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Who We Are

My Rescue Blink ~ May 1, 2001 - March 31, 2014

I am Corene Glessner and I was first introduced to the Australian Cattle Dog while working on Quarter Horse farms. I was impressed with their intelligence and "velcroness". I didn't get my first one until years later. Blink was a rescue from KY that I adopted from the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue in Ohio in 2002. Blink has opened a whole new world to me and my devotion to her is why I'm involved in rescue. We were heartbroken when she lost her short battle with Lymphoma, she is a hero in our eyes because I started out by adopting Blink and when I realized how many ACD's were in need I decided to foster too, which lead into running the Ohio Division of AuCaDo ACD Rescue.


I was given the opportunity to foster a male ACD named Smudge (pka Rhett) who had cluster seizures 2 months into fostering him. Because of his epilepsy Smudge turned into a "foster keeper". He was with me for a year before we had to make the decision to set him free from his constant battle to lead a normal life. We tried every medication available, but we weren't able to control his epilepsy. Smudge had a bond with me that will never be forgotten and things continued to grow from there.


I currently own a deaf male, Mason (pka Blue), who was a rescue from a southern Indiana shelter. He has taught me so much more and is an absolute joy to have around. He is the welcome wagon for new fosters by showing them they are safe and teaching them to play, which sadly many rescue dogs do not understand this simple act of playing. Mason is great with children, very intelligent, very obedient, and just a normal ACD outside of not being able to hear. If you are considering a deaf ACD don't consider this impairment a fault. He is actually more focused on me then my hearing dog. I did a lot of research before bringing him home and have not regretted it to this day. He knows some sign language and uses a vibrating collar for recalls. He is a great ambassador for the Australian Cattle Dog breed.

Our Ohio Chapter

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Ohio is a small home based rescue just outside of Sterling, OH. We have over an acre fenced in for safe off leash play. Our foster dogs live in our home with us and are treated like one of our own. While with us they learn housebreaking, crate training, general obedience, leash skills, house manners, socialization with adults, children, & multiple dogs, traveling in a vehicle, and a few other things depending on the foster dog. Each foster dog takes turns going to work with the Ohio director to continue their socialization. All our fosters are completely vetted and evaluated for a minimum of 2-3 weeks to learn their likes/dislikes and what type of home they need.

Jack Russell Memorial Outstanding Rescuer of the Year Award

On behalf of the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc, AuCaDo ACD Rescue's Ohio Director was chosen as the Jack Russell Memorial Rescuer of the Year! In January, 2005 Australian Cattle Dog rescue lost a great friend and supporter with the passing of Jack Russell. In the years since his passing, most who dealt with Jack in regards to rescue situations continue to remark on a common theme in that he possessed an unfailing willingness to help cattle dogs and his fellow cattle dog friends whenever or however they needed it. It is with the spirit of Jack's enormous heart, and passion for rescuing ACD's in mind, that ACDRI introduces the Jack Russell Memorial Outstanding Rescuer of the Year Award. It is an annual award recognizing the individual's contribution to cattle dog rescue and the recipient will receive $500.00.
The award was officially announced in October 2012, at the banquet of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America National Specialty in St. Louis, Missouri.
From ACDRI: Thank you Corene, for all that you've done over the years to help the ACD(s) in need of new homes and new lives. We hope we'll work with you for many more years.

AuCaDo Ohio's Flyball Team

Scarlet (left) & Maizen (right) Flyball

Chelsea, nka Maizen Blue Bayou, was pulled from a big city shelter in Ohio. She showed amazing ball drive and we knew she needed more than just a companion dog home. Amazin' Maizen was adopted by Barb and Mark in April '05. Maizen joined their own rescue ACD from another local Ohio shelter, Scarlet, who does flyball. Scarlet holds the flyball titles FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S and FDCh-G. She currently has the fastest time on her team, at 3.92 seconds and received third place in the 2006 Fastest Dog in Ohio competition for her division. Maizen has only been competing since Nov '05 but has already earned the titles FD, FDX, FDCh and FDCh-S. Her best time to date is 4.52 seconds and she received second place in the 2006 Fastest Dog in Ohio competition for her division. We are very proud of these two ACD's!

AuCaDo Ohio's Mountain Biker & Cross Country Skiier

Eddie the Mountain Biker

Turk, nka Eddie, had absolutely no interest in fetching as a form of activity. How do you wear out an ACD that won't fetch and nothing around to herd? Mountain Biking and Cross Country Skiing, of course! Eddie was adopted by Joanna and Chris in '06. Here is what Joanna has to say about Eddie: "Since coming to live with us almost 2 years ago, Eddie has taken up many new hobbies. In the summer we go mountain biking 3-4 times per week. Our weekend rides are usually 15-20 miles with many stops at streams and lakes for cool drinks and quick swims. We've also been on a few road trips to Pisgah National Forest in western North Carolina for long bike rides and playtime with his cousin Benson. During the winter months we spend weekends in the Laurel Highlands skiing in the backcountry. We like to spend our afternoons in the woods with Eddie, his sister Maya, his best friend Huck, and is new buddy Eli. Eddie also attends a dog school on Wednesdays where he is studying for his CGC and Therapy Dog certification. His sister Maya attended the school as a puppy before going on to earn numerous obedience titles."

AuCaDo Ohio's Model

Tori the Model

Look at Tori now! A model for her adopter's family's photography studio! From an abandoned puppy to a super model. Tori goes to work daily with her family and when a super awesome model is needed - Tori's their girl! Photo is courtesy of "John's Photography". Thank you for allowing us to post this photo.

Competition Brags from our Adopters

Scout (formally known as Stuart)

Congratulations to Rhonda and Scout for earning his CGC, RN, NA, NAJ!

Gunner CGC TDI (formerly known as Digit)

Congratulations to Claudia and Gunner for earning his CGC & Therapy Dog Titles!

Colby CGC

Congratulations to Barbara and Colby for completing Basic Obedience, Rally Obedience & earning your CGC all before 9 months of age!

Black and Decker Router FD FDX FC (formerly known as Bandit)

Congratulations to Chet, Karen & Router for earning the titles of FD (Flyball Dog), FDX ( Flyball Dog Excellent), FC (Flyball Champion), and FM (Flyball Master!)

Gunner (formerly known as Urban)

Congratulations to Barbara & MoCoRi's Oh Mi Heavens Top Gun CGC TDI, aka Gunner, for earning the titles of CGC (Canine Good Citizen) TDI (Therapy Dog International)!

MC Lil Miss Attitude CL4 AD AS (formerly known as Tori)

Congratulations to Jessica and Tori now officially known as MC Lil Miss Attitude, CL1! She finished up her CPE Level 3 title & AD (agility dog) titles! All while jumping a jump level higher then she "has" to in order to prepare for a new venue. 16.5" dog, 20" jumps. 2/19/2014: Tori and Jessica have been busy! Tori had a great weekend. She now has her Advanced Snooker Title, she also got her 1st Tournament Q in Steeplechase & was 1st. She also got 2 Q's in Advanced Jumpers as well! OH, AND in her 1st ever Master's Snooker class, she not only won & got a Q; BUT she got a SUPER Q on a really challenging course... She loves her snooker classes! !


We would like to give a big THANK YOU to along with and the Foundation for their Put Your Best Face Forward Customer Service Grant opportunity!
This is a challenge where Maddie's Fund,, and the Foundation feel good customer service helps save lives! Responding right away to the public's enthusiasm at initial contact for adopting and making the experience positive and helpful are the steps to this challenge.
We were randomly selected via email inquiry, on one of our foster dogs, Peepers, to provide more information upon him and our adoption procedure. We answered the email, and received a reply stating we were selected for the Put Your Best Face Forward Customer Service Challenge and we had won in week 10 of the challenge!
We are thrilled to use the $500.00 towards extraordinary medical costs beyond the normal vet care our fosters receive. We will start with the balance of Bail's heart worm treatment (he had awesome sponsors who nearly covered half of it!), Amazing Grace's eye injury, and DeeDee's parvo. We have never turned away a dog for medical reasons, and now we have a fund to draw from to cover some of these costs. THANK YOU!



A big THANK YOU goes out to Griffin's adopter, Melissa, for doing a donation drive for AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Ohio. We at rescue were shocked at all the items that came in. They were much needed items and some items we have wished for but never thought we'd get. There was so much the picture doesn't show it all very close. We have a double door wire crate(s), a travel food/water cooler, rawhide bones, soft squeaky toys, treats, Frisbees, balls, collars, leashes, harnesses, blankets, towels, bleach, dish detergent, a dog bed, shampoos, stainless steel bowls, etc...We are truly blessed to have such an outpouring from the pubic in support of our rescue.
Another THANK YOU goes out to Blanche's adopter, Duane, for his donation of a huge amount of chainlink fencing. Blanche was a Michigan foster who hopped a ride from Michigan to Ohio with an Ohio foster home. THANK you all again!!

Adopting A Friend

Thank you very much for your interest in our rescue dogs. We think they are very special and that you will, too.

Please be aware that no adopted dog shall be maintained outside as a yard dog, no chained, nor left in a yard with no fencing (that includes invisible fencing) unsupervised. The primary and most important function of the adopted dog is to be that of a companion. If you are still interested in a rescue dog, please read on, and if you have not done so already, please e-mail with a description of your family, how you heard about rescue, and why you are interested in an ACD.

Because many people are not familiar with "rescue", we would like to explain briefly what we do. Basically, we re-habilitate, re-train and re-home ACD's whose previous homes have disappeared. This happens for a wide variety of reasons: the dog is picked up as a stray, taken to a shelter and not redeemed, a family is unwilling to take the dog when they move, people have a baby and decide that they no longer want a dog. But, the most frequent problem is someone chooses a breed of dog which is not suitable either to his/her own temperament or lifestyle. If you are a dog person, you can't believe the reasons that people give up a dog - but it happens all the time. Almost always, it is absolutely no reflection on the dogs and how super they are. They just get lost in the shuffle.

Our main focus, is to rescue dogs from shelters. Shelters will contact us, if the dog is truly in need. Please, do not rescue a dog for us, assuming we will have the space for them. We can only do owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis, due to the shortage of space and foster homes. Owner surrenders must be UTD on shots, and spayed/neutered. No biters, of any kind, will be accepted, as there are too many 'nice' dogs waiting to come into rescue. If you are the owner of a biter, please contact your veterinarian about the humane way to handle the problem.

Most of our dogs are beyond the puppy stage. We are amazed by the number of people who think they want a puppy. Having lived with these older dogs, we appreciate the many benefits of a mature dog. Most are already house-trained, leash trained, and have manners. Puppies were made cute for a reason - to make you forget the shoes they ate, the plants they demolished, the messes they made, and all the times they drove you crazy...

Before placement, all our dogs have been spayed/neutered, received appropriate vaccinations, DHLPP and a rabies vaccination if over 4 months of age. Some rescues have received Bordetella shots and all are microchipped. Heart Worm checks are done on dogs over 6 months of age. AuCaDo Rescue adoption fee is $250, or ask about our 4-H or Senior Discount. We have averaged the costs incurred for vetting, and we keep a 'vetting fund' for dogs who may need substantial and costly vetting. We have received 501(c)(3) status, so donations are tax deductible.

Perhaps most importantly: All foster dogs have lived with one of us for at least 2 weeks. This lets us learn the temperament, likes and dislikes, and training level of the dog. This is critical in placing the dogs in a home. Placement mistakes where a dog needs to be returned are rare because of this procedure. It isn't fair to the dog or the new owner when a dog goes out and then is returned because it is not compatible with the lifestyle. Being returned to rescue, just breaks their heart once again.

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is dedicated to helping "our breed" so please be honest in your answers to our questions and keep an open mind. We realize that ACDs are not the breed for everyone. Now that you have an idea of who we are and what we are, and if you have never owned an ACD before, please pay special attention to the following.

Australian Cattle Dogs are a herding breed. They were bred to drive cattle all day in harsh conditions. This means they are very active most of the day. It is the rare ACD that doesn't need something to do all day. If they have no outlet for that energy, i.e., another active dog or human companionship, they can become barkers, destructive, or runners. ACD's can go over a 6 foot fence with ease if they are so inclined. They are great with your kids and will usually protect them from intruders (i.e., the neighborhood kid that pushes or hits one of yours). They will also herd kids into a corner and keep them there if they feel the need to quiet them down and keep them together. Some can be aggressive with other dogs and will rarely back down from a fight. This is true of both sexes. As a pet they absolutely must have basic obedience, and know you are the top dog. They do not take to rough handling but will usually bend over backward for their "human" when worked with positive reinforcement.

ACD's are smart, quick learners, that excel in obedience, agility and herding trials. Their "wash and wear" coats need little maintenance. A brushing twice a week and tick or flea checks daily are about it. Baths should be given only when necessary to retain the oil in the coat. They are the right size for traveling, and will protect your vehicle and belongings without hesitation. They bond well with the family but usually will pick out their special "human". They expect honesty and fairness from you and will demand it. In the right home they are a wonderful, lifelong companion.

We present both sides of ACD's because it is a long term commitment when adopting a dog. These dogs can live to be fourteen (14) years old without problems. Since we live with these dogs please understand that they become a part of our families and we worry about them when we send them off to a new life. We realize that we cannot keep all of the wonderful ACD's that need homes. We need you and the dogs need you - so please be understanding of our concern for them. We put lots of time, energy, money, patience, and love into each of them and are rewarded over and over by seeing them settle happily into loving, new, lifelong homes.

We hope that after reading this, we hope that you decide on adopting an ACD rescue dog. They are wonderful dogs that have run into circumstances beyond their control and find themselves in need of a new home and people willing to make that lifelong commitment. We hope you will be one of those special people and discover the world of rescue dogs.


Donations are greatly needed for vetting expenses and care of our loving fosters. They will not be used towards administrative costs. Please consider making a donation to help our Australian Cattle Dogs. Donations can be paid via Paypal by clicking on the Paypal donation button below or by postal mail. Please email us at for our mailing address.

Sponsor a Foster

Not able to foster an ACD and still want to help? We would love to have you sponsor one of our special foster ACD's. Once their initial vetting is done there are still monthly costs involved including: food, heartworm medication, flea prevention, wormer, toys, chews, treats, etc. You will get emails/pictures updating you on your "sponsored foster" and be noted in their bio with a THANK YOU for your sponsorship. Remember we are 501(c)(3) and every little bit helps us to help more ACD's.


Transporting an ACD is another great way to help out. We do out of state adoptions and often times the newly adopted ACD needs help getting to its new family. If you have reliable transportation, a cell phone, knowledge of handling dogs, and some time you can help get a dog to it's new home and enjoy its company for an hour or two! It's a great way to help and meet these wonderful foster dogs. I have done many a transport and always go home with a smile, knowing I just helped another person get a great lifetime companion like my own. You also get to meet some really neat people and see the scenic highway. Does this sound like fun? Please go to our
transport application


You can also help by purchasing merchandise with our rescue logo thru our store on CafePress!

Donate a Bed
We would love to have a Patented Kuranda Dog Bed for each of our rescues because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.

Another option for donating a bed for an ACD foster! Every bed purchase = a free bed to our rescue!

AuCaDo Rescue Ohio

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Phone: 330-465-5427

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