Second Chance for Animals, Inc.

P.O. Box 35706 Canton, Ohio 44735

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Our Adoptable Pets!

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Adopting a Friend:

Second Chance for Animals greatest desire is to place each animal in the best setting possible. To do this, we screen all families wishing to adopt one of our animals using a Pre-Adoption Questionnaire. Each application is carefully reviewed and every potential adopting family will speak with a senior volunteer and the foster home to help evaluate every applicant's suitability for adoption.

There is a 2-4 day waiting period before every adoption is finalized to ensure adequate evaluation time and also to eliminate spur-of-the-moment decisions to adopt. Waiting 2-4 days before finalization allows you, the applicant, time to reflect on your decision to adopt to eliminate a poor experience for the animals and for the adopting families. The animal's welfare is our primary concern.

Become an Animal Foster Parent!

WE ALWAYS NEED COMMITTED HOMES. Fill out our brief survey (request it by email) and send it in to We will review your submission and arrange a meeting.



You will find us in person on Saturdays and Sundays. Second Chance for Animals is featured at PetSmart in the North Canton/Belden area, on Dressler Rd., from 10am to 3pm (new hours)! Informational brochures, adoption applications, and adoptable animals will be available for you at our table! Also, inquire about becoming a volunteer. And- we welcome you to join us on Facebook. We offer helpful pet tips, interesting fun pet stories, promote our adoptables and can assist with promotion of lost & found needs.



Who We Are:

Second Chance for Animals, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill companion animal rescue/adoption organization based in Canton, Ohio. We are a registered non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers.. We have over 20 years of experience in rescuing, fostering, and adopting companion animals. We never euthanize animals. There is no animal that we cannot place.

We do not have a shelter, so all animals live in volunteers' homes, where they have the opportunity to interact with other pets and children.


What We Do:

We rescue and help neglected, abused, and abandoned companion animals animals find caring, responsible new homes. Our volunteers mend broken bodies, hearts, and spirits, giving animals a second chance at happy lives, free from cruelty and pain.

We work with a local veterinarian to provide immediate medical attention as needed, to ensure their current health. Then, our dedicated volunteers provide temporary foster care until just the right owner is found. To promote compatible matches, a pre-adoption application is completed and approved before any animal is placed. We want the new home to be a happy and permanent one for both the animal and the adoptive family. So, we follow up with phone calls to the new adoptive animal parents to smooth over any potential problems that may arise after adoption.


How We Can Do This:

We are a registered non-profit and operate SOLELY on donations and volunteer efforts, which can be a challenge. However, the challenges we face are nothing compared to the feeling we receive when an animal meets their forever family. Email us as you would like to assist us!!

Our Wish List:

DONATIONS of any of the following items will greatly benefit the animals in our care:

*Loving, stable FOSTER HOMES

*Blankets & Towels & Pet Beds

*Feeding Dishes

*Collars & Leashes, especially the Gentle Leader (brand) Collars

*Grooming Tools

*Cleaning Products (bleach, paper towels, disinfectant spray)

*Cat Litter

*Dog/Puppy and Cat/Kitten Food

*Pet Toys

*Monetary Donations, crucial!

Monetary donations are the backbone to allow us to continue to do what we do for the animals and we appreciate every dollar donated to help us rescue animals in need and find them loving, forever homes.

WE HAVE NO SHELTER. God Bless our foster homes! After being inoculated and given a clean bill of health, every animal is kept in a family environment. Of course, accommodations are limited, but foster homes provide a clean, safe environment where pets are handled frequently, responsibly, and lovingly. Typically, animals thrive under these conditions, making socialization and assimilation into a new home overwhelmingly successful. And, it gives us more insight into the likes and dislikes of each animal- allowing for better re-homing placement.


Unwanted Pets:

Typically, we do not take unwanted animals because they often come in multiples while new homes are carefully chosen one at a time. Our foster homes are usually full of rescued animals. However, to assist we will often take photos and information about your pet in need, to help adopt it out. Many people are very specific about the animal they wish to adopt, and your unwanted pet may be exactly what someone is seeking! This would be a partnership agreement (discussed in advance), with commitment by all involved. We will aid you through the adoption process as we partner on re-homing.


Adoption Logistics:

Adoption fees are as follows:

*Puppies & Unspayed/Unneutered Dogs- $35

*Kittens & Unspayed/Unneutered Cats- $25

*Spayed/Neutered Dogs- $55

*Spayed/Neutered Cats- $45

We regret that, at this time, we cannot adopt to anyone located more than a 2-hour drive from Canton, Ohio.

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