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On top of pulling dogs from euthanization lists and high-kill shelters, LuvFurMutts also takes in a lot of dogs whose owners have died or have been hospitalized and can no longer care for their beloved companions. 

We know many of you cannot have or do not want a dog permanently. However, if you would like to try fostering (all medical expenses/needs covered), please contact LuvFurMutts today and visit our website at 


Adopting A Friend

Hello potential new family!  We are Snickers and Tootsie the rat terriers.  We are a bonded (might even be sisters) pair and have never ever been apart, so we must stay together.  Our adoption fee is $300, not the $400 you would expect since there are two of us.  LuvFurMutts found us in a wet and unheated shelter stall when they came to rescue another fur kid.  LuvFurMutts saw us and just couldn’t leave us in the cold!  We are so glad that we were discovered.  We were so sad and scared because our forever family moved away and didn’t take us.  We are super happy in our foster home, but our foster mommy has a lot of fur kids and she would really like us to have a family of our own so we get more attention.   Now that you know the not fun facts, we can get on to the cool stuff about US!  
My name is Snickers (foster mommy calls me SnickerMOOdle because I look like a cow) and I am 8 years young.  I weigh a bit over 25 pounds, but I could lose some.  I had puppies at one time, and well, I guess I never lost that baby weight.  I can still run, climb steps to the bed, jump onto the couch, play fetch with fuzzy squeaky toys, AND I sit like a meerkat when I beg for a treat.  I have the cutest buggy eyes and give the best hugs.  When I roll over for a belly rub, my foster mommy giggles because I look like a sausage.  I am the cutest sausage EVER!  I even do a little dance when I want attention.  My foster mommy looks super silly when she does it back!  I like to sleep next to my foster mommy in the bed.  I will sleep in a crate with Tootsie… but that isn’t as fun as sleeping with a human!  I like to bark at those mean little squirrels when they go in the yard.  Other than that, I don’t bark too much.  Oh, guess what!  I don’t potty in the house at all.  It isn’t ladylike.  My foster mommy is gone for 8 to 10 hours a day and I have NO accidents.  I am pretty spectacular!  

My name is Tootsie (foster mommy calls me Tootsie Roll) and I am 9 years young.  I weigh between 15 and 20 pounds.   I am super sleek and LOVE to run and play.  Those fuzzy squeaky toys should look out because I go through them like a hot knife through butter!  I play chase with my human foster brother.  He is 11 and so much fun to play with.  Did I mention that I love to play?!?!? I like attention and I let you know, but I rarely bark.  Snickers is kind of bossy and I listen to her.  I would like to sleep in the crate with her all snuggled up, but SHE likes to sleep in the bed with foster mommy.  So, I usually sleep with foster mommy, too.  Sometimes I will sneak off and sleep with my human foster brother.  SHH!  Don’t tell Snickers. My foster mommy makes sure Snickers can’t boss me around too much and steal my treats, especially when I get a treat with my pills in it.  Yeah, I have to take pain medication sometimes.  My hip bugs me sometimes.  I don’t take medication all the time and the vet said that I don’t need surgery.  It is just a part of life and not really a big deal.  I am completely potty trained… but in the morning, please let me out before you start getting ready for the day.  

That’s us in a nutshell.  We would really like to find a furever home.  If we found one with oodles of human kids, we would love it!  Oh, and a fenced yard would be great since we like to play.  If you don’t have a fenced yard, you have to promise to walk us every morning and evening and before bed.  My foster mommy loves us like her own fur kids, but she will let us go to save another life.  We are a great pair!  Can we go home with you???

Who We Are

LuvFurMutts, a 501c3, is a volunteer-based animal rescue that operates a foster program which re-homes unwanted pets to caretakers of all ages; in particular to seniors. Our goal is to offer a loving home to all pets and to provide care to those pets in need of medical attention. We provide education and promote awareness to the general public to control the pet population through spaying/neutering and adopting animals from shelters rather than breeders and puppy mills.

LuvFurMutts is an all-volunteer rescue run solely out of foster homes. We do not have a facility for you to come and visit our dogs, but we would love to see you at our adoption events where you can meet them! 

Our number one goal is to save as many dogs as we can.  If you would like to help us in this mission, we are always in need of volunteers, foster homes, donations or goods.  

Thank you for your time and remember, mutts need love, too!

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Please see www.LuvFurMutts.com/Upcoming-Events to see our upcoming events!


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