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Bethany Animal Welfare

Please do not contribute to pet overpopulation . . . SPAY OR NEUTER ALL PETS!!!

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Who We Are

Thank you all for helping me place all the wonderful dogs that were going to be put down. I hope you all love them very much, I know that they will love you...
This Shelter is small we have 16 dogs pens and 16 cat pens. We hold our animals 3 days for owner reclaim and then put them up for adoption for 2 days.

Please come see what a wonderful new family member we have for you. Contact the shelter directly at 405-789-3431

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Adopting a friend

We have a $50.00 adoption fee (CASH ONLY). This will pay for the MANDATORY neuter and/or spay and the Rabies shot of every animal adopted from this shelter. Dogs are also Heartworm tested and Cats are Feline tested.

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Map to our shelter
Bethany Animal Welfare
5100 N College
Bethany , OK 73008
Phone: 405-789-3431

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