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ADOPTING A PET: If you would like to fill out an adoption application please email our rescue for one and be sure to mention which pet you are interested in. We consider a pet available until the pet is actually adopted (either picked up from our location OR delivered to his/her new home). So if the pet is posted, it is available! On the application for adoption, we will need a vet reference and we will possibly do a home visit. We have invested lots of time in the animals we rescue, making sure they are healthy before they leave us. All rescues live here with us in a home environment to best evaluate their personality and character. We strive to match the needs of the pet as well as the needs of the prospective adopter. ALL PETS SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We can't show our pets without a processed application and completing one does not guarantee adoption. .

ADOPTION FEES: An adoption fee is asked to help defray some of the costs that are accumulated on each pet. Our adoption fee helps cover any pull fees and vetting. The fees are used to help defray the costs of basic medical care and any additional medical needs of our fosters to ensure that the pet is as healthy as possible, well socialized, and non-reproductive. When people adopt a pet from us, they are getting a pet that is as healthy as we know it to be. If old enough, dogs/cats are spayed/neutered, have vaccinations and are dewormed. They are also heartworm tested if not currently on preventative. Kittens and puppies are given vaccinations current for their age and are dewormed. The adoption fee also helps cover the cost of Advantage or Frontline and any other treatment the pet might need (antibiotics, teeth cleaning, surgery, nail clipping, grooming, etc.)

VISITING AND MEETING A PET: Once we feel that a good match is found via the application for adoption, vet reference, emails and possibly a phone interview, then a good day and time is scheduled to come meet the pet.. This is usually on the weekends but we also can schedule adoptions during the week when our schedule allows. Then after meeting and all goes well, usually the pet is permitted to go home with the prospective adopter.

The adoption process goes fairly quickly so please be ready to come pick up your pet soon after you are approved. This enables us to rescue another pet in need. When you come to pick up your pet or if we deliver him to you, please have the exact amount as we are not able to make change.

If you plan to bring a current pet with you to pick up your newly adopted pet, we would appreciate prior notice and that your dog be mannerly (not chase cats or chickens) and that your dog be leashed.

Sorry for any inconvenience, however, we can not take personal checks. We also can not ship our rescues. Please be prepared to come to southern OK to to meet your new family member. .

AFTER ADOPTION Please allow your new pet at least three weeks to adjust. Sometimes it takes them time to learn the new routine and learn to be a part of a new family and household.

Who We Are

We are an established, privately owned, non profit no kill pet sanctuary in southern OK. We have been in operation 14 years. Scruffy Dog Rescue has been established for the purpose of placing unwanted and unloved dogs and cats in good homes. Despite our name, we do rescue dogs that are smooth coated, cats, poultry and some livestock. We work out of our home so space is limited. We occasionally take owner surrenders, but do concentrate on  dogs/cats in shelters.

Our goal is to preserve & protect animals in need. We provide vetting and transportation for each dog/cat or farm animal in need until he or she can be carefully matched to an approved home. All dogs/cats stay in the house and interact with our personal dogs and cats. They are part of the family until they are placed. They each have their own crate and their own doggie bed to use while they are here. They also have plenty of play and social time inside and outside. When we rescue poultry and livestock, they live with our personal birds and goats/sheep. They have all the food they want, shelter from the elements and are vaccinated and dewormed. We are involved in rescue for no other reason than our concern for those in need. We realize our limitations in that we cannot save them all, but working together, we help those we can.

Adopting a friend

Those interested in adopting a dog/cat or farm animal can email us and we will email them an adoption application. We process it, check the vet reference and do everything we can to see that there is a good match for both pet and person/family. If a good match seems to be found, we email the adoption contract (terms of adoption) to be reviewed and signed. We do everything possible to ensure each rescued pet finds his or her permanent home. Directions to our rescue will be given upon adoption approval and appointment. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADOPTION TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON AND AT ANYTIME DURING THE ADOPTION PROCESS

Come Visit Us! There is a very good reason we do not post our phone number. We rescue from home, this is not a business but our home. We do not get paid and we do not get grants or aid in any way. We do this totally for the love of animals. We do this alone. We have a minimum of 25 dogs to care for, cats, rabbits, goats, sheep, chickens, and one bottle calf. We can't think of one question that can't be answered by email in our office. When our phone number was posted, the phone rang from early in the morning til late at night. We are happy to answer any questions you may have by email. Then if you are approved to adopt, we will gladly set you an appointment time to see the dog (or cat) or livestock. Thanks for understanding! Please email us. ok_wagswhiskers@yahoo.com
Scruffy Dog Rescue

Sulphur, OK 73086

Email: ok_wagswhiskers@yahoo.com
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