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Spring is here... finally!

What better way to start a new season than with new companion!

Senior animals make great pets. They are  trained, calmer than a puppy but with plenty of spunk!    Senior animals make great companions for both senior humans and families.  Senior dogs are great for first time dog owner - they are already trained!

Adopt a senior pet - call us!



Adopting A Friend

You will not regret adding a senior pet to your life. 

Please contact us for an adoption application.  We would be more than happy to email you one!

Visit us at sosanimalresq.org

Who We Are

Save our Seniors Animal Rescue in a not for profit rescue located in Durham Region in Ontario Canada.  Our mission is to assist other rescue groups and shelters find homes for homeless senior dogs and cats. So many senior cats and dogs find their way to shelters because their senior owners can no longer care for them. Our volunteers will help seniors care for their pets, keeping them in their homes and out of shelters. Our volunteers will help seniors in our community get their pets to the vet, take dogs for walks, and help with food.

All our pets are in foster homes throughout Durham Region. 

Senior animals make wonderful pets!  They are especially great companions for senior.  They often require less exercise than a puppy, have basic training, and are content to just be with their human companion. 

Please contact us if you'd like to add a senior to your life!


Contact us at:


 For adoption information: adopt@sosanimalresq.org

 For general information:  info@sosanimalresq.org



Come Visit Us

All our animals are in foster homes.

Please contact us to set up a meeting with any of the pets we have available for adoption.

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