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We are grateful to our friends who help keep the Women's Humane Society operating through their generous donations. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please visit our website (womenshumanesociety.org or send your donation to: Women's Humane Society, 3839 Richlieu Road, PO Box 1470, Bensalem, PA 19020.
We can also use the following items:
Cat litter (not the scoopable kind)
Pine chips (no cedar chips)
Sav A Tape member Redner's receipts


Adopting A Friend

While looking at a photograph of an animal is a good start to your search for a new pet, it is only a start. Meeting an animal is the only way to determine if this is the most appropriate pet for you. If searching online, please note the tag number of each animal that interests you (When you visit us, the tag number will allow you to locate the animal easily.). 
We cannot reserve a specific animal for you before your visit.  If the animal that first caught your interest has been adopted, don't worry - we have other animals in need of good homes.
Animals may be seen during adoption hours only.  Please review our adoption hours before you visit and come as early in the day as possible, especially on Saturdays and Wednesdays. 
When you visit us, you may submit an application that you have printed out and completed at home.  Our applications are available from a link on our web site www.whspets.org .  You may walk through our adoption kennel and small animal room. Please do not touch the animals in their cages and kennels. Your touch can spread illness in its asymptomatic but contagious early stages from one animal to another, including your pet at home.
If you did not have an application or animal in mind when you visited and decide an animal interests you, pick up an application from our front desk and complete it (we will not provide any additional information on an animal until we have a completed application). 
An adoption counselor will meet with you to ensure the animal you have selected will fit in with your lifestyle.  After speaking with the counselor, you will spend time getting to know the animal in one of our pet meeting rooms - You must bring your lease and any children under 12 who live with you to meet any dog you have selected (We do not adopt stray dogs to families with children under the age of 12 or hold dogs for you to return with a lease or children.).  If you wish to adopt after spending time with the animal, the counselor will review your application again, discuss pet care and costs with you and answer any questions you may have. A yard check will be necessary.  
Adopters must live within a 50-mile driving distance (according to Mapquest) of our Bensalem location.  Adoptions are processed on a first come-first serve basis, please plan to spend several hours at the Society.
In most cases, you will not be able to take your new pet home with you immediately. All animals must see the Society veterinarian before leaving for a discharge check-up, additional testing if requested, shots if needed, and spaying and neutering (if old enough).
We adopt out 30 to 50 animals each week.  Please understand this is labor intensive and our adoption supervisor is not always able to answer questions regarding availability.  Highly adoptable animals such as puppies, kittens, purebreds, "designer" mixes and small dogs do not remain here long before they are adopted.  
Unavailable animals are removed from our web site daily.  Some pets are adopted quickly, mere minutes to hours from when they are posted on the Internet.  Emailing an inquiry regarding a highly adoptable animal will very likely mean the pet will be adopted before someone can get back to you. 
11am to 4pm
11am to 4pm
1pm to 7pm
11am to 4pm
11am to 4pm
Adoption applications must be in process at least one hour prior to the closing of adoption hours.  If there are a large number of applicants awaiting processing, procedures may be curtailed earlier in order to process applicants already waiting to meet with a pet and to allow us to feed and care for our animals at their normally scheduled times.
As an adopter, we ask you to provide an adoption fee to help defray the significant costs incurred in caring for those creatures that can't care for themselves and demonstrate your ability to provide for a pet.

The adoption fee portion of the total costs for dogs, cats, rabbits and small animals is $20.  This fee covers the intake, adoption, a follow-up veterinary exams, distemper vaccine, wormer, and stool check at the follow up exam for all dogs and cats.  Additional medical care fees vary from animal to animal.  Some medical procedures are required and others are optional so there is no set fee total until an animal is selected and choices are made by the adopter. 
Women's Humane Society also requires all animals four months of age or older be spayed or neutered at the time of adoption.  If the animal is younger than four months, you must make the deposit listed below for the surgery at the time of adoption and either bring the animal back to the Society for surgery when it is old enough or take it to your own veterinarian for the surgery (If your veterinarian spays or neuters your pet, you will be reimbursed the surgery fee you paid at the time of adoption when proof of the surgery is forwarded to the Society). 
Spaying (for the female) and neutering (for the male) prevents animals from reproducing, reduces the risk that your animal will develop certain forms of cancer and can reduce aggressive tendencies.
Fees for animals adopted from the Women's Humane Society only.  (If you wish to have another pet treated at the clinic please call them at (215) 750-5252 for fee information that will be higher than the fees below.  Since Petfinder is not our primary site, please visit our web site www.womenshumanesociety.org for the most up-to-date information.)
Rabies Shot
Blood tests
Dogs, female
each Influenza vaccine
$31 Heartworm
Dogs, male
$23+$26each Influenza vaccine
$31 Heartworm
Cats, female
Cats, male
Rabbits, female
Rabbits, male
The Society operates an affordable animal hospital staffed by three veterinarians. We perform exams and offer inoculations, x-rays and surgery (including spaying and neutering). 
We offer walk-in and appointment service for vaccinations and routine care.  Any kind of surgery, including dental cleaning, spaying and neutering, must have an appointment.  A deposit of $25 is required at the time of scheduling.  An exam will be required to provide a quote and schedule surgery.

Hospital hours are:
7:30am- 3:30pm
8:30am - 7:30 pm
12:30pm to 7:30pm by appointment only
8:30am - 7:30 pm
8:30am - 1:30pm
For appointments and information, call 215-750-5252 or go to the Clinic Hospital page at www.whspets.org.  The clinic staff recommend visiting an hour and a half before the end of the clinic day to ensure time to be seen.
We offer a wide variety of outreach programs for the community to serve and enhance our mission to prevent cruelty and abuse, including a humane education and volunteer programs. 
Obedience classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings (call Debbie at 215-437-1932), Wednesday mornings or evenings (call Faith at 215-379-3419).

For Girl Scouts and other community groups, we have humane education programs including Pet Badge, Brownie Try-its, Pet Care, Pet Health, Pet Behavior and Silver Badge projects. 
For elementary schools (Pre-K to 4th grade) we offer Whiskers, Habitats, Bite Prevention, Flash Cats, Basic Pet Care, Animals in Art and What is Animal Cruelty.  For grades 4th through 12th we offer presentations that match PA Academic Standards such as History, Science & Technology, Arts & Humanities, Family & Consumer Science and Civics & Governments.  To find out if one of our programs is appropriate for you or your group please call Janice at 215-750-3100, extension 34. 

Volunteers provide the administrative and clerical support needed to enhance our mission.  Beginning in early 2012, volunteers will begin walking adoptable dogs in our newly enclosed portion of the property.  We place animals in need of rescue and foster care with private groups as opposed to managing our own foster care or treatment programs. 
If you are interested in providing foster or direct care or socialization for an animal, do a shelter & rescue group search by your zip code here on Petfinder or visit your local Petco or Petsmart store to see which groups offer their pets that live in foster care at weekend adoption events or a handful of store front cages that need daily volunteer care.  There are many worthy organizations in need of direct contact volunteers.  You may access our volunteer application that includes descriptions of our volunteer roles from the Volunteer Program page at www.whspets.org.  Please specify whether you need a youth or adult application.  If you have a fast approaching deadline or a finite set of hours to give, please visit our shelter for a bake sale application, rules, and instructions.
Our cruelty investigations department receives complaints about pets in homes, pet stores and other locations.  If we can not provide the service to address a concern about an animal, we will refer a caller to the appropriate authority.  You may call any time during shelter office hours and leave a message for our agent to return your call.  The agent is employed week days and balances office hours with field work.

The Society's animal ambulance service picks up unwanted pets and brings them to our shelter for possible inclusion in our adoption program. We also provide a pick-up service for seriously ill animals whose owners have decided that euthanasia is necessary. I
Injured stray animals that have been rescued and are in the care of a caller are also served by the transportation service. A small fee is required for all services. For more information, call the Women's Humane Society at 215-750-3100 Ext. 14.
The driver cannot pick up loose stray animals. If you see stray animals in your neighborhood, please call your local animal control department.  Your police dispatcher can assist you with the provider of this service.
8am - 5:45pm (please arrive a half hour before closing to provide time for the intake procedures)
8am - 2:45pm
7am - 4:45pm
7am - 5:45pm
7am - 7:45pm
7am - 5:45pm
7am - 5:45pm
The Society offers shelter to unwanted domestic animals. All animals are evaluated by our staff and those animals deemed adoptable are placed in the adoption program. When you turn in a pet to the Society, we will ask you to complete a form concerning the animal's history.  This information will help us find an appropriate home for the animal.


Who We Are

The Women's Humane Society is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals and enjoys many firsts. We were the first
  • Animal shelter in the United States
  • Humane education program in the United States
  • Low-cost veterinary clinic in the United States
  • Bird conservation program in the United States
  • Animal hospital owned and operated by a humane society in Pennsylvania
  • Ambulance service for animals
We are a non-profit animal welfare organization founded by Caroline Earle White in 1869.  We are not affiliated with any other humane society or SPCA.  We operate on donations and fees, we receive no tax dollars nor do we hold any animal control contracts.  The services we offer include:
Shelter/Adoption - dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds and other small animals. 
Affordable Clinic - our veterinary clinic is open to the general public
Dog Obedience Training - individual and group classes
Humane Education Program - teaches children and community groups how to care for and respect animals
Cruelty Investigations - Our cruelty investigations department receives complaints about pets in homes and those in pet stores and other locations. 
Animal Ambulance Service - for the pickup of live and deceased pets being surrendered to the custody and care of the Women's Humane Society.
We balance the wisdom gained from our long history in the humane movement with staying abreast of modern day issues and trends in animal welfare towards the goal of fulfilling our mission to take a comprehensive approach to the prevention of animal abuse and neglect. 


Come Visit Us

We are located in Lower Bucks County and can be easily reached by Interstate 95, the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Street Road.
Interstate 95: Exit at Street Road West, travel for approximately three miles to Richlieu Road. Make a right on to Richlieu Road. (TGI Friday's is on the corner.) After you drive over the overpass, WHS will be the first building on the right.
Roosevelt Boulevard: Exit at Street Road. Take Street Road East to Richlieu Road (second traffic light). Make a left on to Richlieu Road. (TGI Friday's is on the corner.) After you drive over the overpass, WHS will be the first building on the right.
From Burlington County, NJ: Take the Burlington-Bristol Bridge to New Rodgers Road West to Route 13 South (Bristol Pike). Make a right on to Street Road West. Follow Street Road West appromixately three miles to Richlieu Road. Turn right on to Richlieu Road. (TGI Friday's is on the corner.)
From the West: Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike east to exit 351 or 352 if you have EZPass (Philadelphia). Follow the signs for Route 1 South. Immediately upon entering Route 1 South, look for signs for Street Road East. Take Street Road East to Richlieu Road. Make a left on to Richlieu Road. You will see TGI Friday's on the corner. After you drive over the overpass, WHS will be the first building on the right.
3839 Richlieu Rd, PO Box 1470
Bensalem,  PA  19020
(215) 750-3100
website: www.womenshumanesociety.org


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