Angel Animal Rescue

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Who We Are

We are a multiple breed and species rescue organization based in Middletown, OH. Middletown is in SW Ohio between Cincinnati and Dayton, although we have many animals in Columbus as well. We do not have a shelter, but rather rely on volunteers to foster animals until we find them homes. We have volunteers throughout the state of Ohio, including Columbus and Cleveland. WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR CAT/KITTEN FOSTER HOMES! PLEASE FILL OUT AN ONLINE APPLICATION AND LIST YOUR INTEREST IN FOSTERING!

Adopting From Us Please use our Adoption Inquiry Form if you are interested in adopting or learning more about one of our animals. It is very helpful for us to have all of your information in one place! Also, anytime we can use email instead of long-distance telephone is a big help financially to us.

go here for the form!!! We always welcome donations. Please email us for mailing information! Every donation helps us to save one more animal! Thank you!

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