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It is the mission of HSAC to reduce pet overpopulation and increase public awareness of the humane treatment of animals.  To this end, HSAC will ensure that all animals adopted through this organization will be sterilized and fully vetted prior to adoption, or will be contractually required to be sterilized and fully vetted within a set amount of time following adoption (as in the case of animals too young for certain procedures at the time of adoption).  HSAC has also created a clause in every adoption agreement that animals may be returned to HSAC for any reason if the adopter feels they can no longer keep the animal.  The fee charged by HSAC to adopt an animal is $50 for each dog or puppy, and $20 for each cat or kitten. Sometimes animals may be offered at reduced rates to help them get adopted sooner.


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To provide humane care and treatment to all animals brought into the shelter and offer educational and volunteer programs to the citizens of Adams County, Ohio, concerning humane treatment of animals, prevention of cruelty, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of animals. The goal is further to reduce the pet over population in the county by offering low-cost spay/neuter clinics.


The Humane Society of Adams County, Inc., (HSAC) is an animal welfare organization that currently provides the general public with low-cost pet sterilization options, assistance in cruelty/neglect situations, and assistance to temporarily feed pets/livestock of families in need. HSAC is located in West Union, Ohio, and was established as a 501c 3 organization in 2005 by a few caring county residents. The original goal of HSAC was to improve the quality of life for animals in the area, in addition to helping struggling families better care for their beloved pets.  



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In order to expand the services it is able to provide, HSAC raised over $250,000 to build a brand new animal shelter building on 2.7 acres of land in West Union, Ohio, the county seat.  Construction of the building was finished in the spring of 2013. Though the facility is structurally complete, funds are needed to purchase furniture, cat enclosures, office equipment, and to cover operational expenses prior to the opening of the facility.


With the use of the new animal shelter facility, HSAC plans to continue to provide the general public with all previous services, including low-cost pet sterilization options, assistance in cruelty/neglect situations, assistance to temporarily feed pets/livestock of families in need.  The new animal shelter facility will allow HSAC to expand its services to include the sheltering and adoption of dogs and cats, humane education for children, pet therapy to nursing home residents, dog obedience classes, community outreach partnerships, expanded volunteer opportunities, and services to better serve pet owners, such as a community dog park and, eventually, a cemetery for pets.


Our goal is to open the new animal shelter facility as soon as possible. If you would like to help us reach our goal of raising $60,000 to be able to open the new animal shelter, please our website at www.adamscountyanimals.org to donate today. Thank you!



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