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About Us:

The Ohio Italian Greyhound Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 organization maintained entirely by volunteers of the Italian Greyhound Club of America (IGCA). Rescued dogs are held in foster homes throughout Ohio, until an appropriate home is found in Ohio or a bordering state. The dogs that come into rescue may be surrendered by their owners, stray, rescued from shelters in the region, or turned over by another rescue organization.


Foster families offer the dogs in their care a second chance. Their health and behavior are evaluated, and treated as needed. Generally, a trip to the vet for a few shots and a check-up, and a brush up on housetraining is all a dog needs to be ready for a brand new forever home. Any special needs or quirks that foster or rescue become aware of while a dog is with us will be fully disclosed to a potential adopter, we make every effort to ensure a dog is a good match for an adopter.


What is an Italian Greyhound?

Italian Greyhounds are the smallest members of the sighthound group. The sighthounds are known for their ability to hunt prey using excellent vision, and great speed. Affectionately known as iggies, or IGs, Italian Greyhounds are kept as pets by a lucky few. These dogs are not a well known breed, relative to the larger sighthounds. Often people approaching an IG owner will ask if the dog is a Whippet, or a Greyhound puppy.

The Italian Greyhound is thought to be at least 2000 years old, and appears in ancient art work. These beautiful and affectionate dogs made wonderful pets then, as they do today.

The Italian Greyhound Standard calls for a dog 13 to 15 inches at the shoulder. However, the typical pet Italian Greyhound can easily range up to 18 inches, and sometimes slightly larger. The height can be deceptive, as these dogs rarely weigh over 20 pounds when at a healthy weight. The smallest specimens can be as small as 5 pounds.


For comparison the Whippet is typically at least 18 inches at the shoulder. They also weigh slightly more, generally between 30 and 40 pounds.

The breed is generally healthy, and the main issue experienced by owners is related to dental care. Regular brushing, and working with a veterinarian will help ensure an IG lives a long healthy life.

What should I know when considering adopting an Italian Greyhound?:

These dogs have an affectionate temperament, and truly enjoy the company of their people. When they are getting an appropriate amount of exercise, Italian Greyhounds are happy to lounge around the house, and get cozy under the blankets.


They are happy to keep you company both at home, and when you go out. They love going outdoors with their people, to run, hike, or just walk through town. They truly enjoy the opportunity to run when they have access to a fenced and secure location. However, they do not need an extraordinary amount of exercise, and a daily walk is generally enough for a typical adult IG.

Proper socialization leads to dogs that are friendly with people and other animals alike. IGs can be great in groups!

Like any breed, IGs have their quirks. People who own IGs find creative solutions to some of the breed related issues that can arise. Here are two of the more common situations to consider.

IGs can be difficult to housetrain, but most dogs learn easily with a consistent and patient approach. Most adult dogs need to relieve themselves every four to five hours. Some dogs can wait, but do not assume that will be the case. Doggie doors, litter box training, potty training pads, crate training and a little forgiveness with an occasional accident go a long way.

IGs are generally not the best dogs for young and rambunctious families. Small children and tiny legs often do not mix. Some dogs do fine with kids, but each situation will be evaluated by rescue to make sure any match is best for the dog and family.


Rescue has many wonderful dogs that are overlooked, because people feel that a certain age or sex is superior to another. Before you get your heart set on that little female, consider that if you asked most IG owners an older (3+) male dog would top their wish list!

Of course there is nothing cuter than a little puppy, but IGs do not mature until about 2 years, making the puppy phase a big commitment for a new owner. A six month old pup will probably have non-stop energy, the urge to chew just about anything, and lack the attention for effective training (including potty training) for a year and a half. After that, training and exercise are easier; and they chew less, and cuddle more the older they get! The puppy years can be wonderful, but the potential owner should know what they are getting into.

The general consensus among IG owners is that females are sweet, but tend to be more independent. The males on the other hand tend to live for your love, and will do almost anything to be with you. If you are looking for undying love, keep an open mind when considering available dogs. The rescue representative for your area will be happy to help find your perfect match.

Adoption Info:

Please remember: our organization relies solely on volunteers, we do not have a physical shelter. Please be patient as we process your application, or answer your questions. We want to make sure all of the dogs in our care find their perfect forever home!

Please also be aware that our foster homes are throughout the state, not just in southern Ohio. We are happy to work with you to help match you with the right dog, no matter where it is fostered.

A potential adopter should do some preliminary research, to be sure this is the right breed. The information on this page, and the links at the top of the page are a good place to start. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact one of our reps for more information. If you have decided that an Italian Greyhound is right for you, please see our website to submit an application. Once received, your application will be reviewed, and a rep will contact you. Upon approval, a rep will work closely with you to match you with the right dog.


Once an adopter has found their perfect match, we will ask you to complete an adoption contract. IGCA uses a sliding scale based on the dog's age to determine the adoption donation requested. Please see our website for the details! The donation is used to help continue our mission of rescuing other Italian Greyhounds in need. All dogs are sterilized, brought up to date on required shots, tested for heartworm if needed, and any other procedures as medically necessary to ensure the dog is as healthy as possible at adoption.


Italian Greyhound Rescue is always in need of new volunteers. You are able to dictate how much time you are able to give; we are willing to work with anyone who would like to get involved! Even if you don't know much about the breed, we are happy to help you get involved (and learn all about IGs).

In Ohio, we are in particular need of foster homes. IG Rescue does cover approved vet care to make sure all dogs are healthy and sterilized prior to adoption. Our volunteer foster homes give the dogs in their care good nutrition, a safe home, socialization, manners, and the potty training skills the dog will need to give them the best chance when adopted. Foster homes are expected to work closely with the local rescue rep to help place the dog in a new forever home. Our goal is to help dogs make a quick transition from foster care into a new home. Depending on the number of applications coming in and the needs of the dog; dogs are generally in foster care from a few weeks, to several months.


Volunteers that are unable to foster dogs, or can only foster on a short term/emergency basis are also needed. Transportation of dogs, home checks, reference checks, fundraising, education of the public, and spreading the word about rescue are all examples of important functions of volunteers. If you would be willing to donate some time to rescue to do anything to help rescue, we would like to hear from you. Please contact your local rep if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.