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We are more than happy to answer your questions, after all that's what we are here for and that's why we do what we do.  That being said, we ask you to appreciate that we get upwards of 300 emails, 100 texts and dozens of phone calls each and every day!  In truth, it takes us several days to reply to everyone.


Here is what you can do to help us acknowledge your inquire quicker and more efficiently!  Please fill in and email us your application form.  We can't honestly tell you if a dog is going to fit without information to work with.    We do not place dogs until we check your references and conduct a home visit - so please don't ask!


If you wish to call you are welcome to do so, but please, keep your message short.  Just tell us your name, your phone number and the dog that you are calling about.  A volunteer will get back to you within 24 hours.


We thank you!

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Please review the contact information below to ensure you make the appropriate contact with CCACR and MBR.  Please note that e-mail contact is the most efficient for CCACR and MBR Volunteers





Who We Are

We are a private rescue group comprised of volunteers committed to helping dogs in need regardless of breed or place of birth through provisions of interim care and arrangement of adoption.


We are devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs that presently reside, through no fault of their own, in kill shelters throughout Canada and United States.  Whenever possible, we also assist dogs that, because of extenuating circumstances, are unable to remain in their homes with their owners.

Our Vision

Canine Connect a Care and My Boxer Rescue aspires to a society in which dogs are accorded the right to life, and are recognized as beings with innate emotions and feelings that have the unconditional right to protection under the Criminal Code, veterinary treatment and care, nutritious food, training, a life long home complete with respect and love.

CCACR and MBR work toward this end by:

•  Advocating for canine rights and privilege

•  Alleviating suffering by providing veterinary care and shelter in an established foster home program

•  Educate the public through community networking, seminars, and workshops regarding  health care and owners’ responsibility concerning spaying and neutering. 

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