Check out this article published in the March/April 2006 issue of The Bark magazine. We recently discovered this magazine and it has some interesting articles. Visit their home page for more info. Or pick up the March/April 2006 issue today. Check out this article too: [People Who Matter] Changing from Within: Jill Robinson is working hard to change the way companion animals are regarded in Asia. It's not on their website, so you'll have to pick up the magazine to read it.

What is animal hoarding or "collecting"? People who hoard animals. An article from PsychiatricTimes.com

Where do those cute pet store puppies come from? Click here, here, here, here, here, and here for more links/information. Here's an organization that's trying to influence change.

How did Petfinder get started? Check out this article.

News Video of a pit bull caring for orphaned kittens. Since this breed always gets such a bad rap, we thought you'd like to see what a pit can be like when raised properly, as every dog should be!

And another one you're going to love! The good news about the "bad" breed."

Want to take your dog on vacation? Check out this website for dog friendly locations.

Please join FOHO and help them improve animal legislation in WV.

Greenies can be dangerous for your pet! CNN Article

HBO America Undercover Documentary: Dealing Dogs, the Betrayal of Man's Best Friend. The Bark magazine had an article on this in their March/April 2006 issue. Check it out at your news stand or Barnes & Noble.

Help West Virginia cats! New site for cat/kitten rescuers/adopters: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WVCats/

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