The Weiner Brigade

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Who We Are

The Weiner Brigade is a family / foster based haven for dogs and a few kitties needing temporary care & assistance. Their need is due to being unwanted, abandoned, abused, neglected or endangered with no where else to go. Possibly the owner has passed leaving their pet behind. What ever the reason we have become their solace until a family is found and they can begin a new story for a happy ever after ending, while with us they receive medical care such as vaccinations, spay or neuter, socialization, some basic training. We have no end of time, regardless of color, breed or medical care required. All are equal and deserving to have a quality of life filled with love and devotion. Animals live as more the family pet while in a foster home willing to help provide temporary love and care until a family is matched a few will finish their life cycle as a companion while in our care, as so many are seniors and so few homes will adopt a much older love baby. All dogs & cats in waiting have been socialized with children, cats and dogs except where noted. We disclose EVERYTHING we know or have learned about the companion to our new families or those considering adoption. We believe the truth benefits both the family and the companion. Can't adopt but you wish to be an Earth Angel to a companion in need of care while they wait for a loving home? Sponsors to help cover the cost of care / fosters willing to take the companion into their home as a temporary companion are important. Many companions come with neglected needs in medical or a gentle touch, your donation or willingness to open your home to one as a foster for a short time can make a difference to that special fur baby who needs an added blessing to ready for a forever home. Write us for more information. ~~~~~SPAY AND NEUTER PROGRAMS~~~~~ We Host monthly mobile spay/neuter clinics. If you have a dog, cat or are a guardian to feral s, please contact us and lets get you in our very affordable low cost monthly programs. Our Programs are held in North Bloomfield, Ohio or surrounding ares, are not limited to location of where the family lives. Cat clinics are open to all families and dog clinics are income based but most are able to use our dog clinics. WE can tell you more....write us. Be dedicated, learn proper pet care, spay and neuter all your pets.
Thank-you for considering a shelter pet

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