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LFM supporters, we need your help. We have just welcomed Carter into LuvFurMutts, but we wish on better circumstances. Carter was hit by a car and we stepped up to get him out of the shelter, but we are in need of donations for his medical care. He is a Male Dachshund that is a year and a half old and approximately 28 lbs. Carter was checked into Dr. Fouts in Batavia Friday, 5/16/14. He is an orthopedic surgeon who has done many dogs for us and local rescues. Carter came through a successful surgery and is now on 4-8 weeks of cage rest, being carried to go potty and weekly doctor visits.  This guy is a sweetheart and such a trooper! We are still in need of donations and they can be made directly to Dr. Fout's office. When you call, please just say it is for Luvfurmutts and Carter and they will apply it to our account. Dr. Fout's number is 513-735-0888. You can also make a donation via PayPal on our website at www.LuvFurMutts.com Thank you so much for your help with Carter! We cannot wait to get him better.Sweet Carter that's all that needs to be said https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/29256264/ If you are interested in meeting Carter, please fill out an adoption application at www.luvfurmutts.com Thank you!


Who We Are

Luvfurmutts is comprised of a group of people who have a common bond formed by our desire to help animals in whatever way we find is possible. Lufurmutts is a 100% spay/neuter rescue. Meaning Luvfurmutts does not adopt any dog till it altered and will not adopt to adopters with unaltered pets in their homes. Our hope is to lessen the pain and suffering of unwanted animals by educating the general public about the need to spay/neuter their pets and to make them aware of how many animals are in shelters today just waiting for a second chance, most through no fault of their own.  We hope to rescue and rehome some of the animals who are losing their homes due to the economy. We also hope to ease the burden of shelters from dogs that belong to senior citizens who, after devoting their life's to one person may find themselves in a shelter if their owners health becomes a problem. If you know of anyone this is happening to please have them email us at luvfurmutts@hotmail.com. We would like to rescue these animals before they are dropped at a shelter. For a small dog who has spent it's life with one person a shelter is a VERY scary place. They have no idea what they did to end up there or where their owner went. We only take small dogs as our goal is to re-home the senior dog with another senior. Seniors can't handle big dogs. But we will be glad to help with finding a rescue to place larger dogs with. If you know somone who is losing thier home and need to rehome their pets please have them contact a rescue as soon as they know they are losing their home. Rescues and shelters are really busy with the way the economy is right now, the sooner you contact a rescue the better your chances are of getting your pets into a no kill rescue or shelter.

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Fairfield Petco 

Saturday, July 5th 12-3pm

Milford Petco 

Sunday, July 6th 12-3pm

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