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Adopting A Friend

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All adoptable pets available at Bright Futures Rescue need good, loving permanent homes. They currently live in a home setting so they can adapt to most new families and we can give you a very detailed insight into their personality and habits. We believe this insures smooth transitions into their new, forever families. All pets are vetted and health records accompany them. Bright Futures wishes to make permanent, successful, placements the first time, so an application and home visit is required. We want you to be happy with your new family member. And of course, we want each pet to have a wonderful life with you. All questions are answered honestly representing an accurate description of the pet you are interested in. If more than one application is received, they are considered in the order of receipt. The application does not obligate you or Bright Futures. The meet and greet is scheduled after the application has been reviewed and following preliminary approval. After this meeting, where you and your family can interact with the pet, a home visit is scheduled if both parties feel the pet and adopter are a good match. Bright Futures cares about each and every pet placed and appreciates all updates, photos and pictures. Of course, any questions or concerns are welcome. Thank you for considering a rescue pet. There are many, well deserving homeless pets that need good homes. Please opt to adopt and support your local rescue organizations and shelters.

Who We Are

Bright Futures Rescue has been helping animals in need for over 15 years.  As the plight of animals in need has increased, the official name was formed, but our mission has never changed to rehome, educate and protect.  All of our pets have been in our home with us , so we know their personality, and how well they would fit in your home.   They are socialized with children, cats, birds and horses.  The goal for each is to be in a loving forever home.

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