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Adoption Process

Adoption Process


Adopting our animals into loving, forever homes is our ultimate goal. Our adoption process is thorough to ensure that our animals go to great homes and that adopters fully understand the care and needs of the animal they wish to adopt.

Adoption Step by Step:

  1. Review our Adoptable Animals

  2. Review our Care Guidelines for the type of animal you’re interested in. Please make sure that you are capable of providing the level of care outlined. If you have any questions, please ask us!

  3. Either fill out the application below and submit or download the application in fillable PDF format and email it to or contact us to arrange for mailing. Please be prepared to provide veterinary and personal references as well as information about your home, family, pets, and work.

  4. We will review your application and we will likely have more questions for you and will contact you to go over the application.

  5. If your application is approved, we will either visit your home to view and approve the area where you will keep the adopted animal or request photos, depending on where you live.

  6. If you are interested in adopting to bond (i.e. adopting a rabbit to bond with a rabbit you already have), we will help you find a personality that will complement your current pet the best.

  7. The final step before adoption is a visit to the foster home. We will arrange a time for you to visit the home that is caring for the animal you are interested in. This will give you an opportunity to see how the animal behaves, personality traits and to receive first-hand information from the foster caregiver.

  8. Take your new addition home and love him/her forever!

We ask for a minimum donation of:

Cat - adult $140
Cat - kitten $185
Dog - adult $250
Dog - puppy $300
Rabbit - single adult $70
Rabbit - single baby $85
Rabbits - bonded pair $120
Ferret $32
Chinchilla $32
Hedgehog $32
Guinea Pig $16
Rat $10
Hamster $10
Degu $10
Gerbil $10
Mouse $10

DOWNLOAD the Adoption Application in PDF Format

Fill Out the Adoption Application Below:




Thank you for wanting to give an animal a safe and loving home. The following information is requested so that we can assist you in selecting an animal companion. When adopting an animal, it is important that your entire family knows what will be involved. All information on this application will be kept confidential unless disclosure is required by law.

Once approved and matched with your new pet, there is an Adoption Contract to sign and an adoption fee to pay. All adult animals will come spayed or neutered, if appropriate for the species. If the animal(s) is not yet ready, KAR will arrange for the procedure to be done at a later date (the cost of which is covered already by the adoption fee). If you do not cooperate with the future spay/neuter, the animal(s) will be reclaimed by Kingston Animal Rescue. The adoption fee is non-refundable for any reason as we use it to pay for veterinary care for the animals.

In order to be considered as an Adopter, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older and not be adopting as a gift or for Easter. We do however encourage children to participate in caring for the animal.
  • Live within driving distance of Kingston and provide valid photo identification with your birth date and current address.
  • Allow a visit to your home to see the conditions the animal will be living in.
  • Be able and willing to house your Adopted Animal indoors and with consent of all involved.
  • Be financially stable and willing to provide any necessary medical care.

Kingston Animal Rescue will not share the information on this application for any reasons not connected to determining the adequacy of adoption of the rescued animals or where required by law.


First Name:

Last Name:


Street Address:



Zip/Postal Code:
Birth date:        


House   Apartment    Condo   Other:

Do You: Own Rent   Live With Family  

If renting or condo, does your agreement allow pets? Yes No  
Please note, KAR may request a signed letter from your landlord.

# of Adults in Home:   # of Children in Home:   Ages of Children:

Describe how the children in your household are with animals:

Will you supervise your children with the animal? Yes No

Are you a student? Yes No     School:     Year/Level:         

What will you do with the animal after you finish school?

Is everyone in your household in agreement that you can adopt this animal? Yes No  

Is anyone in your household allergic to pet dander or grasses? Have asthma? Yes No  
If yes, how will you deal with any issues brought on by adopting?


Please provide details of all animals that are currently in your home. Please note, your answers may be verified by your veterinarian.

Current Pet Information Current Pet 1 Current Pet 2 Current Pet 3 Current Pet 4 Current Pet 5
Vaccines Current
Date of Last Vet Visit
Medical Conditions
Where/When Acquired
Type of Contact with Adopted Animal
Where Pet Stays at Night/Day

If you currently own dogs, have they been vaccinated against Bordetella (kennel cough)? Yes No

Do you anticipate any difficulties with your own pets accepting the animal(s) you would like to adopt?
Yes No       If yes, Explain:

Percentage of time they spend outside:

Have you ever surrendered, sold or given away an animal? Yes No  
If yes, Explain:

Have you had an animal(s) in the past that is no longer with you? Yes No  
If yes, complete details below.

Past Pet Information Past Pet 1 Past Pet 2 Past Pet 3 Past Pet 4 Past Pet 5
# of Years Owned
How often did they have vet care:
Where/When Acquired
What became of them:
What type of habitat/exercise did they have:
Length of time since they lived with you:


Have any of your animals ever had babies? Yes No

If Yes, explain and describe the situation:


Why do you want to adopt an animal(s):

Describe in detail the type and personality of animal(s) you wish to adopt:

Which of our animals are you interested in and why? (If you have a preference)

Describe in detail your own personality and lifestyle:



What activities will the adopted animal(s) be involved in? (Please check all that apply.)

Pet   Playmate for Child   Class Pet   Demonstration   Science  
Working   Part of a Show   Breeding   Friend for Existing Pet   Other. Explain:


Describe in detail where the adopted animal(s) will stay (housing setup, location, size, materials):

What type of litter/bedding will you use?

What will you feed the adopted animal(s)?

Are you aware of the grooming needs of this species? Yes No
Please list:

How many hours a day will the adopted animal(s) be allowed exercise and play outside of the cage:

If applicable, are the areas in your home that will be accessible to the adopted animal(s) pet-proofed? i.e. electrical cords covered; no chemicals on floors; no poisonous plants

What will you do if the adopted animal(s) shows destructive behaviour (i.e. chewing, digging)?

Will the adopted animal(s) be allowed outside? Explain:


How many hours a day will the adopted animal(s) be alone?

How much time per day do you expect to be spending with the adopted animal(s)?

How long of an adjustment period will you give the adopted animal(s)?

Will you work with the adopted animal(s) on any issues they may have? Yes No  

What behaviours would be unacceptable to you and how would you deal with the issue?


Are you planning to bond the adopted animal(s) to an existing pet? Yes No
If yes, Explain who and why:

Have you ever bonded this species together before? Yes No

What methods will you use to bond the animals?

How much time will you give them to bond and if bonding is not successful, what will you do?


Are you aware that animals cannot be left on their own for more than 24 hours? Yes No  

What will you do with your animal(s) when you go on vacation?

What will you with the adopted animal(s) if the circumstances of your life change (marriage, baby, move etc.):

Are you willing to care for and take responsibility for the animal(s) for the rest of their lives? Yes No

For what reason would you consider giving up an animal?


Please rate your knowledge of this specific type of animal's care (1 = new to it all, 10 = very experienced)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  


How much do you think it will cost to maintain this type of animal each month:

Emergency and costly trips to the vet clinic can be necessary without warning. Are you prepared to deal with this situation if it does occur? Yes No

How often should the adopted animal(s) see a veterinarian?

Would you place a maximum dollar value on the adopted animal(s)' veterinary care? Yes No
If yes, what value per year and per lifetime would it be?

Do you have a veterinarian who has a lot of experience with this species? Yes No
Specify Veterinarian Specialist:



Veterinarian Name:
Clinic Name:
Number of years a client:
Records are under the name of:

Please authorize your veterinarian to release information to Kingston Animal Rescue.


Personal Reference Name:


Employer Reference Name:


Have you ever been investigated by any animal welfare groups? Yes No

Do you understand that if you adopt an animal from us and are no longer able to care for it you are required to return it to us? Yes No

Would you consider volunteering or providing a foster home for Kingston Animal Rescue? Yes No

Where did you hear about Kingston Animal Rescue?


I understand a Kingston Animal Rescue representative may visit my place of residence for a home inspection before my application is approved. I understand that if I am approved to adopt, I will need to carefully read and sign the Adoption Agreement, which is a separate document from this Adoption Application. The Adoption Agreement represents the legal contract between an adopter and Kingston Animal Rescue.

By signing this adoption application you are ensuring that the information you have provided is true and correct. The purpose of this questionnaire is to ensure that animals are placed in appropriate homes that are capable of providing the highest quality of care and a lifetime commitment. Kingston Animal Rescue reserves the right to refuse any application without providing reason.

The information I have have provided is true and correct. I agree I don't agree      



Adoptable Animals

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