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The City of Newcastle has just joined the petfinder network and is working on developing new and up to date animal welfare regulations. Additional information will be available soon.

Who We Are

The purpose of the Newcastle Animal Welfare Department is to provide compassionate care for impounded animals and responsible enforcement of city ordinances, thereby creating a safer and more desirable community for the citizens of Newcastle.

Adopting a friend

*Adoption fee for cats and dogs$40.00
*Spay/neuter deposit ( refundable) $10.00
*Rabies vaccination deposit (if applicable) $10.00
*Trained service animals for people with disabilitiesFree
*Adoption by Senior Citizens$25.00
*Two or more pets adopted$25.00 each
*Pets 4 years of age and older$25.00

*All adoptions include FREE Initial Newcastle City Pet License and Rabies Vaccination.

Come Visit Us!

Our current hours are by appointment only. Please call 301-6038 to get directions and to make an appointment.

Donations are always welcome here is a list of some of the things we need. Electric Fur Clippers, Germ-x Alcohol, Antibacterial soaps Hydrogen Peroxide, Brushes/combs Benadryl, Rubber gloves Syringes -varying sizes, (for worming animals) Baby shampoo, Laundry Soap, Stainless Steel bowls (small, medium, large), Gauze, Slip Leashes, Bleach, Towels/Blankets, Spray Bottles, Puppy/kitten formula, Cotton Balls Puppy/kitten food, Q-tips, Small nurser bottles, Bandage Material (vet wrap, elastikon, telfa pads, etc.), Litter Boxes/Cat Litter, Pyrantel Pamoate (dewormer), Nail Trimmers, Adams Flea/Tick Spray , Adams Flea/Tick Shampoo or Pyrethrin Dip, Immodium AD or Pepto Bismol!

Newcastle Animal Welfare Shelter
719 Walker Drive
Newcastle, OK 73065
Phone: 405-301-6038

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