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Morningstar's Mountainside Dog Rescue and Adoptions is nestled in the mountains in the heart of apple country, near historic Gettysburg. Morningstar Dog Rescue's goal is to find the perfect family for each of our rescued dogs. We can also help if you need to find a home for your dog. The Rescue specializes in those dogs that are harder to place because of large size or older age. The ones who need "that extra little something". For instance an unsocialized, abused or neglected dog. But of course all dogs are welcome. Unfortunately there is a very limited amount of space at the rescue. If we are unable to physically take the dog we will most certainly do anything possible to help rehome the pet. While the dogs are here they live in a home environment. Living each day like a dog should. Socializing with other dogs, going outside for play and get fresh air. They learn how to go outside to potty. Get used to people coming and going. And only get crated if I have to go some place for a short time. Under most circumstances (maninly age) before putting a dog up for adoption the rescue neuters or spays the dog, brings it UTD on all shots, including heartworm, give it a 1 yr rabies tag & certificate, is tested for lyme and vaccinated for it. The dog is wormed and his teeth are cleaned. And we are trying to get some of them micro-chipped. They are also given any other medical care that might be needed. The rescued dog is also groomed. We do our best to access for temperment. The rescue will not accept or adopt an aggressive dog. And we start teaching the dog "manners". Most importantly they are loved while here. We ask an adoption donation for each dog. Unfortunately we have had to raise the standard adoption donation to $400 Sometimes a little more for purebreds or highly adoptable dogs and a little lower for older dogs or ones who might have to be on medicine. Depending on the dog, adopters and other factors the price can be adjusted.

Please contact Morningstar Dog Rescue at email: or (717)-677-6890 with the name of the dog that you are interested in meeting. We ask that an adoption application be filled out before meeting the dog so we can feel we better know you. A contract MUST be completed and returned to rescue before animals are taken home. A home check is also done to be sure the adoption will be successful for the dog and the family. We also ask for an adoption donation. We do adopt to out of state applicants. I will also assist in anyway I can in getting a dog and family together even if it isnt one of my dogs! It's all about saving the dogs.

By making a donation toward vetting, care, and up keep you ultimately help set our dogs up for success in their new life.

Brian Kerchner
"Creating happy, well-balanced dogs using the natural communication that dogs instinctively understand."
Morningstar Dog Rescue has had great success with the help of Brian Kerchner and Good Dog Workshop in transforming our dogs into extraordinary family members.

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