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Picabo (peek a boo) is a wonderful little calico who came to Forrest and Jenny's severely burned. After months of dedicated treatment (all of which she endured without a grudge) including lots of medications, painful debridment of her burns, rehabilitation, and much love -- Picaboo is now healed. She will remain with Forrest and Jenny's as one of our spokeskitties. She is a feisty, upbeat feline with an undaunted outlook on life, in spite of her past!

Picaboo's Pet of the Month


DOG BOWL 2010!!
Our fundraiser was a success!
This is a laid-back, bring the family, fun for all event!

DOB BOWL 2011 is coming!

Event details will be posted when confirmed so keep watching here!

We will have events for you and your dog to join in such as:
Quarterback Sack
Fastest 1st and ten
Best Wide Receiver
Best Turnover
Best Running Back
Best Cheerleader
Best Couch Potato
Entry fee: $10 for 1 dog. Human admission is $15.
See our website for details! Copy & Paste this:

Who We Are

Mission statement: Forrest and Jenny's Place is a non-profit (501C3) animal rescue group dedicated to the physical and social rehabilitation of sick, injured, abused, abandoned, neglected, and physically challenged animals.

What's in a name?: "Is Jenny there?" is often the question asked when we answer the's the real story!
Our name was inspired by two neurologically-challenged cats named Forrest and Jenny. Forrest resembled the childhood portrayal of "Forrest Gump" in the movie, thus, the names. Under normal circumstances, such animals are euthanized, but a compassionate person adopted Forrest and Jenny. They turned out to be very affectionate, intelligent animals as well as wonderful companions.

Our goals: Quite often animals are euthanized for minor physical defects or treatable conditions. We want to give those animals the opportunity to have quality lives in caring homes.
In the future, we plan to offer discounted medical treatment for heartworm-positive dogs, discounted vaccinations, critical care to injured animals, and to establish a spay/neuter clinic to curb overpopulation. We plan to provide adoption services for displaced animals, and foster care for those who require a place to stay during rehabilitation.
Another goal is to maintain the "Bones and Fishes" feeding program, which targets elderly and low-income individuals who are unable to afford the cost of pet food. Donated food is be distrbuted to those in need.
Forrest and Jenny's also plans to provide a temporary foster care program for the pets of cancer patients and the elderly who might not have anyone to look after their pets if they are hospitalized.

Our Website: (please copy and paste)

Donations are always needed and appreciated. You may donate cash through our website and Paypal. If you are in our area and have items you wish to donate - please check out our "Wish List" on our website to determine if there is anything you may be able to donate!

If you are in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and would like to help - PLEASE drop us an email or give us a call!! We are very few trying to help very many so we need anyone willing to help show animals at Petsmart on Sunday afternoons, willing to foster one or more animals who need special attention & lots of love, donate their time & energy to helping transport animals to & from the vets or events, working special events such as fund raisers or adoptathons. We need smiling faces and compassionate hearts!
Remember that animals come to us practically every day so we need all the help we can get!

To Adopt - here's the scoop!

FIRST - Forrest and Jenny's will NOT ship ANY pets. We specialize in pets that may have health issues - physical, neurological, or both - the liability and stress factors for the animals is too great to risk.
Out-of-state adoptions are allowed but there is a strict screening process. You must be willing to travel to pick up the pet. (we will work with you on a convenient meeting place) We will NOT "hold" any animal for a potential out-of-state adoption for more than 48 hours.
To adopt one of our special pets, you must first fill out an adoption form. We screen applicants closely because we want to make sure that the adoption goes smoothly for everyone. We want you and your new pet to be happy together. If something happens and it turns out that you don't fit - Forrest and Jenny's requires that you return the adoption animal to us as stated in the contract you sign at the time of adoption. This is so we can be sure that proper paperwork/information is forwarded with the animal to it's new parents. You will then either be matched to a new animal or refunded your fee.
Our adoption fee for each animal is $70.00. This covers the cost of vet checks, spay/neuter, updated shots, heartworm testing, flea preventative, and worming.
We do not charge more for a full-blood animal than we do a mixed breed. Puppies and kittens are also the same price but will not be adopted out until they are spayed or neutered, have all shots, tests, and other age appropriate treatments. We want them ALL to have permanent homes!
We will sometimes have "unusual" animals up for adoption (not a dog or cat) - the adoption fee for those may be more or less than our standard $70.00 fee so please check with us for confirmation and further information.

Come Visit Us!

As we are a small organization, we do not have a central shelter site as yet. All of our animals are housed in private homes with loving foster parents, so you must contact us to meet any pet you are interested in. We will happily attempt to accomodate your schedule and make meeting your new furever friend a wonderful experience!
Forrest and Jennys Place Inc.
Tulsa, OK 74112
Phone: 918-836-9069

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